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How durable are travertine tiles?

April 30, 2019

Travertine is a very strong, durable stone. As well as having great natural beauty, it is an excellent and practical solution for your indoor and outdoor tiles and paving. They can easily withstand heavy foot traffic.

Outdoor travertine tiles are a practical solution due to their resistance to extreme weather conditions. Magnificent ancient structures made entirely from travertine (such as the Colosseum in Rome), have stood for over 2000 years due to the immense strength of travertine stone.

Whether you’re experiencing freezing cold temperatures, sweltering summer heatwaves, torrential hail or rain, you can be confident your outdoor travertine tiles and pavers will withstand the elements. We recommend outdoor travertine tiles in Melbourne (with its temperamental weather) as well as tropical climates such as Queensland (constant heat, humidity and rain). Wherever you are located, travertine tiles and pavers are a great practical option.

Travertine pool coping is also ideal due to their water resistance. As a result, travertine tiles are also a great option for indoor wet areas such as kitchen, laundry and bathroom tiling.


With travertine, you don’t need to worry about scratching, cracking and chipping – it is incredibly durable especially when compared to other stone options such as marble and granite tiles. Travertine keeps its appearance with little maintenance. This means your travertine tiles and pavers will maintain their strength from the day you install them for many years to come. For this reason, travertine tiles will prove to be a great investment for a home renovation.

Even though travertine is extremely tough, it is also a natural porous stone and may be susceptible to wear and tear after many years of use. Many renovators and landscapers love the character of archaic-style weathered travertine tiles. However, you can prevent this by applying a tile sealer.

When cleaning your travertine tiles and pavers, simply sweep away dirt. You can also use a pressure washer to refresh its lustre. Avoid using acidic chemical cleaners on your tiles. However, if you seal your travertine tiles once a year, they should easily retain their lustre.

We also recommend purchasing a few extra tiles just in case the time comes if you need to replace them. If you ever need to, replacing travertine tiles is very easy to do and match colours.

You can’t go wrong with travertine tiles and pavers. They are a great investment to upgrade and add value to your property.

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