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Best Travertine Tiles for Paving Swimming Pools

Safe Steps Around Your Pool: The Guide to Travertine Tiles & Pavers

Poolside Paradise without the Slip & Slide:

Transform your pool area into a safe and stylish haven with beautiful, non-slip travertine tiles and pavers! Forget the worries of slippery surfaces, especially around kids and guests. This guide will help you choose the perfect travertine for your poolside oasis.

Say No to Slips:

  • Honed or Brushed, Tumbled & UNFILLED: This is your golden rule! These tiles have a P5 non-slip rating (the HIGHEST non slip rating), ensuring confident steps even when wet. Small surface pores act like natural grips, unlike honed and filled options often used in Queensland (P3 rating, slippery when wet!).
  • French Pattern, Rectangular, or Square:¬†Choose your favorite style,¬†knowing safety comes first.

Sun & Salt? Travertine Takes It All:

  • Salt Tolerant:¬†No worries about pool chemicals damaging your tiles.¬†Travertine stands strong against salty environments.
  • Cool Underfoot:¬†Enjoy barefoot comfort.¬†Unlike other materials,¬†travertine stays cool even on scorching days.

Installation Made Easy:

  • 12mm thickness on a slab:¬†Perfect for existing slabs with flexible adhesive.
  • 30mm thickness on compacted roadbase:¬†Ideal for creating a new base with sand and cement slurry.


  • Personal preference: Sealing enhances color and protects, but my 36+ years of experience say raw travertine works beautifully too! You have a choice in using either a invisible or colour enhancing penetrating sealer. DO NOT use a surface sealer, one that leaves a film on the surface of the tiles.

The Finishing Touch: Pool Coping:

  • Matching colors:¬†Keep a cohesive look with pool coping in Ivory,¬†Classic,¬†Silver,¬†Noce,¬†or White.
  • 30mm thickness:¬†Bullnose,¬†tumbled square edge,¬†or L-shape dropdown options.
  • L-shape dropdown bonus:¬†Unlike glued porcelain versions that can fail,¬†natural stone L-shapes are one solid piece for lasting beauty.

Popularity & Price:

  • Top choice in Melbourne & Sydney:¬†Travertine reigns supreme for poolside style and safety.
  • Prices vary from $49m2 to $69m2:¬†Color plays a role,¬†but the investment ensures years of worry-free enjoyment.

Remember: Safety first! Opt for honed or brushed, tumbled & UNFILLED travertine tiles for ultimate peace of mind. With its beauty, durability, and comfort, travertine is the perfect choice to pave your way to a poolside paradise.