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Having the right type of non slip, durable pool pavers installed around your pool will make your space attractive and functional. With high-quality pool paving, you can make your pool look extra inviting. Also, all pool pavers from Stone & Slate Discounts have a high non-slip rating, are durable and weather resistant. We have pool pavers in popular stones including: travertine for pools, bluestone pool pavers, granite pool pavers and sandstone pavers for pools.


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We've been supplying POOL PAVERS to Aussies for over 36+ years! Here are some of our customers reviews

Nat J
Sydney, NSW
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Great venture from start to finish. Started with the free sample and ended with delivery to our door. The pool pavers look awesome too
Liam J
Double Bay, NSW
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Great prices and service. The granite pool pavers look beautiful and classy around our swimming pool
Roberto D
Glen Iris VIC
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Great service and our bluestone pool pavers look amazing
Terri H
Paddington, NSW
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Thanks heaps for the free samples as they made it easy for us to buy from you guys. Great delivery service and more than happy with our travertine pool pavers.
Hetty G
Dromana, VIC
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Exceptional service and prices. Great range of pool pavers to select from, which made it hard. Thanks for the sample

All Stone & Slate Discounts pool pavers and tiles have a safe, non-slip rating along with proven durability for paving around a swimming pool.

This means that when you’re using our tiles, you can lay them around your pool, outdoor area and other wet areas with peace of mind. Our pool pavers are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and are also the ideal solution for outdoor garden paths.

âś“ Our Pool Pavers are naturally durable and weather-resistant.

Whether you’re experiencing tropical Brisbane, dry Adelaide or the temperamental climate of Melbourne, your stone pool pavers
and tiles will sufficiently withstand the elements. (After all, natural stone is formed outside and not in a factory!)

Not only are our pool pavers and pool tiles hard-wearing, they also pose versatility and are practical for many different applications.

âś“ All of our pool pavers have matching pool coping tiles.

For homeowners wanting a seamless and refined finish around their pool area, we’re able to manufacture matching pool coping tiles using the same stone as your selected pool pavers.

We have a range of pool coping styles available, such as bullnose, drop down (rebate) and arris edge (square edge) finishes.

âś“ We only stock 100% Australian certified natural stone.

As Melbourne’s most trusted supplier of pool pavers and pool tiles, we take pride in the quality of all of our products.

All of our tiles meet the Australian & New Zealand standards of quality, which makes them suitable for residential and
commercial applications.

All the pool pavers and tiles are crafted from pure, natural stone and a never filled with any cheap, man-made fillers
or substitutes.

At Stone & Slate Discounts, we stock great quality pool pavers and pool tiles. We travel the world to ensure you are getting the best quality natural stone direct from premium quarries. If you have any questions about our pool pavers and pool tiles (or any of our other stone products), feel free to contact us here

What are pool pavers?

Pool pavers can be defined as the sets of tiles that are laid around the swimming pool after the pool edge coping tiles. Pool Pavers can also be used to decorate the patio, driveway, pathway, backyards, façade walls, and deck. Most homeowners choose the rectangular pool pavers to decorate the area surrounding the swimming pool. However, the role of these pavers is not confined to giving a perfect finish to your deck. The primary reason for installing pavers around the pool is to add a strong layer of protection. These pavers are available in rectangular, french pattern, square shapes or crazy paving flagstones.

You could choose the same sized pavers to create a uniform paving pattern on your deck or lay the irregular natural stones to retain the natural charm of your pool. Either way, it is important to install pool pavers. The deck is one of the most important parts of your landscape. It is where families gather, spend some quality and fun time with each other, and organize parties. Many Australian homeowners build pools on the terrace and backyards just so they can spend some good time with their families on hot sunny days.

Why Your Swimming Pool Needs Pool Pavers?

The swimming pool looks incomplete without pavers. The tiles separate your pool from the deck and give a finishing touch to your exterior. As mentioned above, pool pavers do a lot more than adding a layer of protection to your deck. The pool pavers Melbourne enhance your pool’s personality. It helps give your space a unique style. However, if you are looking for the best and reliable option for pool coping, then natural stone is for you. They can help create a sophisticated deck that looks flawless in your modern landscape. Note that natural stones are completely different from concrete and brick pavers.

The best part is the Australian stone market offers a wonderful collection of different types of natural stones for pool coping. You can buy the material that complements your landscape and fits your budget. While natural stones make a perfect option for all kinds of tiling projects, they are a bit expensive than concrete and man-made pavers. That’s because natural stones are designed to deliver the best performance for several years. You could install travertine, slate, limestone, sandstone, granite, cobblestone, bluestone, and other such natural stones around your pool. Each material comes with unique properties.

One common thing about natural stones is their ability to resist harsh weather elements. That’s the reason why they are the homeowner’s first choice for pool surroundings. Pool pavers can retain their colors and beauty even when they are exposed to the harshest environmental elements. In addition to being eco-friendly materials, natural stones are extremely flexible. They don’t lose their color and shine.

Choose the Best Material for Pool Coping Pavers

Pavers create a perfect ambiance. Nothing sounds more relaxing and refreshing than enjoying some free time around your swimming pool in summer. Not only do they look aesthetically appealing, but pavers are designed to withstand the salty and chlorinated water. While concrete and brick are cheaper alternatives to natural stones, they don’t last for years. Besides, they can’t withstand weather and water damages. Natural stones require low maintenance. They are easy to install.

