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If you're looking for quality granite tiles, pavers and pool coping - you've come to the right place! We have all the tiling materials you need to create a stunning look with granite pavers. At Stone & Slate Discounts, our range of granite stones is the largest you'll ever see.

After diamonds, granite is the next most durable stone. So, if you're looking for a strong, weather resistant paver, granite pavers are a great choice. Granite is suitable for paving around your pool, outdoor area, patio, garden path, stone cladding or as feature wall tiles. We stock nothing but the finest quality granite paving. Our granite comes in colours such as beige, white, charcoal and grey pavers.

We are happy to help you find the best granite pavers to suit your Melbourne home.

Granite Pavers and Tiles for Your Melbourne Home

Granite pavers and tiles are a smart investment for your home. Being a natural stone, it is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable paving solution.

These stones and tiles are also ideal because they come in a wide range of tile finishes. Granite comes in many sizes and colours which means you're bound to find a paver that suits your aesthetic.

Melbourne architects, designers and renovators are particularly fond of granite pavers. They make an ideal outdoor paving choice.

We Are Melbourne's Favourite Granite Pavers Suppliers

Granite pavers and tiles for floors and garden paths. Commonly, granite pavers come in grey, black and white outdoor tiles. They are the perfect neutral tile. As a result, granite pavers will never go out of fashion.

As the leading natural stone paver suppliers in Melbourne, you can create your perfect paving project with granite. Whether it is for your outdoor paving, garden paths, stepping stones, wall cladding stone, pool pavers or stone capping tiles, you can use our quality granite. With granite, there are so many tile colours and styles to choose from.

We Only Stock Premium Quality Granite Stone

Stone & Slate Discounts are the no.1 supplier of natural stone including granite pavers in Melbourne.

Visit our showroom in Melbourne and get inspired with the beauty of granite. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the stone experts on (03) 9706 9767.

High Quality Granite Tiles & Pavers

Our granite pavers and tiles come in standard 800x400 tile sizes. However, we can also cut to any tile size you need to suit your tiling project! We can cut tiles in our local warehouse in Melbourne.

Since ancient times to now, granite has been used a strong and useful building material. Therefore, it makes excellent paving, tiling and wall cladding tiles.

Our Granite has been specifically selected to meet the industry recognised Australian standards for pavers and tiles to be installed both commercially or in a residential situation here in Australia. It is for this reason that we have selected our granite from certified "A" grade stock in China, Egypt and Vietnam, it surpasses our competitors granite in durability, functionality and quality. For the discerning client we can even get large custom made pavers or tiles to your personal specifications from the quarry, at an additional cost. Due to their non slip and thermal characteristics our Granite pavers range has been selected to be installed in outdoor paving areas - Pool surrounds, driveways and pool coping.