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Granite Pavers from Stone & Slate Discounts are Australia's Best Selling Granite suppliers


Bunnings granite pavers are not the best quality of granite paving on the market. Also, bunnings granite tiles are not the cheapest (even though they may appear to be). However, granite pavers from Stone & Slate Discounts are superior, and here’s why. Granite pavers from here are not only cheaper and are of excellent quality 100% granite stone, but are also imported directly from the quarry. As a result, at Stone & Slate Discounts we Stone Experts who can guide and advise you and/or your landscaper with using natural stone granite pavers and tiles. Unfortunately, you will not receive this expertise and service with your granite pavers from Bunnings Warehouse.

  • Sale! White Granite Pavers and Pool Paving tilesWhite Granite Pavers and Pool Paving tiles

    Dove White Granite

    Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $64.90.
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  • Sale! Midnight Black Granite Pavers & Tiles

    Midnight Black Granite

    Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $79.00.
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  • Sale! Grey Granite PaversGrey Granite Pavers

    Raven Grey Granite

    Original price was: $89.00.Current price is: $69.00.
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  • Image of granite pavers and pool pavers melbourneImage of granite pavers and pool pavers melbourne

    Summer Gold Granite

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  • Smokey Quartz GraniteSmokey Quartz Granite

    Smokey Quartz Granite

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  • crazy pavers melbourne australiacrazy pavers melbourne australia

    Silver Quartz Crazy Paving

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  • grey stone crazy paversgrey stone crazy pavers

    Midnight Granite Crazy Paving

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  • white pavers for sale in Melbourne

    White Marble Quartz

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  • Sale!

    Raven Grey Granite Drop Edge Pool Coping- No Joins- 1 Solid Piece Of Stone

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  • pool coping natural stone

    Smokey Quartz Drop Edge Pool Coping- No Joins- 1 Solid Piece Of Stone

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  • Sale! Dove white granite pool copingDove white granite pool coping

    Dove White Granite Drop Down Pool Coping- No Joins- 1 Solid Piece Of Stone

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  • pool coping in granitepool coping in granite

    Midnight Granite Drop Edge Pool Coping- No Joins- 1 Solid Piece Of Stone

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  • Sale! image of white bullnose tiles in pool coping pavers taken in Melbourne, Australia

    Dove Granite Bullnose Pool Coping

    Original price was: $46.00.Current price is: $36.30.
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  • Marble grey pool coping and tiles for poolsgrey pavers melbourne white marble pool tiles

    Smokey Quartz Bullnose Pool Coping

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  • Sale! Granite pool coping tiles and pavers in bullnosegrey pool coping melbourne charcoal pool coping tiles

    Raven Granite Bullnose Pool Coping

    Original price was: $49.00.Current price is: $36.30.
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  • granite pavers in melbourne

    Midnight Natural Split Black Cobblestones on Mesh Sheets

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  • image of cobblestones and driveway pavers

    Raven Exfoliated Grey Cobblestones on Mesh Sheets

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  • grey granite driveway tiles and melbourne paversgrey granite driveway tiles and melbourne pavers

    Raven Natural Split Grey Cobblestones on Mesh Sheets

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Before you buy Bluestone Pavers from Bunnings, you need to read this:

Why is Granite from Stone and Slate Discounts better than Bunnings Granite?

There is nothing more durable and robust than granite. The stone pavers are strong enough to resist all kinds of weather and temperatures flawlessly. Granite makes an excellent choice for your patios, pool decks, and nearly all types of spaces. There is no denying that granite has some special qualities that set these pavers apart from other paving materials. However, where you buy granite also plays an important role in your landscaping project.

Stone & Slate Discounts is one of the few popular stone suppliers, offering premium granite pavers at fair prices. The company is known for an exceptional variety of granite stones, which are available in beige, off-white, yellow, green, ivory, and other shades. You could also find granite in grey and charcoal colors if you are looking for bold and dark palettes for your exteriors. The color options are countless. When you visit the website, you will see one of the largest collections of granite pavers.

