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July 1, 2016

8 Reasons why you should install natural stone pavers and tiles


Posted by Steph

1. Stone Pavers or Tiles increases the value of your home for resale. How much better will your home look with stone like travertine or granite vs. linoleum or laminate counters? You can easily make your kitchens and bathrooms look a thousand times better with stone tiles.

2. Offers a unique appearance where no two homes using the same natural stone will look the same. You never have to worry about duplicating the same look of friends or neighbors as stone varies in color enough to have a different look in each home.

3. Stone is rectified for small grout lines as small as 1/16 inch. Many find the look of nearly no grout line appealing. Of course, it is necessary as most tiles have a slight difference in size (especially natural stone), and adding grout gives the layout a uniform appearance. Grouting also prevents anything from getting in the crevices between the tiles.

4. Stone is very durable. Did you know that Granite is the second hardest mineral under diamond on the hardness scale for minerals? Granite is very scratch resistant and holds up much better under stress and normal traffic than ceramic.

5. Stone naturally tends to stay cool and can actually help to cool homes in warmer climates. This will help lower utility bills during hot summer months.

6. Stones such as Bluestone, Slate and Travertine are well suited for outdoor installation. Just take a look at the picture below, which is a travertine tile. The travertine provides a beautiful variation in color and still holds up the to the outdoor elements though the cold winter and hot summer days.

7. Stone tiles are low maintenance. Despite common misconceptions, stone is very easy to clean and maintain. Just make sure to seal it when it is installed and caring for your stone tile will be a breeze. Sealing granite provides a barrier that prevents anything that is spilled from penetrating the stone. Granite surfaces should be sealed once a year. Higher traffic areas may need to be sealed more often.

8. Variation in choices. The higher variation in choices for stone allow for a greater variety of choices. Stones like slate are well suited for outdoor installation. These sturdy tiles will hold up to the elements and still keep their color nicely.

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Natural Stone Tiles

June 28, 2016

Why you should incorporate natural stone tiles and pavers in your next landscaping adventure

Natural Stone Tiles

Buy Stone Pavers to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

Stone pavers are generally used to create walkways, patios, and landscaping features in your beautiful yard. Stone pavers are available in varied shades and materials like quarry rock, brick and blue stone. The perfect way for the homeowners to install their stone pavers is through the use of a loose sand bed. This procedure is easier to master and provides great results.

Specialized benefits of Stone Pavers

The innumerable benefits of stone pavers are as follows:

  • Initial paver installation cost ? You can achieve cost savings for small and simple projects by installing the pavers yourself, with the aid of a good installation manual. Such instruction manuals are usually provided by the manufacturer of the paver products.
  • Flexible design ? Stone pavers are available in many shapes, patterns and colors. They allow for design creativity and also delineation of pavement areas, such as parking lanes, cross walks, and intersections. The beauty of stone pavers add value and visual appeal to any property.
  • Versatility – You can apply stone pavers in both residential and commercial settings, including surface coverings for driveways, promenades, streets, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, pool paving, garden paths and even roof gardens.
  • Paver strength ? Stone pavers are extremely dense units which possess exceptional strength and durability, superior stability under severe loads, and are unaffected by the extremes of heat and frost. Each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking. Manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances, pavers are stronger than regular poured concrete surfaces.
  • Maintenance ? You can easily replace stained or broken pavers without patches. Dark colored stone paver can help hide stains. Paver can be repaired by lifting the affected area, re-grading and re-compacting the base and bedding sand and reinstalling the same paver. It is an inexpensive procedure that leaves no unsightly repair patches. Stone pavers are easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional rinsing are usually the most maintenance needed.
  • Safety ? Stone pavers, on both vehicular and pedestrian applications, have a non-skid surface. Even when the pavers are wet, they are safe to walk or drive a vehicle over them.
  • Durability ? Stone pavers allow for movement and are almost indestructible. They can be applied in both residential and commercial settings, including surface coverings for driveways, parking lots, promenades, sidewalks, Pool Paving, patios, streets, golf cart paths and even roof gardens. Stone pavers are a sensible and aesthetically attractive choice for all outdoor surfaces.

Know about Stone Patio Pavers

Patio stands for outdoor living space and pavers refer to the building material that is used to construct patios. It is referred to as Patio Pavers because pavers are meant especially for constructing patios. The raw materials that are used for manufacturing paver products are mainly of three types: concrete, brick and stone patio pavers. They are available in different shapes, colors, sizes and patterns. The advantages of stone patio pavers for constructing entertainments decks and outdoors spaces are:

  • The process of installation is easy.
  • They are durable.
  • They require low maintenance.
  • They are easily repairable.
  • They are quite affordable.

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