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Silver Travertine Tiles



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Not ready to buy your stone pavers or tiles just yet? No worries! We know choosing the perfect material takes time. That’s why we’re offering you a chance to experience their beauty with our FREE sample.


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100% Travertine High Non Slip Rating Easy to Lay Indoors & Outdoors FREE Samples Heat Resistant Salt Water Resistant Matching Pool Coping


Silver Travertine Tiles & Pavers- Standard Grade

Silver Travertine brushed and unfilled. We have matching Travertine Pool Coping and Pavers available. These travertine tiles and pavers have an unfilled natural surface finish. Generally the tiles will have a white or cream base colour with silver flash intrussions and highlights to varying extents along with the occassional mottled beige/brown tile.

Sizes in the pattern are 610x406mm, 406x406mm, 406×203 and 203x203mm in 12mm thickness. 30mm also available in stock

Matching pool coping also available with a tumbled, bullnose or drop face edge. Also, choose our range of grey travertine tiles and pavers on SALE.

Other sizes available by request

We deliver silver travertine pavers, tiles and pool coping door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates.

Find out more about travertine >>


Well suited for indoor and outdoor paving. Popular for use in pool surrounds and pool paving, as well as many other uses

Travertine can be sealed with an invisible penetrating sealer to assist in the ongoing clean up of the stone.

An invisible penetrating sealer can be applied prior to grouting which will facilitate easy clean up after application of the grout.

Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause pitting in the surface of the stone.

Just sweep when needed. Travertine responds well to high pressure cleaning. A solution of mild detergent and water, can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.


As a paving material, there is no denying the overall strength and durability of silver travertine tiles. This is the reason why an increasing number of Australian homeowners are opting for travertine pavers as the leading natural stone material for landscaping solutions. Whether you wish to accentuate the patio area of your home or redesign the pool deck area, travertine tiles are great for outdoor applications.

Silver travertine is a leading color variant of travertine tiles with unique properties and applications. It is a chic color variant of standard travertine tiles. Silver travertine is mostly made out of limestone that is deposited around mineral springs. Natural stone travertine that is silver in color features a porous structure. This is the reason why silver travertine tiles are often used as a construction material for outdoor applications.

Due to the overall quality and durability of the natural stone, these tiles are great for outdoor applications. This is because they are easily able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Silver travertine is available in many forms -including tiles, mosaic, pavers, and much more.

Specialized Variations of Silver Travertine

Silver travertine is known for its distinct variations in the overall patterns. The variations usually depend on the specific cut that has been used on the stone. In case of a cross-cut, the surface has the presence of multiple tones of a similar color. This occurs due to evasion of the veins of the tiles at the time of stone cutting.

In case of a vein-cut, silver travertine slabs are cut or sliced in a manner resulting in the appearance of a sharp parallel vein featuring alternating tones and holes across the entire surface.


Silver Travertine Uses and Design Ideas

Silver travertine appears as an effortlessly chic natural stone. Its color is capable of accommodating any style or surrounding. If you wish to install the attractive range of silver travertine tiles in your landscape, here are some ways to achieve the same:

● Tiled floors with silver travertine pavers appear minimalistic with a striking edge to them. You can achieve the overall rough look on the outdoor floors by making use of the chiseled edge tiles.

● You can make use of silver travertine pavers for your patios for adding a highly sophisticated look.

● You can include a silver travertine backsplash in your outdoor kitchen in a herringbone pattern for bringing out specific elements. The result appears both elegant and appealing.

● Silver travertine stones laid in a French pattern across outdoor walls featuring chiseled edges can offer the antique and rustic appearance. It looks magnificent in your outdoor area.

● Cross-cut silver travertine in the outdoor deck or patio appears highly modish. You can add an extra touch of elegance by incorporating travertine pavers or mosaic on the deck floor.

● The ultra modish patio or outdoor deck area can be easily achieved with the help of dazzling silver travertine pavers. You can consider placing the veins horizontally for achieving a futuristic feel.

● Get the conventional patio makeover by making use of large-sized silver travertine pavers laid in a simple pattern.

● Silver travertine tiles help in imparting a cool vibe in the patio area.

● Get the look of majestic outdoor steps in a beautiful form with silver pavers made out of travertine.

● Cool down and relax on the silver travertine pool deck as you get mesmerized from the striking combination of aqua and silver.

Cost of Silver Travertine Pavers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Prices of silver travertine pavers are significantly determined by various factors like the overall design, quality, international & local rates, the project’s intricacy, shipping charges, material and labor for installation, sealants, adhesives, and so more.

In Australia, the average price for travertine pavers starts at around $36 per square meter. Tiles in the given price range are of medium-scale quality. You can opt for better quality of silver travertine pavers for a slightly higher price. The entire project of silver travertine paving or installation can start from around $600 as the minimum price range. It would ultimately depend on the overall scale of the project and its complexity.

You can opt for installing silver travertine on your own. However, it can turn out to be a challenging process. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to ensure that silver travertine tiles are installed by professionals.


