Should I use Bluestone Pavers Around My Pool?

Yes! Bluestone is a great natural stone paver to use around your pool.

Here are a few things to consider if you're thinking about a bluestone pool...

bluestone pavers and paving around a pool
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Bluestone pool pavers are tougher than most other materials

Formed naturally over thousands of years, bluestone (a.k.a basalt) pavers have proven to be a popular outdoor paving solution to this day.

It is an incredibly dense stone which means it can withstand extreme temperatures and foot traffic.

Also, bluestone pavers are salt resistant (this is particularly important if you have a salt water pool or live near the sea).

Do not confuse grey concrete pavers with bluestone. Whilst they are generally cheaper, they tend to damage easily and crack over time. For this reason, bluestone pavers are a better long term investment.

Bluestone is comes in a variety of styles

Think bluestone is just boring grey? Think again!

Typically ranging in light ashy blue to cool navy, charcoal and black, bluestone is understated with character.

Used in both traditional and contemporary pool designs, bluestone is a seamless paving style.

Additionally, you can also add interest with alternative bluestone tile arrangements such as french pattern, ashlar and crazy paving.

Bluestone crazy paving pool flagstone pavers

Bluestone pavers have a safe non slip surface

Anywhere there is water, you have to be careful to ensure your pavers are non slip.

This is an important factor to consider especially if you have children or senior residents.

Luckily, bluestone paving is safe to use around your pool and spa.

For added safety, we recommend choosing bluestone pavers with a sawn finish such as these.

Your pool will be luxurious and timeless

Sought after for its chic ashy blue tones, bluestone will always ellude luxury and accentuate the blue tones in your pool water.

It's not going anywhere either! Bluestone is not a fad. It has been popular in landscaping and architecture for centuries.

You can see the many reasons why bluestone is popular in Melbourne here.

Architects and designers specifically search for bluestone pavers for it's sporadic natural catspaw.

You can’t go wrong with bluestone pavers for your pool. They are a great investment to upgrade and add value to your pool area. Check out the huge range of bluestone pavers here.

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