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Should I use travertine for pool paving?

Yes! Travertine is one of the best natural stone pavers to use around a pool.

Here are a list of reasons why...

Travertine can withstand changes in temperature well

Unlike other paving stones and materials, travertine handles extreme temperatures excellently. Other materials (particularly concrete pavers) are suceptable to cracking and splintering after long use and weather fluctuations.

Also, this is a very important point to consider when purchasing any outdoor pavers, tiles or cladding. Travertine is naturally tough and is known for withstanding the elements.

So, whether you live in tropical Brisbane, cold Hobart or the temperamental climate of Melbourne, your travertine pool pavers will look stunning for a long time.
travertine pool pavers
travertine pavers and tiling

Travertine has a safe high non slip surface

Another way to ensure that your travertine pool pavers are non slip is to ensure they are brushed and unfilled.

This is the ideal travertine tile for use outdoors (as opposed to honed and filled which we recommend only for indoor travertine tiles). Brushed means that they will have the necessary grip to avoid slips.

With pool pavers, safety should be your biggest priority especially if you have children or senior residents.

You won't worry about efflorescence with travertine pavers

Efflorescence is a big disadvantage with pavers for pool paving because the sun can discolour the pavers.

As a result, over time, your pool area can look dull and aged. Typically there may be deposts and browning with extended environmental exposure and temperature changes. This is typical especially with concrete pavers.

The great news is that you will NEVER experience this with travertine pool pavers!

Travertine is naturally tough and the colour can look pristine from the day you install it around your pool. Travertine pavers keep their colour.

Being outside, your travertine pool pavers will get dirty. So all they need is the occasional hose down with water (no harsh chemicals).

We also recommend for extra protection, to apply a natural stone tile sealer when you first lay the stone pavers.

This will create another barrier to protect your stone against acidic spillage.

travertine tiles in ivory french pattern

You can’t go wrong with travertine tiles and pavers. They are a great investment to upgrade and add value to your property. Check out the huge range of travertine products here.

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