Most importantly, almost all types of natural stones are durable. They are strong enough to handle the changing weather, chlorine-rich water, and frequent foot traffic. They don’t experience premature wear and tear. In fact, some natural stones, like travertine and granite, look even more beautiful as they age. You will find an extensive range of pool pavers for your deck. From square edge pool coping tiles to the crazy pavers, you get to choose from countless options. The best part is these pavers are available in a multitude of shades. From beige to dark green, you could find these pavers in different color palettes.

Choose the material that’s easy to install, especially if you are planning to DIY pool pavers installation. If you want a bold and stylish look, try French-pattern paving. These tiles look wonderful in the exteriors. The supplier will send you the French-pattern tiles in sets. Another interesting pattern is crazy paving. As the name suggests, this design involves a bunch of irregular natural stones. You could lay them in a free-flow pattern around the pool. Crazy pavers look stunning. They give your space an authentic and natural feel. If you want to keep the decoration around the pool simple, then try bullnose travertine pavers. Their round edges help create a simple and elegant pool coping.

Pool pavers enhances the security

Natural stones are known for their slip-resistant properties. These environment-friendly tiles prevent slip accidents around the pool. If you have a swimming pool, you must install pool pavers for the protection of your kids and pets. Pool coping offers a strong grip. It makes it easier for you to enter and exit the pool without the risk of slipping.

As long as you have a durable pool coping in place, it is safe for your kids to play around the pool. Choose the best pool coping materials to give a perfect finish to your deck.

Having the right type of pool pavers installed on your pool deck will make your space attractive while making your poolside functional. The pool coping is installed to protect your kids and pets from slipping into the pool. It is also used to direct the water flow to the deck drains instead of accumulating the water in the pool. With high-quality pavement around your swimming pool, you never have to worry about your kids and pets playing on the deck. Now, it goes without saying that the ideal pool coping material for your poolside depends on your budget and preference.

Everyone has a unique taste and there is a chance what looks good on your neighbour’s pool deck might not make a great choice for your swimming pool. It is important that you choose the paving material carefully. Check its slip rating, shades, durability, and moisture-resistant properties before making a purchase. You don’t want to end up with pool coping that gets stained and scratched easily. Besides, no homeowner wants to install low-quality coping that needs replacement a few years after installation. That’s why you should pay attention to the type of material, check its features, and consider its properties before laying them around your swimming pool.

Travertine Pool Pavers

Travertine is the best choice for pool decks. It offers a high no-slip rating and comes packed with a wide range of features that make the material an excellent choice for all moisture-prone areas. Travertine is especially famous for its classic beauty and warm shades.
The material has a light and warm tones that can transform any dull and boring deck into an inviting poolscape. If you want to create a contrast, travertine makes the best choice. Travertine has a porous surface, which means it has the ability to absorb water easily. This makes travertine a perfect material for your pool.

Bluestone Pool Pavers and Paving

Bluestone is known for its high density and the natural ability to resist just about any weather and temperature flawlessly. Another specialty of the material is that it has cool and dark tones that match the water in the swimming pool and look gorgeous.

Bluestone pool pavers have a safe high non-slip rating, meaning it can offer the best level of protection to homeowners who are worried about their pets and kids falling into the pool accidentally. The dark tones of bluestone blend wonderfully with just about any surroundings. Whether you need to build a retro-inspired pool deck or design a contemporary poolscape, bluestone will look classy and flawless in all settings.

Limestone Pool Pavers

Limestone pool pavers is another great choice for your pool. Available in a wide range of colors and textures, limestone is known for its versatility and warm tones. Just like travertine, this natural stone has the ability to absorb moisture and offer a robust threshold to swimmers. You can choose warm beiges to cool blues and greys of limestone. All shades of limestone look incredibly stunning in your exteriors. You could also combine it with other pavers to create a contrasting look and give your pool deck a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Granite Pool Pavers

There is a reason why granite is the homeowner’s favorite. For starters, it creates a stunning deck that can enhance the curb appeal of your entire landscape while adding a touch of sophistication to your deck. Granite is exposed to extreme pressure and scorching heat during the formation.

Due to its exposure to the unfavorable climate, the material is highly durable and can resist the hottest temperature effortlessly. The grey shades of granite blend well with the modern and traditional architecture, while giving your space a flawless look that no other paver could match.

Not only are granite pavers known for their durability, but the material looks consistent around the pool and requires minimal maintenance. You only need to give your granite pool coping pavers a nice wash every now and then and they will look as good as new. Granite doesn’t need frequent washing, nor do you have to seal the surface frequently. Just seal the pavers once or twice a year and wash them every few days to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

Sandstone Pool Pavers

Most types of sandstone pavers offer high resistance to salt and chlorine. Due to their high no-slip rating, the material makes an excellent choice for your pool surrounds and it has the ability to blend in well with any landscape and architecture. Sandstone pavers come packed with a wide range of benefits that make them an ideal option for your pool.

For one, the inconsistent pattern of these slabs creates a beautiful landscape that will make your pool stand out. People have been using sandstone for years for construction projects. The material is widely popular in the construction and renovation industries. It creates a stunning space that looks attractive and offers the best support to swimmers.

Stone & Slate Discounts supply pool pavers in Bluestone pavers, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone and Travertine tiles. All are stocked and sold at WHOLESALE PRICES direct to the public. Pool pavers price $36m2. We Deliver Australia wide. We deliver door to door into all suburbs of Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart. All country towns in between, Albury, Bendigo, Shepparton, Wagga, Goulburn, Dubbo, Sunshine Coast. We stock pool pavers, pool coping, step treads,tiles to meet all of your pool paving needs or simply view our pool paving images to find the solution for your pool paving.

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