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Step into a world of design possibilities with our comprehensive Stone Pavers Specification Guide! This essential resource is your one-stop shop for exploring the captivating beauty and unparalleled functionality of our extensive natural stone paver collection.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Detailed information on each of our natural stone paver options, including their unique characteristics, benefits, and applications.
  • Stunning visuals showcasing the natural beauty and versatility of our stone pavers in various design settings.
  • Technical specifications to ensure you make informed decisions for your project.

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Stone & Slate Discounts has been serving tilers, landscapers, architects and everyday Aussies the highest quality and affordable natural stone pavers for over 35 years.

We are the one stop stone outdoor tiles shop thousands (260,000+) Aussies trust to get great quality natural stone paving products. We will always ensure we have Australia’s cheapest prices with good old fashioned customer service.

If you’re on the looking for quality and luxury looking natural stone tiles such as travertine tiles, bluestone pavers, granite pavers, sandstone pavers, limestone pavers and crazy paving then shop at Stone & Slate Discounts.  We’re here and happy to help you find what you are looking for. We are proud to stock Australia’s largest range of natural stone products.

At Stone & Slate Discounts, you can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting the largest range of natural stone paving products at Australia’s best prices. If you do happen to find a cheaper quote, we’ll beat it by 10%!

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Renovations can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, feel free to call our friendly Stone Experts and Master Stonemason on: 03 9706 9767 if you have any questions or need advice.

You’re also welcome to send your plans to: [email protected]

Our Natural Stone Paving Experts are committed to helping you get the best paving solution for your renovation.


We believe in the unparelleled beauty, strength, and superior quality of natural stone Pavers

image of natural stone pavers
image of natural stone pavers

That’s why we ONLY stock 100% natural stone pavers and stone tiles. We will never sell any inferior cheaply made manufactured or imitation stone. Real natural stone such as travertine, bluestone and limestone take thousands of years to form naturally. When you purchase natural stone, you’re bringing home a story of the earth. Every unique tone and detail was forged naturally the way mother nature intended.

Our natural stone is affordable because we import it directly from the quarries so landscapers, architects, designers as well as every day Aussies can enjoy the luxury of natural stone. If you have any questions about using natural stone in your renovation, feel free to speak to contact our friendly Stone Experts or Master Stonemason.

At Stone & Slate Discounts, we uphold fair and ethical global trade.

Commitment to preserving the natural environment This includes minimising our carbon footprint and reducing deforestation. Once a site has been depleted of natural stone, Enviro Scientists and Naturalists are contracted to regenerate the quarry back to replicate the original untouched natural landscape.

Fair & Safe Working Conditions Unfortunately, many quarries and warehouses around the world (particularly in China and East Asian regions), compromise their employees’ well-being. These sites are typically unregulated, unsafe and employees are severely underpaid. Our quarries and warehouses are properly run by highly trained staff. We travel to ensure our employees all have great working conditions where they are not overworked, are in a safe environment and are paid fairly.

Ethical & Sustainable We ensure that all quarries and manufacturing plants have as little impact on the natural environment as possible.

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Even though Im in Newcastle the customer service from Melbourne was better than anyone else. The free sample was excellent. The european bluestone was cheap but looks very expensive!!
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Thanks heaps to Steve for help with designing my fireplace wall. The stackstone looks great ive gotten so many compliments. Love it so much were putting it also as an outside feature wall.
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BIG thank you to the team at Stone & Slate Discounts. Ive looked at other tile shops for outdoor tiles but your customer service and prices were the best by far.
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The free sample service is excellent!! Helped made our decision so much easier. Have since tiled our pool with ivory travertine. Very impressive. ***** Stars
Ben G.
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Excellent value for money. We're very happy with the way our pool looks with the blue stone pavers. Its become the pride of our home. Have recommended you to our friends and family.
Asseem Khoury
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"Easy delivery and great service from slate discounts. The travertine paving looks a million bucks. We will use you again in the future. Better then any pavers shop in Sydney."
cheapest stone pavers
Australia’s Cheapest
Stone Tiles & Pavers
happy customers
360,000+ HAPPY
australia wide delivery

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Nationwide Delivery

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cheapest stone pavers
Australia's Cheapest Stone Tiles & Pavers
happy customers
360,000+ Happy
australia wide delivery
Fast & Easy
Nationwide Delivery
free express posted sample
FREE Express
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Tiles and Pavers can be defined as paving tiles, stones, bricks, or similar materials that are used for indoor & outdoor landscaping and flooring projects.

