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Do I need to seal travertine tiles?

You only need to seal travertine tiles where there is a high probability of staining. Although, if you choose to you can seal all your tiles for peace of mind. A tile sealer on travertine will provide a layer that reduces the absorption of spilled substances. As a result, this will allow for more time […]


What are travertine tiles?

Travertine tiles are a strong, versatile tile made from the travertine stone. Travertine stone is a type of limestone naturally deposited from mineral hot springs. It’s been a popular building material for thousands of years as well as a popular choice for indoor and outdoor tiling and paving. Travertine is known for being a very […]


How durable are travertine tiles?

Travertine is a very strong, durable stone. As well as having great natural beauty, it is an excellent and practical solution for your indoor and outdoor tiles and paving. They can easily withstand heavy foot traffic. Outdoor travertine tiles are a practical solution due to their resistance to extreme weather conditions. Magnificent ancient structures made […]


The Guide To Cleaning Travertine Tiles

Cleaning your travertine tiles is a simple task, however, don’t let this fool you – it is easy to make mistakes when caring and cleaning your tiles. Your Travertine paving can and probably will outlast everything else in your home, but there are steps you can make to ensure that they are in pristine condition. […]


Bluestone- What Is It?

Nature always knows best. This handsomely coloured natural stone, with the engaging texture has eternal appeal. Popularity of the stone takes it way beyond a trendy fashion fad, into the realms of an all-round building classic. Some confusion reigns over what bluestone actually is. The world over, bluestone is the commercial name for a number […]

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