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STEPPING STONES & STONE STEPPERS In Bluestone, Sandstone, Travertine

Bluestone, Sandstone , Travertine and Limestone natural stepping stone pavers, the GREAT easy DIY alternative to concrete pathways in your garden. Playful, functional and aesthetic – our garden stepping stones are a striking addition to your landscaping design. Create a feature and visually connect features of your space easily and without the need of a tiler. Experiment with different sizes and shapes or keep it sleek and streamlined – you’re only limited by your imagination.

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We've been supplying STEPPING STONES to Aussies for over 36+ years! Here are some of our customers reviews

Deb J
Sydney, NSW
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Great venture from start to finish. Started with the free sample and ended with delivery to our door. The Stepping stone pathway looks incredible
Johnny R
Double Bay, NSW
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Great prices and service. The bluestone stepping stone pathway looks spectacular
Lui W
Malvern, VIC
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So helpful and great prices.
Henry M
Byron Bay, NSW
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Thanks heaps for the free samples as they made it easy for us to buy from you guys. Great delivery service and more than happy with our sandstone stepping stone pavers. Easy to install
Cherry T
Malvern, VIC
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Exceptional service and prices. Great range of stepping stone pavers to select from.

Extensive Range Of Stepping Stones Steppers

As Melbourne’s leading supplier of stepping stones, we stock a large range of premium stepping stones that suit a variety of landscapes and garden areas. Our stepping stones come in a selection of different finishes and textures, producing a vibrant and creative design for any outdoor area.

Stepping stones pose versatility and help to construct informal pathways and create a connection between your property and landscape. As a stylish, cost-effective choice for your garden, stepping stones can be placed throughout paved surfaces and brings an observable contrast that adds more volume to your outdoor area.

You can also use them across ponds or as a feature pathway to create a stunning visual harmony between elements and draw attention towards specific features of your outdoor area.

Melbourne’s Leading Supplier of Stepping Stones

Here at Stone & Slate Discounts, we only stock the highest quality stepping stones and stepper pavers. Our worldwide suppliers are carefully vetted so we can provide the best quality stone possible, resulting in a quality finish.

Our garden stepping stones are made from natural stone such as bluestone and sandstone in a variety of different sizes, meaning you can experience an individual and unique experience with each stepping stone laid.

All of our stepping stones are made from natural stone which make an attractive addition for any garden, whether it be for a contemporary or rustic feel.

For over 35 years, we’ve been supplying suburbs all across Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Geelong and Australia wide with premium garden pavers. We understand the need for quality, which is why we take pride in our bluestone stepping stones and sandstone stepping stone range.

The key to creating a beautiful garden is using the best quality stone possible, which is why Stone & Slate Discounts are the stepping stone supplier that Melbourne residents have come to know and trust.

Create Your Dream Garden

Stepping stones pose a unique appearance and distinctive texture, making it simple to incorporate them into existing designs or breathe life into a new project.

To add creative flair to your design, consider using mondo grass, pebbles, succulents or lawn to separate your garden stepping stones for a stylish yet low maintenance garden feature.

Given their ability to be used in many ways, understanding where to begin isn’t always the simplest task. Our team of friendly experts can help you establish a visual understanding of their application and how pathway stones will help enhance the look of your home.

Natural stone is the perfect choice to complement any landscape design or architectural style, as bluestone and sandstone are versatile stones capable of tying your outdoor space together with ease.

We deliver stones and flagstone pavers Australia wide, and we also mail out free samples for country and interstate clients. We also provide a large range of outdoor tiles in natural stone, if you’re looking for an alternative to stepping stones.

A great example of an alternative to stepping stones is simply laying travertine or bluestone pavers flat between rocks or artificial turf to create pathways, if you want a sleek and refined look.

