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Limestone when utilized as a paver or a outdoor tile make excellent non slip pool pavers as well as great driveway paving, pathways and stepping stones. Limestone is a versatile natural stone with a high non-slip rating and weather resistance. Limestone pavers will instill a sophisticated European look to any paving application, they have been very popular in the Toorak, South Yarra areas in Melbourne and around Lane Cove, Potts Point areas in Sydney. Our Limestone pavers are available in white, grey and black colours. Limestone is a sedimentary natural stone composed mostly of 55% calcium carbonate with the remainding 45% a variable mixture (dependendent of country of origin) of clay, silt, quartz or pebbles

Capri White Limestone

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Limestone Pavers

Limestone is commonly found in ancient monuments and modern architecture. The subtle look of the natural stone makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of décor applications. Thanks to its fossilized pattern. The natural character of the limestone pavers adds a touch of elegance to any space. You will find different types and colors of limestone Pavers in the Australian stone market. You could opt for the limestone pavers featuring uniform sizes or varying shapes. You could opt for rectangle or square-shaped limestone pavers to create a uniform pattern or choose the random-sized stones for crazy paving or French pattern tiles. Limestone Pavers are customizable.

You can order customized limestone pavers that go with your exterior décor and match your landscape. The most suitable format depends on the size of the terrain. You can cut your limestone pavers in different sizes to create your unique pattern. The best quality of this natural stone is limestone pavers versatility. Limestone Pavers are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. The stone featuring the chiseled-edged surface could make a great option for your driveways, patio, pool deck, and exterior spaces. Straight edges are used for a minimal and simple look.

Limestone Pavers and Limestone Tile Colours

The fossil-like appearance of the limestone pavers gives a unique and natural feel to your space. Most of the limestone pavers you will find in the Australian stone market are available in pale and light tones, but they are also available in dark tones. If you are planning to install the limestone pavers in the outdoor space, then consider the light colors. They can resist hot temperatures and sunlight. Homeowners pick gray limestone pavers for a bold and fresh look.

The color of the limestone paver depends on the sand and compounds present in it. Basically, the organic materials change the neutral color of the limestone pavers. One interesting quality of limestone pavers is that its palettes look flawless with all colors. Its colors do not clash with your exterior décor palettes. If you are still having a hard time choosing the best color for your space, consider beige limestone pavers. This neutral tone adds a unique level of warmth to your space. Ivory and creamy limestone pavers can brighten your space. This off-white shade looks stunning in traditional and modern settings. White limestone pavers are the most common choice for residential décor applications. It gives your room a clean and refreshing finish.

Give Your Home a Fresh and Organic Feel with Limestone Pavers

These were only the most common limestone pavers colors. This natural material is available in different tones that give your space a fresh and contemporary feel. Limestone is one of the few natural stones that look flawless in any space. Whether you use it around the pool deck or on façade walls, rest assured that these natural limestone pavers will give your space a fresh and organic feel. The stone gets its colors from the minerals and organic materials present in it. Each limestone pavers slab has slight variations in terms of colors and patterns. Two limestone pavers can never be identical.

Limestone Pavers Prices

The price of the limestone pavers and tiles depends on the size, shape, and color of the limestone pavers that you choose. Limestone pavers in the very rare colors is a bit expensive than the common limestone pavers colors. The material is mainly sold in tiles that vary from 12 x 12 inches and 18 x 18 inches. You can save hundreds of dollars on the labor by contractors if you DIY the flooring and paving. Other costs include grout, sawing supplies, and sealant. The only drawback of this natural stone is it demmands perfection in the installation process of your limestone pavers. As it has a porous and heavy surface, it might get a little tricky for homeowners to DIY the installation when grouting of the limestone pavers, as they must be kept clean.

How Much Do Limestone Pavers for a Paving Project Cost?
Limestone has many applications. The timeless beauty of this natural stone can create a seamless landscape. You could use it for residential and commercial paving projects. If you are familiar with natural stone, you must be aware of the fact that most types of natural pavers feature an anti-slip and durable surface. The average cost of the limestone pavers is approx $60m2. There is no denying that the limestone pavers are affordable. The maximum these pavers cost is around $99m2.

The price varies for limestone pavers from type of material and colors. It mainly depends on the quality of the limestone pavers, its density, resilience, texture, finish, and color. From pale gray and white to dark green and charcoal, limestone pavers are available in an exciting range of color palettes. This gives you countless options.

