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Our natural stone outdoor tiles and pavers are durable and require low maintenance. Also, they are resistant to harsh weather conditions. So they're suitable if you're in tropical Brisbane or have the temperamental weather of Melbourne - our outdoor tiles will confidently withstand the elements. We GUARANTEE to have a larger more comprehensive range of stone pavers than Bunnings and WE ARE CHEAPER! You can choose a range of various sizes, colours and finishes for your tiles to suit your outdoor renovation. Explore the range below

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Our natural stone pavers are a great way to add personality to your outdoor area and are non-slip in nature. We sell more pavers and cheaper pavers than bunnings pavers and any other suppliers in Australia. Our non-slip outdoor pavers are perfect for installation around the outdoor swimming pool area, patio paving, stepping stones and outdoor sitting area. Choose from our huge range of outdoor tiling - Bluestone, Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Crazy Paving, Cobblestones and more!

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Natural stone outdoor tiles are as strong as they are beautiful. Also, our outdoor tiles and pavers have a safe non slip surface and high non slip rating. As a result, most of our outdoor pavers make excellent pool pavers and pool coping tiles as compared to bunnings pavers.

Our entire range of outdoor tiles are non slip and have a high density, resulting in low maintenance. We specialise in outdoor tiling using a wide variety of quality natural stone tiles & stone pavers. These outdoor tiles are frequently used around swimming pools, driveways and pathways around the house. Commercially they make great walkways, courtyards and entertainment areas. You will find below the following categories of outdoor pavers:

As the best outdoor tiles importers in Australia, we deliver Outdoor Tiles and pool coping door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. From our outdoor tiles warehouse in Melbourne, we also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates.

Natural Stone Outdoor Tiles are not only beautiful, but also a practical solution for your non slip pavers and tiles.

There is no shortage of decorative directions you can go with your design, whether you want a rustic Spanish flair or a sleek, modern vibe. Natural stone colours add an organic element to your outdoor paths, porches, patios and pool paving areas. Work with the colour scheme of your home’s exterior or go bold with a splash of colour that adds some sharp contrast. If you need assistance finding the right look for your home, our experts at The Tile Shop can help make your dreams come true. Installing tiles is a great choice for pool areas because it’s available in several non-slip finishes. Since it’s a surface that’s guaranteed to be covered in water, tiles around your pool can add style and safety. If you install porcelain tile, make sure you choose a finish that is unglazed and slip resistant. There are several tile materials that can offer both durability and style to your patio, pool, deck or terrace. The Tile Shop offers porcelain, slate, granite and quartzite floor tile that will work in tandem with any outdoor landscaping to create a beautiful, organic look. Go for an authentic, rustic feel with your exterior flooring by installing wood-look or natural stone tile. Stone Tiles are an excellent surface for outdoor areas such as decks and patios, as they’re durable, easy to maintain, and more stable and permanent than ceramic tiles. There are many different types of outdoor stone tiles, but you’ll find them all stylish and strong enough to last in outdoor environments. Learning more about some of the common outdoor stone tile options will help you select the best surfacing material for your deck or patio.

Natural stone is the umbrella term for tiles made from granite, bluestone, slate, limestone, and travertine. Tiles made from these natural materials are popular because they work seamlessly in an outdoor environment. However, you’ll find the cost of these tiles are very affordable in comparison to their head-turning appearance. Polished stone tiles (INTERNAL ONLY) are chic and easy to care for, but they can get slippery when wet. Tumbled or honed natural stone tiles, which have built-in slip resistance, are a much safer choice for outdoor paving solutions.

Granite Tiles / Pavers

Granite tiles are the hardest natural stone tiles, so you’ll find them very durable and resilient to the elements. It is one of the best outdoor tile options if you are looking for natural stone. Consider granite if you live in a part of the country that experiences significant weather shifts from season to season. Granite tiles are also available in a range of colours, from striking white to moody, mysterious black.

Marble Tiles

Marble is slightly less hard and more porous, so it needs sealing to help it withstand foot traffic and the weather. Its unique, veined finish gives it a sophisticated look many homeowners love. You’ll find marble tiles in many different colours, from white to black. Smooth polished marble is chic, but slip-resistant rough marble tiles are a smarter choice for outdoor flooring. We recommend a sandblasted finish on all outdoor marble tiles

Slate Tiles

Slate may be softer than granite and marble, but it’s still tough enough to suit any deck or patio area. Unlike the other natural stone tiles, no two slate tiles are ever identical. Their colours and textures vary, so using slate tiles can create real visual interest. Natural slate tiles have earthy hues such as grey, green, brown, tan, and orange.

Limestone Pavers / Tiles

Limestone is a softer, more porous stone, so you’ll need to seal these tiles to protect them from stains and weather damage. Some local limestones also shows wear easily, so they’re not recommended for high traffic areas. The stone’s distinctive pits create an unusual texture that limestone lovers can’t resist. Limestone is a generally a pale stone, with colours ranging from white to brown. Polished limestone tiles can get slippery when they’re wet, but there are non-slip tumbled versions for decks near pools and patios that aren’t under cover. WE have searched the world to bring you grey to black limestone tiles. So basically, limestone tiles vary in colour from white, white with fossils to our midnight black.

Travertine Tiles / Pavers

Travertine is a specific type of limestone made up of mostly calcite. It has a texture and composition that’s similar to regular limestone, but it’s a bit harder and more brittle. Since travertine tiles are also very pitted and porous, like limestone, they also require sealing before they’re used outdoors. Since they’re relatively hard, travertine tiles will show wear extremely well in any outdoor conditions. As we all know TRAVERTINE has withstood the test of time, just look at the Roman Coliseum.

Whilst all these stone tiles & stone pavers are suitable for use both internally or externally all but
SLATE are recommended for use as NON SLIP POOL PAVING TILES (if your pool is salt chlorinated). Stone tiles and stone pavers are often used in the following applications: Outdoor tiles, outdoor pavers, pool pavers, driveway pavers.

Since we specialise in Natural Stone Pavers and Tiles. We deal directly with the stone suppliers and that is why we are the cheapest in the market even if you compare us with bunnings pavers or other similar paving suppliers. You will find us the cheapest paving suppliers across Australia.