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Granite Pool Pavers & Tiles

Granite pavers for pools are a stylish addition to your pool.

Whilst leaving a striking visual impression, granite pools are also a practical option. Our granite pool pavers have a safe non-slip rating. This is important especially because granite pool pavers tend to get wet.

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Granite Pool Pavers

A backyard pool is a perfect addition to your exterior landscape. What completes your swimming pool is the material you choose for pool coping. Concrete, composite material, bricks, asphalt, and naturals stones are commonly found around the swimming pools. However, the best option for pool coping would be natural stones, such as granite pavers. Concrete is not as attractive and durable as natural stones. Granite is available in different color palettes, including but not limited to, green, white, grey, blue, and peach. Its timeless beauty and sophisticated texture give a natural touch to your swimming pool. It can also be used to link your pool to the landscape.

Best Granite Pool Pavers

If you want to achieve a classical look, then rounded granite pavers around your swimming pool will be the best option. One interesting quality of granite that sets this natural stone apart from other materials is its flamed surface. Like other natural stones, granite is available in different finishes. The best option is the flamed surface that offers the strongest grip in all seasons. Since you are installing the pavers around the swimming pool, try to avoid honed granite. It can get slippery easily. Honed and polished granite pavers are not the ideal options for wet areas because of their slippery nature.

Featuring a smooth surface, granite is a magnificent natural stone that has the ability to enhance just about any space. You could install them on the driveways, walkways, patios, decks, and other areas. In fact, granite is the homeowners’ favorite choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom walls. It is also a highly recommended option for interior and exterior flooring applications.

The Natural Characteristics of Granite Pavers

Do you know granite is obtained from molten rock? Granite and bluestone are cut straight from the molten rock. That means they go through extreme temperatures during the formation. That’s one of the reasons why granite offers you the best durability. Not only does it catch your attention with its classical beauty and earthy tones, but the material impresses people with its low-maintenance requirements. Unlike other pool pavers, granite only needs sealing and some basic maintenance every year.

You only need to seal the surface after the installation of the pool pavers and once a year. If the material is exposed to a lot of debris, moisture, dirt, and weather elements, then consider sealing it every six months. That’s all you need to preserve the color and texture of the granite pool pavers. Another great quality of granite pavers is its non-porous nature. Mostly, natural stones are porous. They absorb water and get stained easily. Granite, on the other hand, is one of the few pool coping materials that do not absorb water. It can endure heavy foot traffic and liquid spills seamlessly. However, sealing is still important if you are installing the stone around the pool. Note that granite can get hot in summer. So, try to pick light tones for exteriors.

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