Top Natural Stone Paving Trends for 2021

Natural Stone Drive Way Pavers

The most important yet overlooked part of your landscape is the driveway. The driveway in your home is a lot more than the area where you could park your vehicles.

It is the first thing your guests tend to notice in your house. Similarly, the patios, pool decks, walkways, backyards, and other exterior and interior entertainment spaces matter! They play a pivotal role in improving your home’s curb appeal and giving it a perfect finish.

While it is absolutely okay to keep your exteriors simple, your landscape will look better if you design it well. The question is, “how exactly do you decorate your property”? Well, paving is one way to make your property aesthetically pleasing. The paving material you select for your home has the potential to set the mood for your exteriors.

If you are planning to spruce up your space, consider installing natural stones. They might be a little expensive, but there’s no material that could match the aesthetics and functionality of natural stone pavers. In this article, we are going to list the top natural stone paving trends you can consider for your home this year.

Crazy Paving

Crazy paving involves small, large, and medium-sized natural stone pavers assembled on the ground in the free-form pattern.

You don’t have to cut the pavers or make any changes to the size or shape of the material, as crazy paving is all about installing the stones in random patterns. Crazy paving gives a pleasant retro-style feel to your home. It also allows homeowners to select different types of natural stone pavers and combine them to create a unique and authentic pattern.

Neutral Colours

Another major growing trend of natural stone pavers is neutral colors. The white, gray, brown, and tan shades look amazing in all settings. The biggest advantage of the neutral colors is that they can fit just about any space seamlessly.

The most popular option for your landscape is a marble. If you want to go all earthy and neutral with the natural stone pavers, consider installing marble and travertine. They look flawless in all settings.

Textured Finish

The textured finish is another major trend among people who want to integrate natural stone paver into their properties. You can go all-natural by choosing the asymmetrical natural stone pavers or pick a material that features a textured finish. Contrary to what most people believe, honed and tumbled stones have an organic feel. They look wonderful in your exterior landscape.

Geometric Pattern

The geometric pattern is mostly found on the pool deck walls. The combination of the square and rectangular shapes stones assembled in unique patterns look wonderful in just about any setting. You could also combine concrete and natural stone pavers for this pattern.

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