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December 18, 2015

Natural stone surfaces must be sealed to prevent or minimize staining. Leaving natural stone untreated may greatly hinder the complete removal of stains in the future. Allow new installations to dry for at least 72 hours before applying sealer.

When laying natural stone, they need to be sealed twice – with a primary seal and a secondary seal. The primary seal is the first seal and this is done before the stone has been laid. The primary seal is important as it greatly reduces the porosity of the stone. The secondary seal is done after the stone is adhered to the wall and it further protects the natural stone.

The contractor must take precautions to protect the finished work from damage by other trades. Protect installation from exposure to rain for a minimum of 7 days. Allow the cement to cure for a minimum of 7 days at 21 ºC before aggressive cleaning. For interior installations, either a penetrating or acrylic sealer can be used. For exterior installations, use only a penetrating sealer for superior durability. Whilst sealing the stone isn’t always necessary it will protect veneer surface finish and colour. If the veneers are installed near wet areas or areas prone to salt attack, we recommend dip sealing all veneers prior to installation.

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