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Cleaning and Sealing of Travertine Tiles

December 16, 2015

Sealing Travertine

You rarely have to seal polished travertine, but it would be a great idea to test your travertine tiles before deciding whether or not you need to use a sealer. Try dropping a few drops of water on any hidden areas, let the water stand for approximately 5-10 minutes and blot dry. If the travertine stays a darker colour for more than 5 minutes you will need to seal all your tiles to prevent any stains especially any food or drink areas.

Before sealing you should always do a test patch. Rub in a few drops of sealer in an inconspicuous area of the travertine, let the sealer sit for at least 24 hours before testing.

How to seal Travertine Tiles:

1. Ensure the space you are working in is well ventilated.

2. Apply to the sealer with a lambswool applicator or a spray bottle depending on the whether.

3. If puddles do occur on top of the stone wipe them up with a dry cloth or mop to avoid any stains.

4. Most sealers recommended two coats of sealer, you can test if your travertine needs a second coat by doing a test patch.

5. Make sure you allow enough time for the sealer to dry fully, you can use a dry cloth and buff the travertine to speed up the process but allow up to 24 hours before use.

6. If you have any streaks after the sealer has dried, apply more sealer with a dry cloth and buff the travertine until all streaks have been removed.


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