Silver Travertine Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Silver travertine is one of the most striking colors of travertine stones. It signifies class and immense style. It can be a great investment for your residential property in Australia if you wish to add a modish touch to your outdoor areas. You can easily clean and maintain silver travertine tiles to maximize their lifespan. Ensure that the tiles are sealed properly after installation to improve its quality and durability.

Get the best quality of silver travertine tiles from the best suppliers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia!

Travertine Grades Explained

Before purchasing your travertine tiles or pavers, it is important to become familiar with industry terms in order to choose the grade & rating of the travertine tiles or travertine pavers most appropriate for your purposes. The most popular grade in Australia is standard grade, due to its overall performance rating and value for money.


Premium grade

A Grade

Standard Grade

Rustica Grade


  • – This grade offers the greatest selection of colours with some inclusions of gray or black markings in the travertine tiles surface.
  • – The travertine tiles are carefully chosen to be more consistent in colour and surface honing.
  • – None of the travertine tiles of this grade will have large holes migrating through the tile from top to bottom.
  • – The tumbled edges of the tiles are smooth and corner edges are more intact.
  • – Should be sealed after installation process has finished with a penetrating sealer such as TASMAM STONESHIELD.

Performance Rating 9

Value for Money Rating 7

Overall Rating 8


  • – This grade offers the second largest selection of travertine tile colours, with minor if any inclusions of gray or black markings.
  • – The travertine tiles are carefully chosen to have reasonably consistent colours throughout each batch.
  • – Some minor holes are allowed in A grade travertine tiles. Additionally, these minor holes may be filled through the full thickness of the tile and become nearly invisible.
  • – Generally speaking any of the holes will be filled during the grouting process with our colour matched travertine grout.
  • – The edges of the tumbled tiles are smooth and occassionally have small parts of the corner missing due to the tumbling process.
  • – Should be sealed after installation process has finished with a penetrating no colour change sealer, such as TASMAM STONESHIELD

Performance Rating 9 

Value for Money Rating 9 

Overall Rating 9 


  • – This grade offers the second largest selection of travertine tile colours, with slightly more inclusions of gray or black markings.
  • – The travertine tiles are carefully chosen to have reasonably consistent colours throughout each batch.
  • – Some large holes are allowed in standard grade travertine tiles. Additionally, rarely some holes may be filled through the full thickness of the tile.
  • – The color may contain some striations or swirls.
  • – The edges of the tumbled tiles are smooth and occassionally have small parts of the corner missing due to the tumbling process.
  • – Should be sealed after installation process has finished with a penetrating sealer such as TASMAM STONESHIELD

Performance Rating 9

Value for Money Rating 9

Overall Rating 9


  • – Large color variations are allowed within the tile including gray or black markings.
  • – Small to large unfilled holes are allowed as are small defects in sizing and honing.
  • – The tiles are not filled and should be filled with colour matched grout during grouting.
  • – It is acceptable for large voids to be filled during grouting process.
  • – Holes that run from the surface to the bottom of the tile are allowed.
  • – Edges may be cracked or broken.
  • – Tiles may be delivered without color selection or sorting.
  • – Can be left to age gracefully over time, aquiring that aged look.

Performance Rating 7

Value for Money Rating 9

Overall Rating 8

4 reviews for Silver Travertine Tiles

  1. Taylor Sunners

    Loved the virtual showroom and the free sample made my purchase from you guys a breeze, as u guys are a long way from me in NSW. Love my Travertine

  2. Simon DaCosta

    I bought french pattern Silver Travertine from Stone and Slate discounts in two batches. In the second batch many of the tiles were broken on delivery. Without hesitation, Steve the manager offered to replace the tiles as necessary. He was true to his word – I picked up the replacements today. It’s not the problem that counts, its how you deal with it! Great work Steve and Stone and Slate discounts, appreciate it.

  3. Sandip Paul

    Fantastic experience dealing with Annie and Dave at the Stone & Slate discounts, Doveton. The provided some really good advice, organised prompt delivery of our travertine stones, answered all questions very patiently, priced it competitively as well as organised replacement at no cost when a few of the tiles broke on the way to my home. Highly recommend them and will definitely go back again if the need arise.

  4. Luxury Home Constrcutions

    Excellent products and fantastic customer service would highly recommend

Add a review
David W.
Newcastle, NSW
Read More
Even though Im in Newcastle the customer service from Melbourne was better than anyone else. The free sample was excellent. The european bluestone was cheap but looks very expensive!!
Brienne C.
Townsville, QLD
Read More
Thanks heaps to Steve for help with designing my fireplace wall. The stackstone looks great ive gotten so many compliments. Love it so much were putting it also as an outside feature wall.
Stavros K.
Mentone, VIC
Read More
BIG thank you to the team at Stone & Slate Discounts. Ive looked at other tile shops for outdoor tiles but your customer service and prices were the best by far.
Lynn H.
Brisbane, QLD
Read More
The free sample service is excellent!! Helped made our decision so much easier. Have since tiled our pool with ivory travertine. Very impressive. ***** Stars
Ben G.
Black Rock, VIC
Read More
Excellent value for money. We're very happy with the way our pool looks with the blue stone pavers. Its become the pride of our home. Have recommended you to our friends and family.

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