Granite Pavers – The Best Stone for Your Exterior Landscape

Granite is known for its durability. It is one of the traditional stone pavers designed to handle any level of pressure, weather, and unfavorable temperatures effectively. Gone are the days when the applications of granite were limited to the kitchen countertops and interiors. Today, the stone is widely used for exterior landscaping projects. From pool decks to patios and from driveways to alfresco, granite makes the best choice for nearly all areas in your exteriors. If you are looking for darker shades, the midnight granite crazy paving stone is your best option.

For a more traditional and warmer look, you can choose granite pavers in warm and light shades. Not only does it give your house a natural finish, but granite crazy pavers are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for your landscape. The material is also an ideal choice for your exteriors since it is available in a wonderful range of colors, styles, patterns, and designs. Granite also comes in various finishes, ranging from natural granite pavers to pavers in more intricate designs and colors. It is also one of the few pavers that do not go out of trend. So whether building a contemporary-style home or a retro-inspired residential space, you can rest easy knowing that granite will always be on-trend.

Where Should You Buy the Granite Stone Pavers?

There are many stone suppliers in Australia, offering a massive range of stone pavers at varying prices. But, if you are looking for the best quality granite stones in different colors and styles, we highly recommend the Stone & Slate Discounts. The company is renowned for its exclusive range of granite available in rare and unique colors that you may not find in the other retail stores. Bunnings is a retailer of stone pavers. They also have granite in their natural stone paver collection, but they have a limited variety. The suppliers get granite pavers from the wholesalers of natural stone pavers. So, you are going to have to pay the price higher than the standard rates. Another issue with the Bunnings is that they purchase granite locally and sell it to limited areas only.

Most homeowners need granite in its most natural form, bought from the European or Australian quarries. So, if you need that level of preciseness and quality, your best bet is granite stones purchased from the Stone & Slate Discounts in Australia. Being the number one supplier of the finest quality of granite pavers in different sizes and styles, Stone & Slate Discounts are known for their outstanding collection of granite pavers. In addition, they work with the European quarries and sell imported pavers at the best prices.

Bunnings Granite Stone Pavers from Stone & Slate Discounts

The biggest advantage of buying from Stone & Slate Discounts is that the company has more than 35 years of experience selling the best quality stone pavers. In addition, they are known for their incredible collection of granite slabs available in unique styles and colors. The company offers granite in different shades ranging from beige to dark green palettes. They offer these pavers at fair prices.

They have stones designed for all kinds of landscaping projects. If you are having a hard time selecting the right paving material, you can discuss your options with the team at Stone & Slate Discounts. They work directly with the Chinese, European, and Vietnamese quarries, giving you the best quality of granite pavers that are extracted fresh from the quarries. Since they don’t buy locally or from the retailers and wholesalers in the nearby areas, you can rest assured that Stone & Slate Discounts charges a very reasonable price. If you match the quality and versatility of the pavers, you will notice that the pavers supplied by Stone & Slate Discounts surpass the competitors’ stones in all aspects.

The non-slip characteristics of the granite pavers make them an excellent option for your exterior landscape, especially the moisture-prone areas. You never have to worry about the slip and fall accidents with granite pavers so long as you are buying them from a credible supplier. Plus, the stone requires minimal maintenance.


Granite Pavers Bunnings

Bunnings granite pavers in Melbourne made from Tuscan Path. These granite tiles are granite pavers. These bunnings pavers and granite pavers are from Tuscan Path. Also, these granite bunnings pavers are made from 100% granite stone pavers. However, you cannot get better quality granite paver than Stone & Slate Discounts. The granite pavers from Stone & Slate Discounts is the best in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and the whole of Australia. The quality is better and cheaper than Bunnings Warehouse pavers in granite. Moreover, granite pavers

Granite Pavers from Bunnings
vBunnings pavers made from granite paver

Granite pavers from bunnings are inferior to Stone & Slate Discounts granite stone pavers. This is because Stone & Slate Discounts is the market leader of stone pavers and granite paving in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia.

Image of bunnings pavers granite paving

Granite pavers Bunnings paving

Granite pavers from Bunnings are cheap, but not as cheap as granite paving from Stone & Slate Discounts.

Granite pavers Bunnings paving

Granite pavers Bunnnings tiles

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