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February 26, 2016

Your questions answered regarding PRICE, INSTALLATION, SEALING, TYPES, COST of TRAVERTINE

Our Travertine tiles and pavers have been specifically selected from Turkey to meet the industry recognised Australian standards for travertine to be installed both commercially or in a residential situation.

Are travertine tiles & pavers expensive?
Are travertine tiles & pavers slippery when wet?
Are travertine tiles & pavers durable?
Are travertine pavers hot?
What are travertine tiles & pavers?
How are travertine pavers & tiles installed?
What are travertine pavers & tiles made of?
Do travertine pavers & tiles need to be sealed?
Can you acid wash travertine pavers?
What is the cost of installation of travertine tiles?
February 24, 2016

The French Pattern in Travertine

The French Pattern, also known as the Versailles Pattern, provides one of the most distinct floor looks. It is among the most popular stone flooring styles used for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Reminiscent of a stone floor from the historic European palaces, a French pattern floor looks very elegant and impressive, specially with Travertine tiles.

The French pattern is very flexible in terms of layout. Typical tile sizes used in the pattern are as follows (other sizes are available as well on request):

A) 610x406mm
B) 406x406mm
C) 406x203mm
D) 203x203mm

Using these tiles, a number of layouts can be fashioned. For example, two popular layouts for travertine tiles are shown here.


French Pattern 1 by Slate Discounts



French Pattern 2 by Slate Discounts



Once a basic layout unit is laid, it is replicated and it fixes with the laid units from all direction like a puzzle, giving you a very captivating floor design.