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Granite Driveway Pavers | Granite Drive Way Paving

Granite driveways are universally striking. The driveway texture appears elegant and understated which makes it seamless for any type of home - be it traditional or contemporary. Additionally, granite driveway pavers are extremely durable and longlasting. Shop Australia's largest range of driveway granite pavers and paving:

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Granite Driveway Pavers and Granite Drive way Paving in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

Being a natural stone, granite is famous for its color variations. No two granite slabs can have the same colors. It all comes down to the minerals present in the stone. Granite can have dark and light tones. The most common color palettes of granite are rose, yellow, gold, green, pink, brown, beige, white, cream, and grey. This versatile stone can be used for the construction of roads, driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, backyards, and interior and exterior floors. Granite is one of the robust and durable natural stones.

It has the ability to resist weather elements. Even if the pavers are exposed to heavy foot and vehicular traffic, rest assured that they won’t deteriorate. The original granite driveway pavers are made to last for many years. They can endure heavy foot traffic without losing the colors and texture.

One special quality of granite is that it can handle weather elements and high temperature easily. That’s the reason why more and more homeowners choose this natural stone for outdoor paving requirements. Granite gets better as it ages. All it needs is regular maintenance and sealing.

Do you need to Seal Granite Driveway Pavers?

Note that sealing is a must for natural stones. Even though granite is a non-porous stone, it features microscopic holes that could absorb water if you allow the liquid spills and moisture to remains on the pavers’ surface for too long. That’s the reason why manufacturers recommend sealing after the installation of granite pavers. You may also need to reseal the surface every 6 months. Remember that liquid spills and moisture can affect the appearance of the granite pavers. So, you must clean the surface regularly.

It doesn’t require chemical detergents and special cleaning equipment. Just the basic cleaning and wiping will do. You must choose a mild cleaning formula to preserve the color and shine of the granite pavers. Depending on the type of granite stones you have purchased, you may need to allow the cleaner some time to penetrate the paver’s surface for effective results. Once you are done applying the detergent, use a pressure washer to wipe the dirt away from the surface.

Top Characteristics of Granite Pavers for a Driveway

Granite does not crack. It doesn’t even get stained given that you have sealed the pavers. Granite driveway pavers are heat-resistant. They make a perfect fit for your driveways, walkways, and other outdoor areas that are exposed to the sunlight. Rest assured that the weather and temperature will not affect granite pavers. Another interesting quality of this natural stone is its fire-proof nature. That’s one of the reasons why you will find granite wall cladding stones installed around the fireplace. The material can resist the extreme temperature from the fire pits. The non-slip surface of granite makes it a safe option for your pool decks. However, you must install the granite with a natural finish if you are planning to lay the pavers around wet areas. Overall, granite is an aesthetically pleasing, and durable natural stone.