Pavers can be utilised in a wide range of applications. However, one of the most common uses of pavers for any given area is landscaping or flooring. Mostly, the homeowners in Australia prefer installing pavers for outdoor applications. Some of the common areas of application for pavers include:

Driveway Pavers
Pool Pavers
Pool Coping
Stepping Stones
• Pathways
• Patios Pavers
• Fire pits

The types of Natural stone tiles you can use for non-slip and weather-resistant outdoor flooring are –

Travertine Tiles
Bluestone Pavers
Limestone Pavers
Granite Pavers
Sandstone Pavers

The patterns and styles you can lay your natural stone pavers are –

Crazy Paving
French Pattern


Pavers are being used as a building material for thousands of years. In fact, many ancient buildings are made of stone pavers. You could use limestone, sandstone, granite, marble, slate, and other types of natural stone pavers in different ways. The material has a wide range of applications – from walkways to pool paving. Manufactured in a wide range of shapes, colors, and designs, pavers have numerous applications. Not only are they strong, but the material looks incredibly attractive. What sets them apart from other paving materials is their unique pattern and wonderful design. There is no denying that a paver can transform any boring space into a beautiful area. In this post, we are going to walk you through different applications of pavers.

● Driveways The main advantage of using pavers on the driveway is durability and the natural aesthetic. The driveway of your home gives the first impression to your visitors, and should thus be made of high-quality materials. There are different types of materials available for the driveway, but nothing beats the beauty of pavers. It contributes to the curb appeal of your house. Even if you don’t use pavers on the entire driveway, you could consider it for edging. It will give a dramatic effect to your surface and enhance the value of your property.

● Patios Whether you are building a garden or patio, natural stone pavers give a dramatic effect to your landscape wherever it is installed. The material can help you create a vibrant space that looks aesthetically appealing. Patio pavers give a unique finish to your home. It will transform your entertaining space into a sophisticated area where you could spend some fun time with your families or hang out with your friends.

There are many patterns you can choose for laying the bricks, but the material is available in only a limited number of shapes and colors. You get only a few options to choose from. One thing that makes paver the most reliable option for your patio is its weatherproof quality. Whether your patios have a cover or not, you can rest easy knowing that pavers will cover your space effortlessly. The material is extremely durable and can give a beautiful aesthetic touch to your exteriors.

● Outdoor Kitchens If you often have family get-togethers, you should consider building an outdoor kitchen to boost your home’s curb appeal and create a space where your family can gather and spend some quality time. You could use pavers for counters, floors, and bars. Even if you don’t cook a lot, the paved patio or outdoor kitchen will be a wonderful place for you to spend some cool evenings. You could use paver in a variety of ways to create a customizable space.

● Wall Cladding Another common application of pavers is wall cladding. The wall decorated with natural stone pavers looks smooth and wonderful. If the walls in your homes look a little dull and outdated, consider installing stone pavers on your wall to enhance its appearance. Not only is the wall clad in natural stone pavers look aesthetically wonderful, but it is quite durable.

Besides that, wall cladding gives your space a classic look. The best part about pavers is that they can help you create walls that match your driveways, pathways, and the rest of the landscape. It is a perfect addition to your landscape and the material looks absolutely fantastic in all settings.

● Pool Coping Natural stone pavers give a touch of elegance to your poolside. It is quite an appealing material for your landscape. Bluestone pavers are considered the most reliable option for pool coping. They give an authentic feel to your space. You can build your pool with stone pavers to give a finishing touch to your exteriors and complete your landscape.

However, poolside requires slip-resistant pavers that are designed to hold up to the traffic and handle slip and fall accidents seamlessly. The pavers you use for pool coping must be made of durable and high-quality materials that help you create a versatile space.

● Water Features One thing that draws the attention of your visitors the moment they walk into your space is the water feature. A fountain or any other type of water feature could increase your home’s value and help you create a perfect space that looks beautiful. Whether you are building a raised pool or stone fountain, rest assured that the water features will look fantastic in your space. Consider installing stone pavers near the fountain to make it better.

