Sandstone Pavers & Tiles

We have a huge range of sandstone pavers and tiles to choose from. They come in a wide range of colours and textures such as honed, smooth or natural split sandstone. Our sandstone pavers are high-quality, feel luxurious all whilst being at very competitive prices.

With these sandstone pavers, you can use them seamlessly for your outdoor paving and indoor tiling; as well as feature wall cladding, garden paths and sandstone pool pavers. Each sandstone paver, offers a unique natural texture with warm inviting tones.

Sandstone Crazy Paving

Sandstone Stepping Stones

Honed Ivory Sandstone Pavers

Sandstorm Sandstone Pavers & Tiles

Grey Sandstone Paving

Rainbow Sandstone Pavers

White Quartzite Tiles & Pavers

Get inspired with sandstone...

Sand stone Pavers and sandstone tiles
Sandstone Pavers Sand stone tiles and white pool coping
Sandstone Pavers & Tiles, Sand stone outdoor paving and stone tiling
Sandstone Pavers & stone tiles, outdoor tiles cream white paving and tiling
Sand stone Pavers and sandstone pool coping and paving
Sand stone Pavers and sandstone pool coping and paving

What is Sandstone?

Sandstone is a type of mineral that mainly consists of sand. It is recognisable due to the warm sandy tones in the stone with swirls of tan and beige. Because of these warm neutral tones, sandstone is a popular paving stone for both contemporary and traditional home designs.

What can I use sandstone for?

Sandsone can be used in a myriad of applications in Melbourne. This includes garden paving, drive way tiles, sandstone pool pavers, outdoor pavers, indoor tiling, sandstone wall tiles and stone cladding

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