How to Lay Stepping Stones
Are you looking for a cost-effective and easy way to decorate your outdoors? Well, stepping stones can be your ultimate option. You can create a perfect pathway in your backyard that connects your exteriors to the living room. A walkway featuring the natural stones look stunning on patios, pool decks, lawns, and front yard. If you want these stepping stones to be the focal point of your exterior landscape, you can lay them in the front yard. These stones will lead your visitors to the main door. Stepping stones Melbourne gives an authentic and natural finish to your space.
They can complement nearly all types of exteriors seamlessly. You can use the bullnose pavers and other natural stones for edging. If you are planning to create a staircase on the lawn, then consider slate. It can adapt to the different landscape and d茅cor elements seamlessly. Travertine and bluestone are the most common options for walkways. They can resist weather, environmental elements, and frequent traffic. Moreover, these natural stones are designed to deliver great performance in all seasons. They look great even after decades of frequent use. Let鈥檚 take a look at some simple steps for laying stepping stones in your garden.
1. Choose the Pattern
For a minimalist garden, the simple rectangular-shaped stepping stones will look great. If you would like to add drama to your exteriors, then crazy pavers Sydney and other such free-flow paving designs can do wonders. It is important to select the design beforehand. It will give you a rough idea of the number of pavers you are going to need for the pathway.
With a huge variety of natural stones available in the Australian stone market, many homeowners find it challenging to select the best and most suitable material for their landscape. Buying the stones that just complement your landscape and go with the surrounding decoration will not suffice. You must pay special attention to the type of pavers and durability. The last thing you want is to replace the pathway every few months because of the loose and low-quality pavers.
2. Get the Equipment and Installation Materials
Place an order for the stepping stones online. You could also visit the Australian stone market to select the best material for your outdoors. Before you go shopping for natural stones, note the measurements of your garden. Multiply the length and width of the perimeter to get the measurements of the area in square footage. Based on this, the supplier will tell you the total pavers you need. However, stones are not the only material you need for installation. Like driveway and patio paving, homeowners need to dig the ground and create a base for these tiles. You have to lay the stepping stones on either the sand bedding or wet mortar. So, there a few more tools you are going to need to ensure effective and easy installation. They include:
路 Spirit Level
路 Tape Measure
路 Protective tools, such as gloves, protective eyewear, and a hat
路 Spray paint
路 Spade
路 Mason trowel
路 Rubber mallet
路 Strings and stakes
路 Wheelbarrow
路 Club hammer
In addition to these tools, you need the cement mix and sand for the base. Once you have assembled the equipment, move on to the base preparation.
3. Preparing the Base
It is the foundation that supports your pavers and maintains their stability for many decades. One of the common reasons why Australian homeowners outsource the paving tasks to professional and experienced contractors is that they want a solid base. The reliability of your pathway can be determined by the base materials.
Calculate the area you need to excavate for the base. Assuming that your walkway will receive heavy foot traffic, you must dig at least 8 inches. The perfect depth for the base also depends on the thickness of the stepping stones. Decide the height you want for the gravel and sand bedding. For instance, 4-inch is sufficient for the layer of gravel. Once you are done laying the base material, use a plate compactor to compress the gravel bed. There you go! Your base is ready for the stepping stones.
4. Install the Pavers
Start laying the pavers after you have leveled the sand bed. Each paver must be pushed into the sand bed snuggly. Place each slab together and fill the gaps between these stones with mortar. You can create a mortar by mixing three parts of cement with one part of sand. Keep adding water to prepare the thin-set mortar. Mortar can also be used as the base material. However, it works only when you get the consistency of the mortar right.
5. Leave it to dry for 24 Hours
Do not walk on the pavers for the next 24-48 hours. Wait for the pavers to dry. You must also seal the surface to add a protective layer. Once the area is dried, you can wash the pavers with a garden hose to remove the excess dirt and debris from the surface. You can decorate the space further by laying gravel around the stepping stones.

