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December 17, 2015

Advantages of Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone Pavers Benefits

Sandstone pavers have many great benefits. First, they are easy to install. Second, they are durable and versatile. Third, they come in a wide range of dimensions. Fourth, an economic benefit is that they last a lifetime, for sandstone is very hard wearing and ages very well.

Sandstone pavers are porous stones. They allow the percolation of water, which means that they can store large amounts of water. They can withstand time and wet weather, and still look classical, two very important benefits!


Sandstone pavers are commonly used in the landscaping field, because of their rich and natural appeal. Sandstone pavers can be applied to create walkways throughout the garden, flooring for a patio or balcony, and can also be applied to create unique wall features.

Sandstone pavers are perfect for pool surroundings or pool coping. They are also a popular material when it comes to cladding and veneering! Sandstone pavers can create a natural earthy look or an elegant formal appearance. This versatility is the reason why they are so widely applied!

Sandstone Pavers

Video Link on how to clean sandstone pavers:



Sealing your Sandstone Pavers is highly recommended for the protection against staining. If your Sandstone Pavers are not sealed, you may incur difficulty in removing stains completely. You should consult your manufacturer about information regarding the best type of sealer for your particular application of Sandstone Pavers. This is important because there’s so many sealers available on the market today that you want to be sure to get the right one for your application!


When cleaning your Sandstone Pavers be sure to stay away from solutions that contain alkaline, acid, ammonia and bleach. The reason for this is that these cleaning solutions may break down your sealer, and in turn affect its repellency. It is recommended to use a neutral cleaner that is specially formulated for such natural stones as Sandstone.

Following is a routine cleaning guide:

First sweep or dust mop up any dirt or debris off your Sandstone Pavers.
Then prepare the chosen cleaning solution according to the labeled instructions; you may need to dilute the solution in hot or cold water.
Now apply the cleaning solution to your Sandstone Pavers using a mop, sponge or scrubbing machine.
Lastly, rinse and wipe off cleaning solution with clean water.

Sandstone Pavers

Shown above are different types of Sandstoned used for pool coping.

June 29, 2015



Teakwood Sandstone pool pavers and matching drop down pool coping tiles. Even though Teakwood sandstone has a smooth surface the capillary action on the stone pavers surface when wet make it completely NON SLIP. One of our many great pool pavers from our designer series.

February 27, 2015

Sandstone pavers and crazy paving supplier



sandstone pavers

































After STONE-PAVERS expert Master Stonemasons have inspected and selected the raw block at the quarry, we then cut the stone into sandstone pavers, tiles, crazy paving.
It is then crated up in ECO friendly crates and shipped to our warehouse here in Australia.


February 26, 2015



Custom made curved sandstone pool coping tiles have been installed on this salt chlorinated swimming pool in Melbourne. The client supplied Steve Taylor ( Master Stonemason) with the templates, which Steve duly checked prior to manufacturing. See our sandstone range here

Sandstone Pool Coping and Pool Pavers

Sandblasted Sandstone Pool Coping and pool pavers





















Sandblasted sandstone pool coping and  pool pavers surrounding a luxury pool in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. View our entire sandstone range.

February 20, 2015

Sandstone Pool Pavers and Pool Coping

Sandstone Pool Pavers And Pool Coping


Sandstone Pool Pavers and Pool Coping compliment any shaped pool perfectly. See our Sandstone range.



November 29, 2014

Sandstone pavers were layed in this Melbourne suburb of Portsea

Sandsblasted Sandstone Pool coping and pavers layed in Portsea

Sandstone pavers were layed in this Melbourne suburb of Portsea

Our client’s architect selected honed and sandblasted Ivory Sandstone paving for around this swimming pool in the Melbourne suburb of Portsea. In our opinion a GREAT CHOICE! To view more images of pool paving and general paving in natural stone, or to just get paving ideas. Please visit our image gallery on natural stone paving.

Sandstone pavers were layed in this Melbourne suburb of Brighton

sandstone paving

Sandstone pavers were layed in this Melbourne suburb of Brighton

Sandstone paving using Stone & Slate Discounts selected teakwood sandstone pavers were an easy choice for the home owners of this property in the Melbourne bayside suburd of Brighton. To be further inspired and to get paving ideas for your special project visit our image gallery….

Pool paving ideas

pool paving ideas


Pool paving ideas

Visit our pool paving ideas image gallery for more images of natural stone paving around swimming pools…. In this example we have used Himalayan Sandstone paving for around this swimming pool.