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December 17, 2015

Advantages of Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone Pavers Benefits

Sandstone pavers have many great benefits. First, they are easy to install. Second, they are durable and versatile. Third, they come in a wide range of dimensions. Fourth, an economic benefit is that they last a lifetime, for sandstone is very hard wearing and ages very well.

Sandstone pavers are porous stones. They allow the percolation of water, which means that they can store large amounts of water. They can withstand time and wet weather, and still look classical, two very important benefits!


Sandstone pavers are commonly used in the landscaping field, because of their rich and natural appeal. Sandstone pavers can be applied to create walkways throughout the garden, flooring for a patio or balcony, and can also be applied to create unique wall features.

Sandstone pavers are perfect for pool surroundings or pool coping. They are also a popular material when it comes to cladding and veneering! Sandstone pavers can create a natural earthy look or an elegant formal appearance. This versatility is the reason why they are so widely applied!

Sandstone Pavers

Video Link on how to clean sandstone pavers:



Sealing your Sandstone Pavers is highly recommended for the protection against staining. If your Sandstone Pavers are not sealed, you may incur difficulty in removing stains completely. You should consult your manufacturer about information regarding the best type of sealer for your particular application of Sandstone Pavers. This is important because there’s so many sealers available on the market today that you want to be sure to get the right one for your application!


When cleaning your Sandstone Pavers be sure to stay away from solutions that contain alkaline, acid, ammonia and bleach. The reason for this is that these cleaning solutions may break down your sealer, and in turn affect its repellency. It is recommended to use a neutral cleaner that is specially formulated for such natural stones as Sandstone.

Following is a routine cleaning guide:

First sweep or dust mop up any dirt or debris off your Sandstone Pavers.
Then prepare the chosen cleaning solution according to the labeled instructions; you may need to dilute the solution in hot or cold water.
Now apply the cleaning solution to your Sandstone Pavers using a mop, sponge or scrubbing machine.
Lastly, rinse and wipe off cleaning solution with clean water.

Sandstone Pavers

Shown above are different types of Sandstoned used for pool coping.

December 16, 2015

Cleaning and Sealing of Travertine Tiles

Sealing Travertine

You rarely have to seal polished travertine, but it would be a great idea to test your travertine tiles before deciding whether or not you need to use a sealer. Try dropping a few drops of water on any hidden areas, let the water stand for approximately 5-10 minutes and blot dry. If the travertine stays a darker colour for more than 5 minutes you will need to seal all your tiles to prevent any stains especially any food or drink areas.

Before sealing you should always do a test patch. Rub in a few drops of sealer in an inconspicuous area of the travertine, let the sealer sit for at least 24 hours before testing.

How to seal Travertine Tiles:

1. Ensure the space you are working in is well ventilated.

2. Apply to the sealer with a lambswool applicator or a spray bottle depending on the whether.

3. If puddles do occur on top of the stone wipe them up with a dry cloth or mop to avoid any stains.

4. Most sealers recommended two coats of sealer, you can test if your travertine needs a second coat by doing a test patch.

5. Make sure you allow enough time for the sealer to dry fully, you can use a dry cloth and buff the travertine to speed up the process but allow up to 24 hours before use.

6. If you have any streaks after the sealer has dried, apply more sealer with a dry cloth and buff the travertine until all streaks have been removed.


August 7, 2015

Types of cobblestones available for sale here in Melbourne and Sydney


  • Cobblestones natural split
  • Cobblestones natural split
  • Cobblestones natural split
  • Cobblestones natural split


These cobblestones all have a natural split surface and all 4 sides are also natural split. This will undoubtedly give the most authentic European look to your cobblestone pavers.

Cobblestones can be used for driveways, pathways, landscape features around your house or commercial buildings. We stock flamed and brushed cobblestones and natural split cobblestone in Bluestone and Granite. 

Granite Cobblestones

Natural split: 






Bluestone Cobblestones

Natural Split:


Flamed Surface:




July 1, 2015


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THis is an example

February 26, 2015

Bluestone pool coping tiles

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Bluestone pool coping tiles surrounding abstract pool. See more bluestone here. Bluestone Pool Coping Tiles

Harkaway Bluestone Tiles can handle weathering and they are nonslip, it can be put anywhere and you don’t have to worry about safety or damage. Bluestone Tiles from Stone and Slate Discounts can be used for indoor and outdoor projects.

Bluestone pool coping tiles are a perfect choice for any outdoor area, with its natural colour it will match up with almost any existing pool. Its comes in a variety of sizes and thickness.

It has a high durability and you will only need to seal bluestone in a food and drink or a high traffic area which makes it more cost effective than other stones such as sandstone and travertine.


Bluestone Coping Tiles come in the following sizes:

Size:                         Thickness:

600x350mm            40/20mm

600x350mm            75/20mm

800x350mm           40/20mm

800x350mm           75/20mm

1000x350mm         40/20mm

1000x350mm         75/20mm

500x500mm           40/20mm

500x500mm           75/20mm

1000x500mm         40/20mm

1000x500mm         75/20mm

1000x500mm        100/20mm


November 29, 2014

Bluestone pavers layed in Melbourne suburb Glen Iris

Bluestone pavers installed in Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris

Bluestone pavers layed in Melbourne suburb Glen Iris

These bluestone pavers and pool coping tiles were installed in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris by Master Stonemason Steve Taylor 0418557936. To see more bluestone pavers installations visit our bluestone pavers image gallery.