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What are travertine tiles?

May 1, 2019

Travertine tiles are a strong, versatile tile made from the travertine stone. Travertine stone is a type of limestone naturally deposited from mineral hot springs. It’s been a popular building material for thousands of years as well as a popular choice for indoor and outdoor tiling and paving.

Travertine is known for being a very versatile tile in the home. Indoors they have been commonly used in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom floors as well as making attractive feature walls. Travertine tiles are weather and water resistant which makes them ideal for outdoor applications such as outdoor paving, alfresco tiling, driveway tiles and pool coping.

They come in a large variety of colours ranging from ivory, cream, beige, brown and grey. You can choose from tumbled as well as honed finishes. In addition, at Stone & Slate Discounts, we also have a wide range of sealers and enhancers that can also be applied on top of the tiles to help achieve a darker or lighter look from the stone.

Travertine tiles are recognisable due to their characteristic textured holes and voids. Depending on the tile application, some renovators choose to have these voids filled with grout to achieve a smoother finish. Filling the voids is a good option if you are using the travertine tiles indoors as it will allow for easy sweep cleaning without the dirt getting caught up in the holes.

Alternatively, many renovators also love showing off the natural characteristics of the travertine stone by leaving the tiles tumbled and unfilled. Tumbled and unfilled travertine tiles are great for outdoor areas such as around pool areas where the extra grip would be beneficial.

Travertine tiles and pavers are a popular choice due to their immense strength, easy maintenance and universal timeless appeal.

At Stone & Slate Discounts, we have a large range of travertine tiles in many colours and sizes. We are known for having the best quality travertine for the best prices in Australia. Browse our range of tiles and pavers >>

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