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Bluestone Driveway Pavers and Paving

Cruise into your home with style - Choose Bluestone for your Driveway pavers.

For a strong, hardwearing and luxurious looking kerb appeal, bluestone driveway pavers are the ultimate driveway tiles. Only at Stone & Slate Discounts, you can get the luxury bluestone drive way look for less!

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A picture of bluestone pavers on a drive way in Melbourne.

This is a picture of
Midnight Blue stone with a leather finish. These driveway pavers have NO catspaw.
A picture of bluestone pavers on a drive way in Melbourne.

This is a picture of
Harkaway Bluestone in French Pattern. French pattern is great if you want to create interest with different paver sizes.
A picture of Australian bluestone pavers on a drive way in Sydney.

This is a picture of
European Bluestone. European Bluestone pavers have a beautiful natural texture to give your driveway kerb appeal.

Bluestone Crazy Paving Driveway

For a playful look, choose bluestone crazy paving on your driveway.

A picture of Crazy paving bluestone pavers on a drive way in Sydney.

This is a picture of
Crazy Paving Bluestone. Crazy paving Bluestone pavers have a beautiful natural texture to give your driveway kerb appeal.

Bluestone Driveway Pavers

The driveway has to endure the regular oil spills, foot and vehicle marks, and the damages and stains from the weather. You need to choose the weather-resistant and stain-proof material that can resist the unsightly stains from the spills and footmarks. If you are planning to renovate your driveways, then consider bluestone pavers. Get rid of those concrete and asphalt pavers and lay non-slip and high-quality tiles on your driveway.

Bluestone consists of more than 20 types of dark blue natural stones that turn grey when exposed to the UV rays and extreme temperatures. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but bluestone driveway pavers have proven to be an excellent choice for all the outdoor spaces that are exposed to the frequent traffic. The material is dense and thick enough to withstand vehicular traffic as well.

Create a Sophisticated Driveway with Bluestone Pavers

The subtle color variations found in the bluestone slabs help give a natural and earthy feel to your home. Since bluestone is quarried from the earth, it goes without saying that you will find the exciting color variations in this natural stone. The material is available in midnight blue mainly, but you could also find it in grey and black shades. Mostly, bluestone is available in dark tones.

Bluestone gives your driveway a modern and sophisticated look. The stone is specifically famous for its dark and unique palettes that look different from concrete and other natural stones. If you want to create a unique and attractive driveway, then there isn’t a better material for driveway pavers than bluestone. There is no denying that bluestone gives a striking appearance to your outdoor space.

Choosing the Right Bluestone for Your Drive Way Paving

You can choose bluestone driveway pavers depending on your exterior décor. Whether you want to create a contrasting look or install the pavers that complement your landscape, bluestone can be your ideal option. Similarly, you can experiment with the modern-style bluestones to avoid the monotonous space. Sealing is extremely important for all-natural stones. Bluestone is not an exception. Since the material is going to remain exposed to the weather and stains, they need a high-quality sealer.

As mentioned before, bluestone is known for its color and texture variations. Like other stones, this natural stone is available in a broad range of shapes and palettes that are designed to complement different landscapes. The square-shaped bluestone pavers make a great fit for your driveway.

Can You Drive on Bluestone Pavers?

Bluestone is known for its attractive surface and gorgeous look. This natural stone is available in more than 20 types and is sold in different colors, designs, shapes, and patterns. The color of the bluish bluestone pavers might turn a little grayish when it remains exposed to the sunlight for long durations. The question is “does bluestone make an ideal choice for your driveways”?

Well, the driveway is exposed to frequent foot and vehicular traffic. It goes without saying your driveway has to bear the load of the standing and moving vehicle, in addition to the rough and fluctuating weather throughout the year. So, the pavers you choose for the driveways aren’t only supposed to be attractive, but they must be strong enough to hold up to the traffic.

Bluestone is definitely one of the powerful natural stones out there. The sturdy buildings and centuries-old temples built with bluestone show the strength of this material. Some of these buildings still stand intact today, despite being exposed to wear and tear and natural disasters.

Bluestone for Your Driveway

However, bluestone for the driveways works when you install thick and dense pavers. As mentioned earlier, the material is available in different varieties, colors, textures, and patterns, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. However, driveways need robust pavers that are designed to withstand foot and vehicular traffic seamlessly. While the thick pavers are available on the Australian stone market, they may cost you a fortune.

Concrete is also a choice for driveways, but it doesn’t offer the same level of strength as bluestone or any other natural stone. The material might mimic bluestone shades and patterns, but at the end of the day concrete or brick can never offer strength or durability like the pure bluestone pavers. So, durability is one of the many qualities of bluestone that sets this natural stone apart from other fabricated paving materials.

So, Why Choose Bluestone for Your Driveway?

Bluestone is often chosen as the edging material, installed on the edges of the driveway. That’s because the material is quite expensive, especially if you have a large driveway. But, for those with a good budget, nothing can be better than bluestone. Not only strength-wise, but bluestone gives a natural and organic feel to your space that no other paver could match. There is something about the bluish and gray shades of bluestone that make it a stunning choice for your driveways, pathways, alfresco, patio, and other entertainment spaces in your exteriors that are exposed to foot traffic.

However, all types of natural stone pavers offer strength and durability. So, what’s so unique and different about bluestone makes it an ideal choice for your driveways. Let’s find out:

Bluestone Driveways Offer Variety

The major advantage to working with the bluestone pavers is the level of variety it has to offer. There is no denying that you will find bluestone in multiple colors, unique patterns, and a lot of exciting designs. Each natural stone gets a unique color depending on the depth it was extracted from, and bluestone is no different.

The deeper the stone is quarried from, the darker and more unique its colors look. This color variation in the bluestone slabs helps you design a landscape that gives a more natural feel. Plus, it creates a magical effect that no paver could match. Besides that, bluestone has the power to boost the curb appeal of the place it is installed. The rough surface of the material offers a great grip to your feet even in wet conditions. So, a high no-slip rating is another interesting quality that makes bluestone your best bet for a swimming pool.

Choose the Right Driveway Bluestone Pavers

The pavers can make or break the look of your driveway. If you fail to invest in the right pavers, you will end up with a driveway that can hardly tolerate the weight of the standing and moving vehicles. Plus, the driveway is exposed to UV rays, extreme rainfall, and other weather fluctuations throughout the year.

So, it is extremely important that you pay close attention to the type of pavers you choose for this high-traffic area. Not only should you consider the durability, but the aesthetics of the pavers are equally important. The last thing you want is to give a bad first impression to the homebuyers with rough and outdated pavers on your driveways. So, a few extra bucks spent on high-quality and luxurious natural stone pavers are totally worth the results.

Bluestone pavers for driveways offer versatility, durability, and sturdiness. The only drawback is that the color of bluestone fades from regular exposure to the sunlight. It turns grayish in a few years, but regular maintenance and sealing will keep your bluestone pavers looking good and new for years to come. Given the right care and proper maintenance, you can rest assured that bluestone pavers will look stunning in all settings. As far as durability and strength are concerned, you can rest easy knowing that bluestone has the ability to tolerate any weight or load seamlessly.