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On a hot summer evening in 1984
two best friends – a stonemason and a tiler were sharing their frustrations over beers...

They were fed up with the lack of great quality stone tiles on the market. If they happened to find stone tiles that were of a decent quality, they had to pay an arm and a leg for it. On top of that, they were sick of dealing with dodgy and pretentious salesmen with little to no industry expertise.

At that moment, both men knew they had to do something about it…

From that day forward, fuelled by their passion, they worked hard every single day to bring to life everything they could ever want in a stone tile shop.

Despite criticism from their partners and friends, they stubbornly persisted.

How could they offer the best quality stone tiles and pavers at the cheapest prices in Australia? Something has to give, right?

They travelled to the world’s best quarries to source the best quality travertine, bluestone, slate and sandstone for their customers. By cutting out unnecessary middle men, they could provide the in-depth information, source the highest quality stone and the lowest prices for their customers by dealing directly with the quarries.

In 1994, they moved into their current store in Doveton, Victoria. The store they named Stone & Slate Discounts gained rapid popularity. However, they didn’t want to merely be a stone retailer like everyone else…

The store extended to include a warehouse where they could create pool coping and cut custom stone sizes in-house for their customers.

After over thirty years of trials, wins (heated arguments and costly mistakes along the way), Stone & Slate Discounts became the market leader in natural stone tiles and pavers!

Gradually, the team at Stone & Slate Discounts grew into a small tight-knit team of stone specialists. Many people visit the Stone & Slate Discounts store for advice on all their stone tiles and paving projects knowing they’re getting unbiased advice and up to date industry knowledge.

Nowadays, Stone & Slate Discounts is the brand thousands of renovators, landscapers, tilers and architects trust.

Thousands of Aussies know that Stone & Slate Discounts is the one stop stone tile shop where you can get high quality products at the cheapest prices with good old fashioned customer service.

The two men have since grown their business since that summer evening in 1984, however, their values will always stay the same:

The best quality 100% natural stone, at the best prices in Australia with good old fashioned customer service!