However, if you choose limestone pavers in rare colors that have a limited stock, then add a few extra dollars to your budget please. The more common limestone pavers colors, the lesser you pay for the limestone pavers. Similarly, the price could vary depending on the size of your driveway or patio. If you are planning to use limestone stepping stones for your front yard or patio, then it won’t cost you a lot of dollars. The project can get expensive if you want to integrate limestone into your entire landscape.Its durability and resilience make it a strong and sturdy material for your exteriors. It helps you save a lot of bucks on unnecessary repairs and replacements. Limestone pavers do not high maintenance.

These limestone pavers retain their beauty and color even after being exposed to the harsh weather elements and extreme temperatures. It all comes down to the contractors you choose for the job and the time it takes for installation of your limestone pavers. If you want a simple and uniform pattern, then the labourers will charge a reasonable price for the installation of your limestone pavers & tiles. That’s because the rectangular and square-shaped limestone pavers are comparatively easier to lay than tiles with random shapes and colours.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone is one of the popular natural stones quarried from the Earth. This natural paving material has a wide range of applications. In fact, it has been used in the construction and building industry for several centuries. The material is commonly found in modern architecture. Many homeowners consider limestone tiles to design their interiors and exteriors.

Limestone is known for its fossil-like and unique surface that looks flawless in the traditional and modern-style exteriors. Featuring calcium carbonate, limestone tiles add a touch of elegance to your home. Travertine, limestone, and marble belong to the same category. They are comparatively smoother and lighter than concrete and other artificial stones.

History of Limestone Many Egyptian pyramids feature limestone tiles. Egyptians would incorporate the limestone tiles into the churches, ancient buildings, and other structures. If you would like to enhance the aesthetics of your home with a natural stone, then limestone is your best option. The stone is specifically known for its versatility. It is sold in different colors and patterns, allowing you to create a sophisticated and elegant exterior.

In modern-day architecture, limestone is used as the decorative material for residential and commercial properties. This rounded and sturdy natural stone has become the homeowner’s prime choice for all kinds of construction and decoration requirements. From pool decking to façade wall cladding, limestone tiles have countless applications in the residential setting. Limestone floors are also common in commercial buildings.

You could give your interiors and floors a makeover with high-quality and durable limestone tiles. Available in an extensive range of shapes, designs, and colors, there is no denying that this natural stone can add an organic feel to your space. It is mainly used to create a sophisticated space. Limestone is also famous for its smooth surface and neutral tones. The material is available in neutral brown shades.

Applications of Limestone Tiles
The earthy and natural tones of the limestone tiles make them an ideal option for the kitchen, bathroom, and exterior floors. You could also use this material for wall cladding. It helps give your wall a unique touch. While the stone looks stunning and flawless in all settings, it comes with a high price tag. Limestone might be comparatively cheaper than granite and other natural stones, but it isn’t an economical option. You can use it for flooring and wall cladding. Rest assured that it won’t break your budget. However, if you plan on decorating the exteriors and interiors with limestone, then the stone might cost you thousands of dollars (unless you attempt the DIY tiling).

Limestone is a durable, versatile, and sophisticated natural stone. It can improve the curb appeal of your home. In addition to aesthetics, limestone is known for its durability. This functional stone has the ability to resist weather and water damages. It can last for several years. Like other natural tiling materials, limestone is a low-maintenance tile. You only need to seal the surface every year and wash it every few weeks to preserve its colour.

What are the advantages of limestone?

Limestone has many advantages. Typically, it is the most preferred paving material for builders and landscapers.

Here are some of the many advantages of limestone:

  • Limestone is extremely durable which makes it excellent versatile for almost any application.
  • Limestone has a safe high non-slip rating. This makes it perfect for outdoor tiles, pool pavers, pool coping and paths.
  • Comes in a variety of colours such as black, white or grey pavers as well as thicknesses and styles such as French pattern.
  • Limestone is resistant to mould and bacteria. As a result, it is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Limestone is a sought after natural stone that is highly regarded as a selling point in real estate.

  • These are some of the many advantages of choosing limestone tiles and pavers for your paving project. At Stone & Slate Discounts, we stock a wide range of high quality limestone to choose from.

    Limestone tiles, pavers and pool coping are an excellent choice for your home. No matter where you are in Australia - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide - we deliver to you.

    Aussies just love the look of white limestone paving upon installtaion for both indoor and oudoor tiling.

    Are limestone pavers slippery?