In addition to the areas mentioned above, you can use pavers on the pathways and alfresco. You could also use stone pavers around the fireplace and other areas.

The pavers you choose for the flooring material will have a significant impact on the overall interior and exterior design of your home. It will affect your home’s landscape and enhance its curb appeal. One specialty of the natural stone pavers is that it is a versatile option for your landscape.

The material is available in an extensive range of colors, patterns, sizes, designs, and styles, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. It’s really important for the homeowner to pay close attention to the type of pavers they pick for their outdoors, as once the installation is over, there is no way you can replace the material.

Natural stone pavers are exactly what the name suggests. They are extracted from European or Chinese quarries and are molded into different shapes and sizes. Available in different colors and designs, natural stone carries a unique character that sets them apart from other paving materials. They carry an earthy texture combined with an authentic feel. It is a perfect material for those who want a complete transformation of their exteriors.

The natural stone pavers give a unique feel to your space. The most popular types of natural stone pavers are travertine, bluestone, granite, sandstone, limestone, and so on. Each piece of natural stone comes with a distinctive look. Here are a few interesting properties of natural stone pavers that make them the best choice for your landscape. Most people choose natural stone paving solutions over other pavers because of their stylish appearance and the best finish.

● Elegance If you want to give your landscape elegance, then a natural stone paver is your best option. It is available in different styles, textures, colors, patterns, and sizes. The best part is that natural stone gives a majestic feel to your home. Decorating your landscape with a natural stone paver is definitely one of the best ways to impress your guests. The material looks mesmerizing in your exteriors, and it helps you achieve a timeless look that no paver can match.

● Low-Maintenance Another interesting fact about natural stone pavers is that they require minimal maintenance. The pavers do not develop cracks and neither do they get chipped or damaged easily. Maintenance and regular cleaning is still required, but that’s only needed once every few days. If your stone pavers are exposed to frequent traffic, dirt and dust, and other such environmental elements, then consider washing the stone on a regular basis. You only need to use a mild detergent solution or the stone-special cleaning formula to give your pavers a nice wash. There you go! Your stone pavers will look as good as new. Another benefit of natural stone pavers is that they are easy to clean.

● Easy to Install Contrary to what people believe, it is easier to install natural stones. In fact, natural stone pavers are comparatively easy to lay than concrete and brick pavers. You don’t need prior experience or any expertise in this area. Still, a majority of homeowners hire contractors to give the best finish to their exteriors. Just make sure you lay the tiles in the interlocking pattern, or in such a way that each slab interlocks with its surrounding paver flawlessly. You can start laying the pavers on the dry sand bedding. So, even if you make a mistake while laying the pavers, know that you have the option of shifting the pavers. The process, however, is quite complex when you are setting the pavers into the mortar or other material.

● Durability Another quality that makes stone pavers a beautiful and perfect choice for your landscape is their durability. There is no doubt that no material can be as durable as stone pavers. That’s because these pavers are quarried from natural quarries and they take several years to form. Many ancient buildings that were built centuries ago with sandstone and travertine are still standing intact today. In fact, many homeowners believe that natural stone pavers look more beautiful as they age.

● Slip-Resistant Pavers Natural stone pavers are not slippery. Even if they are exposed to moisture, you can rest easy knowing that the material will not get slippery. That’s one of the reasons why natural stone is considered an ideal choice for your poolscape and other places that are exposed to water. Even marble offers a slip-resistant surface.

Travertine tiles and granite pavers are best options for your exteriors, especially around the pools and other water features. They come with a high no-slip rating, which means it prevents slip and fall accidents.

In addition to the aesthetics, natural stone pavers are known for their durability and resilience. The material is designed to last for years without showing any sign of deterioration or damage. The versatility, durability, and resistance to unfavorable weather and temperature are a few properties that make stone pavers the best choice for your hardscape. Whether you are designing the patio or alfresco, natural stone pavers look perfect in all settings. They make a great addition to your landscape.

Warm and sunny days invite us to our exteriors where we can spend some quality and fun time. Every homeowner wants to make their outdoors as beautiful as their indoors.