What are Stepping Stones?
Nothing seems more relaxing and refreshing than hanging out with your family in a garden on hot sunny days. However, taking a walk in the garden isn鈥檛 always the best option, especially during monsoon. The damp grass can ruin your shoes and get your feet wet and muddy. One way to have some quality time in your backyard without having to worry about getting your feet wet is by installing stepping stones.
You could transform your garden into an entertainment space by giving it a makeover. Luckily, garden renovation isn鈥檛 that expensive. All you need is some stunning d茅cor materials that complement your exterior landscape and look fantastic in your space. Of course, you don鈥檛 have to turn your outdoor into a sophisticated garden that houses expensive and valuable accessories. Simple and basic d茅cor materials will do.
One of the easiest ways to give a natural and authentic finish to your backyard or lawn is by creating a pathway. Stepping stones can be laid a few inches apart from each other to create a stunning pathway. It is the best way to transform your garden into a serene and soothing place where you could relax or have some fun and quality time with your loved ones. Stepping stones add a unique level of charm to your exteriors. These natural stones can help improve the aesthetic of your space. They look even more beautiful in the backyards where the wide joints between the stones are filled with the grass, crushed stones, and other natural d茅cor elements.
Create a Minimalist-Style Garden
Not everyone wants to go overboard with the accessories and d茅cor stuff. If you want to keep the look simple and elegant, then you must lay the natural stones in a consistent pattern. You can order the customized stepping stone tiles Melbourne and arrange them in a uniform pattern on the ground. Stepping stones never fail to catch the attention of your visitors. They look absolutely unique and organic. Most importantly, the versatile natural stones are made to fit just about the landscape. You can choose travertine or sandstone stepping stones Sydney to create a pathway in your garden that leads your guests to the main door. You can use the same pavers for interior flooring, i.e. if you want to create a consistent pattern.
Stepping stones enhance the personality of your garden. Their natural character adds elegance to your space. Whether you are creating a modern-style garden or retro-inspired landscape, stepping stones make an ideal option for home d茅cor. The best part is you don鈥檛 need to do a lot of digging. The process of installing stepping stones is simple. All you got to do is build a strong base featuring a layer of gravel and sand. You can lay the pavers on the base using the adhesive. Seal the pavers with a high-quality sealant. If you don鈥檛 have time for the DIY installation, you can outsource the task to a professional contractor. Either way, the stepping stones look great in gardens.
Use Large Stepping Stones
Large stones aren鈥檛 only used in the large lawns. The rectangular and square-shaped natural stones can be used to design a small garden as well. You can fill the gaps between the pavers with gravel to give your space an organic feel. This is a great option for modern houses. The customized, symmetrical natural stones can enhance the curb appeal of your garden. Many Australian stone suppliers will offer you the best large-sized stepping stones for your gardens and backyards.
You can browse through the huge collection of natural stones available on the market and select the materials that fit your landscape and goes with the surrounding d茅cor elements. Large stepping stones are available in different color palettes, including but not limited to, beige, gray, cream, off-white, light pink, brownish-black, dark green, and silver. You will also find the stepping stones in a plethora of styles, shapes, and finishes. Choose the colors and patterns that match your garden furniture and overall exteriors.
Choose a Perfect Pattern
Simple is boring, especially when there is a wide variety of stones available on the market. Why limit your garden to symmetrical stones when you can mix and match different types of natural stones to create a unique and striking look? To create fantastic visuals, consider combining different types and colors of natural stones. You can order French-patter pavers to decorate the space around your walkway.
If you are installing natural stones, then there are quite a few designs and patterns you can consider. For example, crazy paving is getting quite popular these days. If you would like to create a bold and dramatic look that resembles the retro-style gardens, then crazy pavers will make a perfect fit for your exteriors. You can install stepping stones in a crazy-paving pattern by laying the irregular or asymmetrical natural stones in a free-flow pattern. While they look gorgeous in nearly every setting, a random paving pattern isn鈥檛 easy to install. You might need to hire professionals to get the job done with ease.

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