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European Bluestone Crazy Paving

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100% Natural Bluestone | Safe Non Slip Surface | Great Indoors & Outdoors | Matching Pool Coping | This is genuine crazy paving not off cut material


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  • 100% Natural Bluestone
  • Safe Non Slip Surface
  • Great Indoors & Outdoors
  • Matching Pool Coping


Bluestone Crazy Paving on Sale

Bluestone Crazy Paving Flagstone Paving- MEGA SALE currently on 30mm material

Natural Edged Crazy Paving with no straight or sawn edges. 20mm and 30mm stocked, with other thicknesses available by special order. Product tolerances as follows: 30mm thick +-4mm OR 20mm thick +-8mm

Pieces are approximately 200mm – 600mm in diameter. This is not offcut material and is a true crazy paving with natural edges. Genuine Bluestone contains between 5-50% catspaw per tile, it is a natural occurrence in ALL Bluestone sold here in Australia. You have the option of filling these when grouting with our Bluestone colour matched grout(making them near invisible) or to leave them open as nature intended.

Find out more about bluestone >>


Bluestone can be sealed with an invisible penetrating sealer to assist in the ongoing clean up of the stone.

An invisible penetrating sealer can be applied prior to grouting which will facilitate easy clean up after application of the grout.


Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react.


Just sweep when needed. Bluestone responds well to high pressure cleaning. A solution of mild detergent and water, can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.

We deliver bluestone pavers, tiles and pool coping door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates.


What is Bluestone crazy paving?

Are you considering the landscaping project for your outdoor area? Whether you are designing or revamping the driveway, walkway, or the patio area of your house, there are multiple paving options to choose from. Out of all these options, bluestone is a highly preferred material for paving amongst homeowners in Australia. If you are also considering immense durability and aesthetics for your property, you can choose bluestone pavers as the ultimate paving option.

While you might prefer bluestone for paving, the trend of bluestone crazy paving is gaining a huge impetus in the modern era. In this post, let us help you know about bluestone crazy paving and why you should choose the same for your property.


An Insight into Bluestone Crazy Paving

The overall versatility of bluestone implies that Bluestone Crazy Paving serves to be an ideal solution for walkways, driveways, garden paving, courtyards, pathways, and pool surroundings. In crazy paving, bluestone pavers are available as irregularly-sized pavers that help in adding great definition as well as aesthetics to the given area. The individual sizes of each paver also help in making the option of bluestone crazy paving as a great choice. These irregular sizes are known to work well with uncertain curves in the garden, a home design project, or even a landscaping project.

Moreover, you can also come across multiple products within the context of bluestone paving or flooring range that can be utilized along with bluestone crazy paving. This would help in maintaining the overall design continuity across the entire paving project.
Whether you are looking forward to replacing the existing flooring with crazy paving or some other type of natural stone tiling solutions, you will find that Bluestone is a great choice of paving material due to its overall natural aesthetics and durability factors.


Benefits of Bluestone Crazy Paving

Crazy paving can be regarded as a contemporary landscaping technique that was initially used in Rome. With its rich, ancient history, the given type of paving or tiling option has become quite famous amongst homeowners and property owners all across Australia. Nowadays, property owners make use of the same for glorifying their residential gardens and other outdoor spaces. Given the meaning of its name, crazy paving implies paving that is characterized by the presence of unbalanced or “crazy” appearances.

The effect of bluestone crazy paving is created by making use of stones available in different shapes, sizes, textures, designs, and colors. The irregular bluestone pavers are then laid out on the ground in a random fashion –resulting in the formation of interesting patterns.

Improving the aesthetics of the outdoor area with the help of bluestone crazy paving might not be as luxurious as the construction of an enclosed patio or a gazebo. Still, this modern concept of bluestone paving is capable of significantly improving the overall aesthetic value of the yard or garden area. In case you doubt this technique, you can just go through the overall charm of classic, old European streets that popularized this technique of paving. In addition to the overall attractiveness, here are some of the reasons why you should consider.


As the given paving technique makes use of natural bluestone pavers, the result turns out to be highly durable as well as long-lasting that is capable of resisting any weather condition. Such paving options stand the overall test of time effectively. These will not shrink, expand, or even fade. This implies that homeowners can look forward to enjoying the given landscaping project for several years.

#Low Maintenance

Bluestone crazy paving also requires minimal maintenance. There is no requirement of hiring any cleaning crew for keeping the same in good condition. You can ensure its cleaning on your own. This implies less maintenance costs.

You can clean the bluestone crazy pavers easily with the help of a garden hose for spraying the paving material with plain water. If needed, you can also spray soapy water and scrub the stones gently to deep-clean the tiles.

In addition to offering the overall ease of cleaning, bluestone crazy pavers also offer the ease of repairing the same. This is because bluestone crazy pavers are available in different sizes and shapes. You can simply go forward with replacing any broken or damaged tile without impacting the overall appearance of the surface.


In comparison to other paving solutions out there, bluestone crazy paving is one of the most sustainable options that would not sacrifice the overall aesthetics of the space. As there is no utilization of any standard shape, design, or size for the given paving technique, you can use top-quality materials for the project.


In comparison to other standard paving options that tend to limit your overall creativity as these require uniform materials & sizes, you tend to have increased artistic freedom with bluestone crazy paving. Using this technique, you can easily express your personality with the help of different patterns, stones, designs, and even textures.

Due to the wide number of benefits of using bluestone crazy paving for your landscape, you can look forward to increasing the overall value of the property.

9 reviews for European Bluestone Crazy Paving

  1. Liam Patel

    Totally transformed my garden. The upgrade in style is just amazing.

  2. Mia R

    Thanks to these bluestone, my backyard’s got a whole new vibe.

  3. Olivia Wilson

    My garden’s got that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ now, thanks to these European bluestone pavers. Absolutely love it!

  4. Noah Martinez

    I have to say, these bluestone pavers are something else

  5. Jessie

    A lot of the pcs were too big and I had to break them

  6. Emily Johnson

    Absolutely loving these European bluestone pavers! They’ve given my patio a touch of class that’s hard to beat.

  7. Sophia Thompson

    My patio has turned into a chic paradise, all thanks to these Euro bluestone pavers. Can’t be happier!

  8. Ethan Davis

    Let me tell you, these bluestone are something special. They’ve upgraded my garden’s charm for sure.

  9. Lucas Anderson

    Who would’ve thought? Bluestone pavers straight from Europe ? and they’ve made my outdoor space look incredible!

  10. Ava Williams

    My backyard feels like a getaway with these bluestone pavers.

  11. Glenn

    Matched the European bluestone pool pavers perfectly….great price, service and delivery to my door

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David W.
Newcastle, NSW
Read More
Even though Im in Newcastle the customer service from Melbourne was better than anyone else. The free sample was excellent. The european bluestone was cheap but looks very expensive!!
Brienne C.
Townsville, QLD
Read More
Thanks heaps to Steve for help with designing my fireplace wall. The stackstone looks great ive gotten so many compliments. Love it so much were putting it also as an outside feature wall.
Stavros K.
Mentone, VIC
Read More
BIG thank you to the team at Stone & Slate Discounts. Ive looked at other tile shops for outdoor tiles but your customer service and prices were the best by far.
Lynn H.
Brisbane, QLD
Read More
The free sample service is excellent!! Helped made our decision so much easier. Have since tiled our pool with ivory travertine. Very impressive. ***** Stars
Ben G.
Black Rock, VIC
Read More
Excellent value for money. We're very happy with the way our pool looks with the blue stone pavers. Its become the pride of our home. Have recommended you to our friends and family.
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