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Bluestone pool coping tiles

February 26, 2015

Bluestone pool coping tiles surrounding abstract pool. See more bluestone here. Bluestone Pool Coping Tiles

Harkaway Bluestone Tiles can handle weathering and they are nonslip, it can be put anywhere and you don’t have to worry about safety or damage. Bluestone Tiles from Stone and Slate Discounts can be used for indoor and outdoor projects.

Bluestone pool coping tiles are a perfect choice for any outdoor area, with its natural colour it will match up with almost any existing pool. Its comes in a variety of sizes and thickness.

It has a high durability and you will only need to seal bluestone in a food and drink or a high traffic area which makes it more cost effective than other stones such as sandstone and travertine.


Bluestone Coping Tiles come in the following sizes:

Size:                         Thickness:

600x350mm            40/20mm

600x350mm            75/20mm

800x350mm           40/20mm

800x350mm           75/20mm

1000x350mm         40/20mm

1000x350mm         75/20mm

500x500mm           40/20mm

500x500mm           75/20mm

1000x500mm         40/20mm

1000x500mm         75/20mm

1000x500mm        100/20mm


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