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Granite Pavers Prices

Granite paving applications date back to ancient times when this natural stone was extensively used in the construction, roads, and buildings. Nowadays, homeowners choose this stone to design stunning pathways, granite drivewaysgranite patio pavers, and granite pool pavers. This rugged stone has a smooth surface that looks glamorous in all settings. With the right installation and basic maintenance, granite pavers look stunning in your backyards and patios. Its unique accents add the old-world charm to your space. Granite can transform boring exteriors into sophisticated space with its rare colors and special qualities.

Granite Pavers

The average cost of granite pavers ranges from $8 to $15 per square foot installation. The installation tools and materials can add to the total cost of the project. Other factors that play an integral part in determining the total cost of the granite paving project are the size of your terrain, the type of material you choose, and the labors you hire for the job.

Different Types of Granite Pavers

Now, the color palette you choose for your space can contribute to the price of the paving project. It goes without saying that the rare the color of the granite stone is, the higher it costs. If you have a small budget, then you must select the common colors that blend with your exteriors. The price of the granite stones can vary depending on the color palettes you choose.

For traditional homes, granite cobblestones can make a perfect option. That’s because the irregular sizes of the natural stones help create a random and free-flow pattern that resembles the retro-inspired designs. You could order the square-shaped granite pavers for a uniform and minimalist look. As mentioned before, the only disadvantage of granite is its high cost. This expensive natural stone can cost as much as $40 per paver. Add to this cost the price of sealant. The basic sealant is available at $10.

You will have to buy the granite paver cleaners that can cost $20-$50. The cleaner and detergent solutions are available at the local hardware store.

DIY the Granite Pavers Prices and Installation

Not only the pavers, but granite installation can also turn out to be expensive. If you choose the irregular-shaped granite stones, then add $300-$500 to your landscaping budget. French pattern granite tiles are quite hard to install. If you outsource the job to professional contractors, then you will have to pay a few hundred bucks extra. It is possible to DIY the granite paver installation. You can watch the video tutorials and read the manufacturers’ instructions to lay the pavers in the right sequence in your outdoor space. However, it is quite time-consuming and tedious. You can’t just lay the pavers on the ground. The first step for granite paver installation involves digging. You need to dig the ground at least 8-10 inches deep to create adequate space for the mortar. A layer of gravel and sand needs to be laid for the base. You can then lay the granite pavers and seal the surface.

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