    Limestone pavers are a safe option because they have a high non-slip rating. Also, these pavers have a lightly honed surface so they do not feel slippery. At Stone & Slate Discounts, our limestone pavers have a high non-slip rating to make them suitable for outdoor use, as pool pavers and pool coping tiles.

    Are limestone pavers durable?

    Limestone pavers are extremely durable. They are a great option for high traffic areas. This is because limestone is a dense stone. Limestone pavers are even great for driveway pavers, pool paving as well as outdoor tiles for patios, garden paths and lime stone wall cladding. You can use these pavers almost anywhere!

    Limestone is a tough natural stone material. Often, builders recommend using limestone pavers instead of concrete pavers due to the better longevity of limestone.

    What is Limestone?

    Limestone has been used as a key construction material through the ages. In fact, many landmarks around the world such as the Egyptian pyramids are made of limestone. It is an organic sedimentary rock formed from the build-up of fossilised materials. These include shells, coral, algae and sands.

    We source our limestones largely from artisan suppliers in Europe and the Middle East. From the many available varieties, our range is curated based on higher performing materials, denser versions. As well as this, our limestone pavers offer colours that aim to suit and inspire local architecture. Limestone provides the greatest span of options when it comes to flooring. These stones come in many colours, from dark grey Andorra® to creamy beige like La Roche®. Therefore, there is a suitable tone for any brief. We aim to provide products that are versatile in their use, while ideal for all design styles. EMBRACING THE NATURAL CHARACTER OF EACH STONE The finishes we apply to the stones only assist to differentiate them and show their natural imperfections. These include tumbled, brushed, sandblasted and distressed. A tumbled finish provides a rustic look and feel, and is more anti-slip than a brushed one. A LARGE RANGE OF SIZES AND FORMATS In terms of formats, many products in our limestone range come in large formats or variable sizings, such as French patterns and random lengths. Limestones lend themselves to large formats, generally sourced in large blocks. To make the most out of the material, those that are limited with size in their raw form are often produced in a variable length.

    Limestone Pavers & Tile Prices

    Natural limestone tiles look flawless. They can give your home a natural and authentic feel. Besides that, these tiles are widely used in residential properties to achieve a smooth and elegant look. Available in abundance in the stone market, limestone pavers look a bit similar to the wood. Being one of the oldest and strongest natural stones, limestone is considered the homeowners’ ideal option for all kinds of paving projects. From wall cladding to pool surroundings to driveway paving, this natural stone has an extensive range of applications. One special quality of limestone is its crack-proof surface. The pavers do not break from the regular wear and tear or weather elements. The Installation Cost of the Limestone Tiles Mostly, homeowners use limestone pavers and tiles for their indoor and outdoor flooring applications. Not only because of their sleek and sophisticated appearance, but limestone tiles can help create a functional and durable landscape. They also blend well with the surrounding areas and almost all exterior décor themes. You could also use mosaics as well as large pavers to decorate your exteriors. On average, the limestone tiles cost around $2-$10 per square foot. It can be higher if you buy slabs. As mentioned before, the cost of the limestone tiles can vary depending on the color, texture, size, thickness, and finish of the material. It also depends on the quality of the natural stone. The stones featuring a textured finish are comparatively more expensive than the natural limestone pavers. Now, the method you choose for installation can also affect the price of these pavers. You must outsource the job to professional contractors for smooth and effective installation. If you have experience in paving and tiling, then you could give the DIY-installation a try. Other Factors Affecting the Prices of Limestone Pavers Limestone pavers’ price also depends on the quality of the stone and type of material you choose. As mentioned before, mosaic tiles are the most expensive materials. They can cost you up to $28 per square foot installation. Surprisingly, limestone happens to be one of the cheapest natural stones for flooring and exterior paving applications. As compared to the marble and granite floors, limestone is a cost-efficient and economical material. The tiles cost as low as $2 per square foot. Other materials you are going to need for the installation are: Sealant: You are going to need to seal the surface after installation. Besides that, the sealing needs to be repeated every 6 months to 1 year. Sealants are not expensive. They are available for under $100. Thinset: Thinset is the mortar that needs to be laid on the ground before the tiles are arranged. You have to lay the tiles on the base and glue them to the ground using high-quality adhesive. Other Materials: The installation of natural stones is not as simple as it seems. You have to invest in chalk, grout, wet saw, and other equipment to dig the ground and arrange the pavers in a uniform pattern.