There are plenty of options available for homeowners who want to give a quick makeover to their driveways and patios. You can hang decor materials, place some modern furniture pieces, and build a swimming pool or any water feature to enhance the curb appeal of your place. Well, there is a lot you can do to add life to your exteriors. But, the question is, “which material makes the best fit for your landscape”? From concrete to natural stone pavers and from brick to crazy pavers, the options are countless. But, when it comes to landscaping, there is something about natural stone pavers that set them apart from other materials. Available in a broad range of colors, sizes, and shapes, natural stone pavers give a more natural and unique feel to your landscape than any other stone. The only drawback is that these stones absorb a high level of moisture, which is the common cause of unwanted cracks and damages on your floor.

● They are Durable Home renovation is not a one-time investment. The material you choose to renovate the floors, walls, and other surrounding places of your home must last for years. You will not want to spend hundreds of bucks on low-quality slabs that crack and damage in no time. The lifespan of your paved driveway, pool deck, and patio depends largely on the material you install on the floor. Concrete might seem a good and a viable option, but nothing can offer a longer lifespan than stone pavers. High-quality stone pavers can last for 25+ years, given the proper care and maintenance.

● They are Robust Artificial flooring is neither a sustainable nor a strong option for your residential or commercial floors. This is especially true for the areas exposed to heavy foot and vehicular traffic. You can’t count on the concrete and bricks for holding up to vehicular traffic. Natural stones have comparatively higher strength than other materials.

What sets stone pavers apart from concrete and other exterior flooring options is the zig-zag design that makes it easier for the contractor to lay the pavers in a way that they interlock with each other flawlessly. In addition to that, natural stone pavers are made of stones extracted from the quarries. There is no filler or artificial slabs used in the manufacturing of stone pavers, giving this material a perfect finish and the best appearance.

● Weather Resistant The main issue with the outdoor construction and flooring is that any material that goes into your exteriors will be exposed to the weather throughout the year. Whether it is the scorching weather in summers or the below-freezing climate, your floor is highly likely to become a victim of harsh weather elements. The primary cause of floor damages is unfavorable weather.

If you live in a place that’s exposed to heavy rain or snow, chances are the rain will penetrate deep into the stone slabs and weaken them. Eventually, you will have to spend hundreds of thousands of bucks on the repairs and maintenance of the paved patios and driveways. That’s why it’s important that you choose natural stone pavers that can last for years without any damage or weathering. No matter how extreme the weather gets, you can rest assured that the stone pavers will look as good as new even after several years of use.

The paving sets a unique tone for your landscape. It is the first thing your guests notice when they enter your home. Plus, it decides the curb appeal of your space and increases your property’s value. To build an outstanding patio that looks flawless in all settings and gives your landscape a natural and authentic feel, you need to choose pavers that go beyond looking good. Of course, the aesthetics matter! But, that alone shouldn’t be the only factor you must consider when choosing pavers for your exteriors. The patio should be made to last for years to come while offering a smooth and stunning feel.

Budget is mostly the first factor that homeowners consider when shopping for outdoor pavers. Sure, budget is important, but never let the budget be the only factor when choosing pavers for your exteriors. It’s better to pay a few extra bucks on better quality and sturdier material than settle for something that deteriorates in a few years or needs high maintenance. The pavers will pay for themselves over time if they are strong enough to withstand the weather and temperature fluctuations.

Now, outdoor tiles are available in different varieties and shapes. Let’s take a look at the most common and popular pavers for your outdoors.

Stone Pavers

Nothing beats the durability and aesthetic of stone pavers. They add a natural and organic feel to your exteriors. They have the power to transform any dull and boring space into an extraordinary entertainment area. The best part about stone pavers is that they are durable and versatile.

They can last for years without any sign of wear and tear. In fact, the centuries-old buildings and monuments built with limestone, travertine, granite, bluestone, marble, and other natural stone pavers are still standing intact after years of use. They never lose their shine and color – no matter the amount of traffic and weather elements they are exposed to. That’s the beauty of stone pavers. They can resist just about any weather and temperature flawlessly.

Stone pavers also offer a wonderful variety for you to choose from. Sold in different colors and textures, stone pavers make a great choice for the exterior landscape. You can choose travertine if you want to create a warm and inviting space or opt for something darker and vibrant – depending on your preference. Just remember that the pavers you select for your exteriors must match the rest of your landscape and fit into your exteriors beautifully.


