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Granite Outdoor Tiles

Granite is one of the common choices for homeowners planning to remodel their interiors. You will find these tiles installed on the kitchen countertops and bathrooms. However, granite outdoor tiles are often overlooked as the exterior paving material. Granite is a durable and versatile natural stone. It can be used to create a sophisticated and elegant landscape. Granite outdoor tiles have multiple applications. They are used on the driveways, pathways, patios, pool decks, and other exterior spaces. You could even install granite tiles on the exterior floors. So, are you planning to renovate your home? Do you want to create a unique and attractive landscape? Well, granite can be an ideal material for all your indoor and outdoor applications. Let’s take a look at the common reasons why granite makes a perfect fit for your outdoor space.

Granite outdoor tiles are durable

Aesthetic isn’t the only factor you must consider when choosing the material for outdoor paving. The durability and strength of the pavers are equally important. You don’t want the tiles laid on the patio and outdoor space to lose their color and strength due to the exposure to the weather elements.

As long as you use the right sealants and cleaning products, rest assured that the granite tiles will last for several years. Granite is the most long-lasting natural stone among the artificial and natural tiles. Take ancient Greek architecture, for example. These buildings have stood intact after years of frequent use and weather exposure.

Granite outdoor tiles are available in many colours

Usually, dark granite is the most common option for all types of paving and tiling requirements. Whether you need to pave the patio or interior floors, it’s natural for people to stick to the trend and install dark-colored granite stones in their exteriors. While dark tones look stunning, you don’t have to limit your options to the common palettes only. Granite is available in a multitude of colors and shapes. It gets its colour from the way it is quarried from the earth. That’s what gives these tiles a unique and attractive appearance.

You can choose these palettes for patios and deck paving. Other than that, you can install the lighter shades in the driveways. Remember that light granite is heat-resistant. It does not absorb heat. Its variety of colors and textures can complement just about any space seamlessly.


Granite outdoor tiles are scratch-resistant

Unlike other stones and tiles, granite does not stain and scratch easily. It is made to endure heavy foot traffic. This powerful natural stone is the contractor’s favorite choice for interior and exterior floor. Granite is scratch-resistant, which means the regular traffic and sharp objects won’t break the stone. However, you must seal the granite surface with a high-quality sealant after the installation. The sealed granite can withstand hideous stains from the liquid spills and other natural elements. Granite, unlike other stones, is not porous. It does not retain water.

Granite Outdoor Tiles and Pavers

Nowadays, the entertainment areas and landscape have become quite trending in the residential properties. People install swimming pools in the decks to enhance the curb appeal of their property. The reasons why granite is popular in the outdoor and indoor areas are its durability, versatility, hard-wearing nature, and elegant look.

This natural stone has the ability to resist even the harshest weather elements. Granite pavers last for years. They look brand-new even after years of frequent use. Below we have listed the common places you could use granite pavers.

Granite outdoor tiles for walkways

Granite is available in a countless variety of color palettes. It also has multiple textures and finishes that make it a good option for walkways. You can use split-face and honed granite tiles to create a stunning walkway that combines your outdoor with the interiors. Granite stepping stones are available in the Australian stone markets. You can use these stones to make your garden look warm and inviting.

Granite tiles for outdoor Walls

The applications of granite are no longer confined to the interior kitchen countertops and bathrooms. In fact, more and more homeowners have started to consider granite wall cladding tiles to decorate their façade walls and add drama to their living space. Granite wall cladding is quite common around the fireplace, shower walls, and façade. It helps you create a stunning outdoor landscape without breaking your budget.

If you would like to keep the look minimal, then honed granite tiles will make a decent option for your exterior walls.

For a dramatic look, combine different colors and shapes of granite tiles and design a mosaic wall. Granite is available in different cuts and colors. You could choose dark tones for flooring and light palettes for wall cladding. It will help create a perfect landscape. Whether you use this stone for interior or exterior walls, it will boost the curb appeal of your home. Besides that, it creates a focal point that draws the attention of your guests.

Granite outdoor tiles for patios

As long as you have installed the stones properly, granite patio pavers do not need a lot of maintenance. You can add depth to your patio by combining different colors and shapes of granite and assemble them on the ground in a crazy-paving pattern. Granite French pavers are also quite popular in traditional-style homes. You can create a geometry pattern, which is quite trending these days. You don’t necessarily have to mix and match the granite slabs. If you would like to create a consistent pattern, then choose the same-sized granite pavers.

Granite outdoor tiles for pools

Another application of granite outdoor tiles is the pool deck. If you have a swimming pool on the deck or patio, then granite pavers can help you give a definition to space by creating a secure and sharp edge around the pool. Not only is pool coping important for safety reasons, but it helps improve the aesthetics of your space. The granite looks stunning on the pool decks. However, the polished and tumbled granite are slippery. Make sure you choose the natural granite outdoor tiles around the pool

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