Why You Should Choose European Bluestone®

European Bluestone in Melbourne

As the name suggests, European Bluestone® is exported from Europe. However there is more to the name...

European Bluestone Quarries is an international exclusive collective of blue stone suppliers who are only selected to trade European Bluestone®.

European Bluestone Quarries

At Stone & Slate Discounts, we're privileged to be selected to supply European Bluestone® exclusively for Australia.

Along with a few exclusively selected global stone retailers, Stone & Slate Discounts is proud to provide European Bluestone to customers.

As a result, now architects, landscapers, designers as well as every day Aussies can now enjoy the look and lustre of this luxurious stone (at our affordable Stone & Slate prices).

European Bluestone pavers around a pool in Melbourne
European Bluestone Pavers and tiles are better than Chinese Bluestone tiles

Why You Should Always Ask For Authentic European Bluestone:

✔ Denser, higher quality grade of Bluestone

✔ Better overall quality than Chinese Bluestone (the standard sold by Australian stone retailers)

✔ Excellent value for money

✔ High non-slip rating

✔ Luxurious sawn finish

✔ Globally recognised

✔ Ethically and environmentally sourced

Beware of cheap imitations

Authentic European Bluestone® is available exclusively at Stone & Slate Discounts.

If you find stone retailers are claiming to stock European Bluestone, it is likely you are being sold Chinese Bluestone instead.

European Bluestone vs. Chinese Blue StoneChinese Bluestone (pictured above) has more catspaw (pitting) and a more uneven texture than European Bluestone

European Bluestone® vs. Chinese Bluestone

As the name suggests, Chinese Bluestone Pavers are exported from China. However, they look similar to the European Bluestone. Although, Chinese Bluestone is not as strong as European Bluestone Pavers and contain around 50% of the catspaw.

You can lay Chinese bluestone pavers in your garden areas, pathways, walkways. Although, we don't recommend using them as driveway pavers because they are more likely to crack overtime with the heavy traffic.

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