Cobblestones are famous for their resilience, attractive surface, and durability. One of the oldest forms of stone pavers, cobblestone has been around for centuries. You can use them to jazz up your patio or create a sturdy driveway featuring irregular cobblestone pavers. Either way, the material gives your exteriors a wonderful finish. You can keep your exteriors simple with the uniform-sized cobblestone pavers or give your space a retro feel and a dramatic touch with cobblestone pavers of varying colors, textures, and different shapes. The options are countless. It gives a retro feel to your space and looks wonderful in all settings. You should consider it for your exteriors.


Landscape Paving and Stone Pavers for Landscapes

The pavers installed in your exteriors can transform any dull or boring space into a luxurious place that looks fascinating. Your landscape leaves a first impression on your guests. It is the first thing that your visitors are likely to notice in your place. Fortunately, the landscape pavers are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Pavers are being used for a broad range of activities.

You could pave your pathway, driveway, pool deck, patio, and nearly all kinds of spaces with high-quality and versatile pavers. With so many options to choose from, it could be quite overwhelming to select the most reliable option for your space. One interesting quality of the patio pavers is that it is quite affordable. Let’s check out a few exciting landscaping ideas with pavers.

People love to hang out in their backyards and patios on a cool summer evening. That’s the perfect way to enjoy some fun time with your family and friends. One way to make it even more special and interesting is by installing high-quality pavers in your outdoor space. No matter what fun and entertainment activities you have planned for your outdoors, pavers make a great way to renovate your outdoors and transform your exterior into a space that gives you plenty of memories.

Create a Rustic Paver Look

Give a rustic feel to your space by decorating your exteriors with a nice fire pit surrounded by natural stone pavers. Bluestone and travertine make the perfect options for your outdoors, but you could also consider other natural stones. The fire pit placed in the center of the patio, surrounded by cozy furniture pieces and complemented by natural stone pavers will give your space a retro and natural feel that nothing could match.

Build a Walkway that Leads Users to the Patio

You can build a walkway in your backyard that feels unique and separate from the rest of your landscape. It is going to be a perfect addition to your retro-inspired home. Many homeowners choose to build their patios a bit away from their residential space and create a pathway that leads the guests to the patio. Once you have selected the pavers you would like to use around the landscape, you can decide on the other décor elements that complement the rest of the design.

Select the Places You Want to Install the Pavers

First things first, find out the area you would like to pave. You could cover your entire landscape or pave only certain parts of your home – depending on your individual preference and budget. Most homeowners pave their driveways, walkways, patios, and other spaces with natural stone pavers. Others keep it simple by paving only the pool deck. As mentioned above, the walkway looks absolutely stunning in modern and retro-style homes.

You could create a path filled with greenery to cover your walkway and make it even more interesting. Usually, homeowners start with driveway paving, as it happens to be the first thing that the visitors are highly likely to notice in your landscape. Besides that, the driveway has to hold up to the vehicular and foot traffic, making it absolutely necessary for the homeowners to pave it. The size and number of pavers you need depend on the space you are paving. Measure the size of the area to get a better picture of the total slabs your area requires and the time it will take for you to complete paving.

Decorate the Rest of Your Landscape

The pavers have the ability to offer a wonderful transition between your backyard and the interiors. You can install a shade on your patio or leave it empty. Either way, natural stones are designed to resist any temperature or weather condition seamlessly. You also need to decide whether you’d like to install more grass or keep it simple by installing more pavers. Usually, patios feature a few pots that are planted on the edges.

If you have enough room for planting, consider planting the area. In addition to that, you can improve the aesthetics of your patios by installing garden furniture. A nice sofa with a couple of chairs will make a great addition to your patio, especially when it’s combined with plants and natural stone pavers. You could lay the pavers dry on your patio to get an idea of how the pavers will look when they are arranged on the ground. This will help you visualize your space and improve its aesthetics.

Try Slip-Resistant Pavers

The no-slip paving alternatives are for those who have kids and elders. This is especially required around the pool or other moisture-based areas. Bluestone, granite, and travertine are a few slip-resistant natural stone pavers that make a great fit for your pool deck. These materials keep your loved ones safe by preventing slip and fall accidents. Besides, slip-resistant stone pavers offer a great level of grip to those entering and getting out of the pool.



