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Bluestone- What Is It?

February 13, 2019

Nature always knows best. This handsomely coloured natural stone, with the engaging texture has eternal appeal. Popularity of the stone takes it way beyond a trendy fashion fad, into the realms of an all-round building classic.

Some confusion reigns over what bluestone actually is. The world over, bluestone is the commercial name for a number of over 20 building stone varieties, and does not fall within one specific category of rocks.

Worldwide, bluestone comes from a variety of rock sources, but in Australia, enduring basalt-based Victorian bluestone continues to grow in reputation due to the strength, versatility and affordability of bluestone tiles and pavers. Always presenting an attractive, elegant look, bluestone is as adaptable as it is distinguished.

Bluestone- A Quick Australian History

Dating back over 4 million years, bluestone was often excavated and quarried by early European convicts. History reports that even Ned Kelly had a hand working in the Victorian bluestone quarries. Australian bluestone was shipped around the world and even today, there is still plenty of evidence of Victorian bluestone in the city of London.

Bluestone’s Tempting Qualities

A practical reason bluestone appeals to so many is the fact that it is well known for being long-lasting, scratch and slip resistant and attractive. Bluestone tiles are distinctive to the eye and pleasing to the touch. The unique quality of each individual piece ensures an inimitable look. Bluestone tiles hold colour fastness and with an almost non-porous quality have remarkable, everlasting strength.

Genuine Australian Bluestone

To guarantee the highest quality of bluestone tiles ensure you choose genuine Australian Harkaway bluestone. Beware of brittle, inferior overseas imitations that lack the depth, longevity and the eternal beauty of this Ozzie original. Australian Harkaway bluestone reaches the stringent national standard making it the unsurpassed choice over any imported bluestone.

Affordable quality bluestone tiles have versatility, second to none. Coming in a variety of thicknesses, they can be laid on concrete slabs, and area especially good for balconies and decks.

Bluestone pavers can also be laid on a variety of surfaces making them ideal for pool surrounds and driveways and a variety of other exclusive outdoor designs.

The use of Harkaway bluestone is limitless. Whether you dream of an internal feature wall, a bluestone tile bathroom, an elegant driveway or an eye-catching water feature, bluestone can accommodate your interior and exterior design needs, uniquely and affordably.

Harkaway bluestone is Melbourne’s premier bluestone, coming in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, both standard and unique, to suit your individual needs. Bluestone is easy to take care of and can be cleaned simply, without stress.

Bluestone tiles are a beautiful, safe and environmentally-friendly choice for the most discerning customer. Whether you’re looking for high-end curb appeal or a relaxing, soothing quality interior, think Australia, think Harkaway.


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