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Travertine Driveway

November 1, 2017

You’ve got a driveway to lay and you’re unsure of what size Travertine to choose?

The size you choose can really make a difference in the overall style when it comes to natural stone driveways, and really any location. Your Travertine options for your driveway include a stunning intricate French Pattern with a combination of sizes, including 610×406, 406×203, 406×406 and 203×203. Our French pattern comes pre-cut and packaged in an easy to lay manner and really adds character and interest to an area. When it comes to driveways an important aspect to keep in mind is: smaller is stronger, it isn’t recommended to be laying large 1000×1000 pavers on driveways with heavy traffic, so the French pattern with a combination or small-medium sizes is perfect!

Alternatively, those seeking a more traditional and classical design, the size 610×406 would suit perfectly. It can be laid in a straight bond pattern, brick bond, herringbone pattern and everything in between.

Travertine colours for pavers and tiles are available in various style options including Ivory, Silver, Nocé, Antique, Shell White, Pearl Grey and Classic, so there is an option to suit everyone, whether wanting the Shell White Travertine look of the Greek Islands or the Ivory Travertine to recreate to Roman Architecture in your own home, we have it at Stone and Slate Discounts.


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