Transform Your Landscape with Natural Stone Pavers

Homeowners are always on the lookout for tips for boosting the curb appeal of their homes. Adding décor stuff to your exteriors might be a good idea, but it will not suffice. If you really want to transform your space into something extraordinary and beautiful, you need to focus on the flooring material. That’s because the paving material is the first thing your guests notice in your space. A patio or a driveway made of natural stone can be a great addition to your landscape. It gives a polished look to your backyard.

There is no denying that travertine, bluestone, sandstone, and almost all types of natural stone pavers give an exquisite touch to your landscape. Not only should you use it for the patios and outdoor spaces, but natural stones make a great addition to your indoors as well. The stone is available in an extensive range of colors, shapes, and sizes, giving your space a rustic and authentic feel. In this post, we will walk you through a few tips for transforming your landscape into a perfect area with natural stones.

Create a Patio with Granite or Travertine

Every homeowner has a dream of designing a fascinating patio that features high-quality natural stone pavers. Well, natural stone is the best choice for landscaping. Travertine and granite are mainly known for their durability and resilience. Crazy pavers also make a great option for patio flooring. The stones of irregular sizes and asymmetrical shapes look beautiful when they are assembled together on the ground in a random and free-flow pattern. Consider building a patio that features a bunch of rocks and slabs arranged in your desired pattern.

You could also add couches and dining tables to the patio to make it a place where you could have breakfast or evening snacks with your family. To protect the pavers from the UV rays, consider adding a huge umbrella over the patio. These basic tips will help you transform your patio into a relaxing, comfortable, and warm space where you could have a great time with your loved ones.

Stepping Stone Pavers on the Walkway

A nice and well-decorated walkway never fails to capture the attention of your visitors. You can design a walkway that directs your guests to the swimming pool or backyard. You could place the natural stones close to each other. Alternatively, you can use the natural elements to decorate your walkway by keeping a distance between the natural stone pavers.

You could fill these gaps with the grass and other natural elements. Stepping stones create a flawless walkway. You could also use natural stones for creating steps for the swimming pool. One of the many benefits of natural stones is that they have a strong grip on them, which prevents slip accidents. It is really important that you choose natural stone pavers that have high slip-resistance power.

Fireplace Stone Wall Cladding Tiles

What could be a better way to enjoy the summer evenings than by sitting around a fireplace with your family? The fireplace surrounded by natural stone pavers will not increase the curb appeal of your home, but it looks flawless in all seasons. You can organize a barbecue party on the lawn or invite your guests for a casual get-together.

Regardless of the weather and the season, fire pits help you create a warm and comfy atmosphere. Sit around the fire pit with your family, invite your friends over to your place, and have a lovely evening socializing with people. The beautiful glow emerging from the crackling fire will set a perfect atmosphere for the evening.

Build a Driveway Using Natural Stone Pavers

The advantages of the natural stone pavers go beyond the natural feel they offer. There is something about natural stone that sets them apart from concrete and other types of stone pavers. Whether it is travertine or bluestone, natural stone pavers look quite fascinating in just about any type of landscape. The pavers you use for the driveway must be robust enough to hold up to the vehicular and foot traffic seamlessly. You must choose sturdy pavers, such as granite or travertine. The pavers must endure the weight of the moving and standing vehicle easily.

Create a relaxing pool oasis with natural stone pool pavers

Your swimming pool needs a slip-resistant and water-proof material for pool coping. Concrete and asphalt may not make a perfect option for your swimming pool, as they are not designed to handle moisture and frequent foot traffic. If you are planning to design your pool deck in such a way that it enhances the curb appeal of your place, consider using natural stone pavers.

Stone & Slate Discounts offer a great variety of stone pavers that are available in multiple colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, giving you plenty of options to choose from. These pavers look wonderful around your pool. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic of your space, but pool pavers can create a safe deck where you could hang out with your families, sit beside the pool, and have some fun.

Stone pavers have become common building materials for patios, driveways, and other such exterior surfaces. Pavers have been there in the construction and renovation industry for years. Many popular buildings, centuries-old temples, and ancient properties are built of natural stone pavers that look as good as new even after years of use. Despite being exposed to unfavorable weather and harsh environmental elements, these buildings have stood the test of time. Thanks to the durability these pavers offer. The quality that sets these pavers apart from other paving materials is their durability. There is no denying that stone pavers can last for up to 50 years and more, given the proper maintenance.

