Which tiles are best for outdoor use?

The paving sets a unique tone for your landscape. It is the first thing your guests notice when they enter your home. Plus, it decides the curb appeal of your space and increases your property’s value. To build an outstanding patio that looks flawless in all settings and gives your landscape a natural and authentic feel, you need to choose pavers that go beyond looking good. Of course, the aesthetics matter! But, that alone shouldn’t be the only factor you must consider when choosing pavers for your exteriors. The patio should be made to last for years to come while offering a smooth and stunning feel.

Budget is mostly the first factor that homeowners consider when shopping for outdoor tiles in Australia. Sure, budget is important, but never let the budget be the only factor when choosing pavers for your exteriors. It’s better to pay a few extra bucks on better quality and sturdier material than settle for something that deteriorates in a few years or needs high maintenance. The pavers will pay for themselves over time if they are strong enough to withstand the weather and temperature fluctuations.

Now, pavers are available in different varieties and shapes. Let’s take a look at the most common and popular pavers for your outdoors.

Stone Pavers

First on the list is stone pavers! They must be the most expensive pavement option out there, but nothing beats the durability and aesthetics of stone pavers. They add a natural and organic feel to your exteriors. They have the power to transform any dull and boring space into an extraordinary entertainment area. The best part about stone pavers is that they are durable and versatile.

They can last for years without any sign of wear and tear. In fact, the centuries-old buildings and monuments built with limestone, travertine, granite, bluestone, marble, and other natural stone pavers are still standing intact after years of use. They never lose their shine and color – no matter the amount of traffic and weather elements they are exposed to. That’s the beauty of stone pavers. They can resist just about any weather and temperature flawlessly.

Stone pavers also offer a wonderful variety for you to choose from. Sold in different colors and textures, stone pavers make a great choice for the exterior landscape. You can choose travertine if you want to create a warm and inviting space or opt for something darker and vibrant – depending on your preference. Just remember that the pavers you select for your exteriors must match the rest of your landscape and fit into your exteriors beautifully.


Cobblestone is famous for its resilience, attractive surface, and durability. One of the oldest forms of stone pavers, cobblestone has been around for centuries. You can use them to jazz up your patio or create a sturdy driveway featuring irregular cobblestone pavers. Either way, the material gives your exteriors a wonderful finish.

You can keep your exteriors simple with the uniform-sized cobblestone pavers or give your space a retro feel and a dramatic touch with cobblestone pavers of varying colors, textures, and different shapes. The options are countless. It gives a retro feel to your space and looks wonderful in all settings. You should consider it for your exteriors.

Adding personality to your outdoor space is made simple with our extensive range of outdoor pavers, sourced from the most
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FRench Pattern Tundra Grey Limestone TIles

Our collection of tiles are perfect for all landscape designs. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional look,
we have a paving solution to suit your outdoor area.

Using natural stone outdoor tiles add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home, helping create a visual connection between your patio or swimming pool paving area with ease.

Our outdoor tiles are available in a range of finishes, sizes and colours, including popular choices such as bluestonetravertine and sandstone.

We also offer granite and limestone which are perfect for pool areas and cobblestones which are an excellent choice
for driveway paving.

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

As Melbourne’s leading supplier of outdoor tiles for over 35 years, we understand the importance of a beautiful and extravagant
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Backyards and patios are the ideal entertainment space for friends and family, which is why we source all of our tiles from
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Our industry-leading stock of pavers are non-slip, durable, stain-resistant and can withstand even the most temperamental of
Australian climates.

Create your ideal setting with our range of garden and outdoor pavers, designed to create long-lasting style with minimal

driveway concrete pavers resin sealers drive way

Outdoor Tiles Add Extravagance To Your Home

Natural stone pavers are the ideal choice for outdoor settings, given their characteristics are best suited to areas
that are susceptible to moisture, weather damage and staining.

Whether you’re in tropical Brisbane or the ever-changing climate of Melbourne, our outdoor tiles are built to
withstand the elements.

Given their wide variety of applications, all of our stone pavers are the ideal choice for swimming pools, patios and
forming pathways around your home without compromising on quality.

To achieve your desired aesthetic, you may want to seek guidance from our paving experts. We can help you match the appropriate
pavers to your current outdoor area and even provide matching pool coping tiles.

We have stone tiles ranging from grey and light colours, to darker, rich colours so there’s something for every homeowner.

By offering superior products at affordable prices, we have a collection of floor tiles guaranteed to improve the ambience of your
home without breaking the bank.



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