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Do I need to seal travertine tiles?

May 2, 2019

You only need to seal travertine tiles where there is a high probability of staining. Although, if you choose to you can seal all your tiles for peace of mind.

A tile sealer on travertine will provide a layer that reduces the absorption of spilled substances. As a result, this will allow for more time for you to clean up the spill without a problem.

However, if your travertine floor tiles are bought honed and sealed, then you won’t need to seal it. These tiles are practically stain proof already. Although, you can do a test on your tiles by spilling a bit of water to see if they need extra sealing.

If your travertine tiles are honed, tumbled or unpolished, you should seal them. We recommend sealing areas that are prone to spills such as the kitchen (food/drink), bathroom (lotions/shampoos) as well as the outdoor alfresco area where you would likely be eating and drinking.

If you have travertine floor tiles low spill areas such as a hallway, bedroom, family room or swimming pool you don’t necessarily require sealing. Depending on your lifestyle, if you have children or pets it may be beneficial to seal your travertine tiles. You have to decide whether it is worth the time and expense sealing these areas. If in doubt, we recommend sealing these low spill areas just in case. You only need to do it once and will give you peace of mind knowing that the travertine is protected.

For outdoor travertine tiles and pavers, you can choose to seal them to make it easier to sweep off any potential mildew and mud.

You can easily seal the tiles yourself if you choose to. Simply read the instructions on the can or give us a call: (03) 9706 9796 if you’re unsure about something. Make sure you invest in a good quality tile sealer so it protects your tiles well.

If it’s a large tiled area, you can save time by hiring a professional to do it for you.

If you wish, you can also use your travertine sealer to enhance the colour of the stone. We also have a variety of sealers that can lighten or darken the appearance of the tiles.

Ensure that the sealer you’re using is compatible for applying on travertine tiles. At Stone & Slate Discounts, can recommend the right sealer for your tiles. You can also purchase these from our store.
In conclusion, we recommend sealing your travertine tiles to protect them as much as possible especially in high traffic areas. Travertine is popular for being a strong, durable and weather resistant stone however, sealing them will better ensure their longevity and lustre. If you seal your travertine tiles, it will give them new live and renewed clean appearance.

Have a question about travertine tiles?  Feel free to give us a call: (03) 9706 9796.  After hours, please leave us a message here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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