Pavers are made to withstand a high level of pressure seamlessly. They are used to create a strong and durable driveway that can hold up to a foot and vehicular traffic. If durability is your main concern, consider investing in natural stone pavers. Nothing is more durable than cobblestone and travertine. You must have seen these small stone slabs on the roadways and walkways. Well, many European streets that date back to the ancient era are built of stone pavers. The fact that they are still intact today is enough for us to know how durable the paving materials are.

Stone pavers can Withstand any Weather and Temperature

The days when homeowners would use clay bricks and low-quality concrete to build the driveways and patios are long gone. Today, you need to invest in high-quality patio pavers to keep your patio looking good. What sets the natural stone pavers apart from other materials are their attractive design, durability, low maintenance requirements, and versatility.

Pavers are known for their ability to complement different architectural styles beautifully. Whether you are renovating your residential space or a commercial property, natural stone pavers can enhance the curb appeal of your space with their versatility and visually appealing surface. In addition to that, these pavers come packed with an extensive range of functionalities that make them a perfect addition to your driveways and patios. For example, the slip-resistant surface of the pavers offers a good grip on your feet, protecting you from slip and fall accidents.

Pavers are designed to withstand heavy rainfall, snow, scorching climate, and below-freezing temperature. The paving stones can handle just about any temperature and climate effortlessly.

How Long Do Stone Pavers Last?

It depends on the type of material you choose for your exteriors. If it’s concrete, you can expect the pavers to last for 10-15 years. Natural stone pavers, on the other hand, offer higher durability and better resilience. They are likely to last for 25-40 years and longer. Again, the lifespan of patio and driveway pavers depends largely on the weather and environment they are installed in. If you are installing the pavers in an area that receives extreme rainfall for the most part of the year, there is a chance the moisture might penetrate into the surface, weakening the pavers. One major benefit of pavers is that the material looks refreshing and aesthetically pleasing no matter the weather and temperature.

Stone Paver Maintenance Requirements

Another advantage of pavers is their low-maintenance requirement. Just give your pavers a good wash and sweep twice or thrice a week to keep them looking good. Generally, pavers do not require high maintenance. You only need to add a layer of protective sealant over the paved surface to protect your pavers from environmental and weather damages.

Even if you need any repair, you can rest easy knowing that the pavers are comparatively easier to clean and repair than concrete and brick. The best part about the paving stones is that you don’t have to replace your entire floor should one or two slabs get chipped or damaged. You only need to remove the damaged slab and replace it with a fresh one.

The initial cost of stone paver installation is higher – no matter where you install them. But, it will save you a lot in the long run, as pavers do not need frequent sealing and maintenance. Sealing is still required, but you can seal the paved surface once every few months. If the pavers are not exposed to high traffic or harsh weather, then you can seal the surface once every 2-3 years. Overall, pavers do not need high maintenance. You can use a mild detergent to wash the pavers regularly. Alternatively, you can buy a stone-special cleaning solution to give your pavers good washing.

How often do I need to replace stone pavers?

As mentioned before, patio pavers can be replaced without disturbing the surrounding pavers. That is the specialty of the stone pavers. Instead of replacing the entire floor, you only need to remove the damaged paver and replace it with a new slab. There you go! It only takes a few hours to remove and replace the damaged patio paver with a new slab.

Stone pavers are easy to clean, maintain, and replace. That’s why they are the primary choice for residential and commercial landscapes. Not only are they easy to maintain, but pavers make a durable option for your space.

Here are the delivery or pickup options for natural stone tiles and pavers:

  1. Pickup from our warehouse in Melbourne Metro:
    • If you prefer to collect your natural stone tiles or pavers in person, you can conveniently pick them up from our warehouse located in Melbourne Metro.
  2. Delivery to your door:
    • We offer delivery services to your doorstep in Melbourne Metro, Sydney Metro, and Brisbane Metro. Additionally, we provide door-to-door delivery to various regional areas in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.
  3. Cost-effective option for regional or interstate customers:
    • For customers residing in regional areas or outside our immediate delivery zones, we can arrange delivery to a nearby transport depot. Once your tiles or pavers arrive, you can easily pick them up at your convenience from the designated depot.

By providing these three delivery or pickup options, we aim to accommodate your preferences and ensure a smooth and efficient process for receiving your natural stone tiles and pavers.