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July 5, 2016

Stone Cladding in natural stone panels – stack stone- your options

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Stone Cladding

Natural stone adds an incredible charm to any interior design. We have collected 20 breath takingstone wall tile design ideas which add a feeling of exclusivity and add a stunning contemporary accent wall in modern homes.

Polished, honed, tumbled natural stone tile walls are a dramatic statement and a unique artistic feature which connects past and modern times.


Stone wall tile design ideas – a visual statement in the living room

The extraordinary stone wall tile design ideas in the gallery below will show how an accent wall can change the entire room and atmosphere. Natural materials always add warmth and coziness to the living room. The beauty of marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, and quartzite tile offers rich earthy colors and unlimited design possibilities.

stone wall tile design ideas contemporary living room accent wall built in bookshelves

A natural stone wall can be a great and fresh idea for contemporary living room interiors if you want to avoid a cold and monotonous appearance. The beauty of stone would be a delightful accent in minimalist interiors adding a warm touch and feel. Moreover it will contrast to the minimalist design and the stone wall tile design will become an immediate focal point. Of course, the right choice of stone wall tiles will turn a rustic living room into an extraordinary and spectacular living space with a lot of character and charisma.


Stone wall tile design ideas – an accent in the bathroom interiors




An outdated bathroom can be transformed into a luxury oasis of peace and tranquility. Exceptionalstone wall tile design ideas show unique patterns which are not only modern and practical but add elegance and vibe to the bathroom design. Stone wall tile designs can mimic a cozy rustic cottage or a luxury spa but either way you can create a stylish bathroom environment. Smooth and polished surfaces are a perfect choice if you want to blend them into contemporary interiors while aged surfaces add a dramatic styling effect.


Elegant living room design with a fabulous accent wall


Trendy bathroom with dark gray stone wall tile


Contemporary kitchen decorative stone wall


Spectacular stone wall in the entryway


Stone wall tile design – an accent wall in the bedroom


Natural colors in minimalist interiors










July 1, 2016

Installing stone cladding in the ledgestone series to my outdoor kitchen area

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Wait? It’s already Cupl Day? The kick off to the summer season? Where has this year gone, right? I couldn’t be more excited, after all, it has been a long cold winter, at least by this southerners’ standards. What’s that? Your patio isn’t ready for entertaining? Nonsense. Floor & Decor can get you ready in a jiffy.

What’s their secret weapon? Stone cladding, of course! They come in several earth tone colors to match many decors and are perfect for outdoor use. The panels come split faced, which gives it an overall rustic looking appearance. These features make it perfect for an outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchen with Stone Cladding

The nice thing about these ledgestone panels is that they can be used for so many different spots outdoors. Have you added a fountain to your backyard? You could spruce up its surround with ledger panels. They could also be used for an outdoor fireplace or even a back wall portioning off your pool area.

Outdoor Uses for ledgestone panels
Around your bar / seating area
Around a fountain
Around your grill (if your grill is designed to be built into your outdoor entertaining area)
Posts / columns
Outdoor fireplace
ledgestone panels patio

These stone cladding panels are extremely easy to install. Since they are made for walls not floors they are surprisingly thin. Depending on where you plan to install it, most projects can be done over the weekend. Prices are very affordable starting at $49m2 for the Kakadu panels and just 98m2 for Ledgestone panels, there are also specialised corner panels. What area in your yard do you think would benefit from stone cladding panels?

December 18, 2015


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Natural stone surfaces must be sealed to prevent or minimize staining. Leaving natural stone untreated may greatly hinder the complete removal of stains in the future. Allow new installations to dry for at least 72 hours before applying sealer.

When laying natural stone, they need to be sealed twice – with a primary seal and a secondary seal. The primary seal is the first seal and this is done before the stone has been laid. The primary seal is important as it greatly reduces the porosity of the stone. The secondary seal is done after the stone is adhered to the wall and it further protects the natural stone.

The contractor must take precautions to protect the finished work from damage by other trades. Protect installation from exposure to rain for a minimum of 7 days. Allow the cement to cure for a minimum of 7 days at 21 ºC before aggressive cleaning. For interior installations, either a penetrating or acrylic sealer can be used. For exterior installations, use only a penetrating sealer for superior durability. Whilst sealing the stone isn’t always necessary it will protect veneer surface finish and colour. If the veneers are installed near wet areas or areas prone to salt attack, we recommend dip sealing all veneers prior to installation.

Brazil 3D shown below.
Brazil 3DBrazil 3D



Create a natural stone wall look and feel with our pre-prepared stacked stone wall panel range. Whether you’re searching for exterior wall cladding for an outdoor fireplace or simply searching for bathroom tile ideas, we’ve got something for you. Whether you like a limestone wall or a slate tile, our showroom will present a vast array of wall tiles and ideas especially for you. From landscaping stone to architectural stone, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Stone Wall Panels present a natural open cut and irregular surface texture which provides a profound link between architecture and the surrounding landscape design. The depth of the pieces within the panels creates natural shading and texture combined with natural stone colour variations for an authentic feel. This stone wall cladding product, with interlocking corner units and capping options is ideal for a range of residential and commercial landscape and building projects.




June 29, 2015


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Stone Cladding

Grampians Ledgestone, stone cladding has been used to great effect on this feature wall abutting this swimming pool.

Panel Sizes
Flats: 600×200
Corners: 300×200

Thickness varying from 30-40mm.

Ledgestone offers timeless look whether it’s a fire place, house facade, poolside feature or general landscaping.

February 26, 2015

Stacked Stone, Stack Stone, Wall Tiles, Stone Wall, Stackstone

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We have dozens of various colours and styles of stack stone. Light weight stack stone cladding with a 3D geometric style: Modern twist on a natural stone look mounted onto a stack stone panel for easy installation. Ledgestone, stack stone cladding: Drystack look, rugged look, Individual pieces are MUCH bigger BUT still mounted on a stack stone panel for easy installation of your stone cladding. Loose Random Stone Wall Cladding: Natural Free Flowing Format stone cladding for walls. A bit slower to install BUT what a look. See our stack stone range here.