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How to lay Crazy Paving in 6 easy steps

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1. Start by preparing the area by excavating the ground to a depth of up to 200mm and lay a base of gravel/sand or preferably roadbase.

✔️Road base (purchasable at any good sand and soil yard) is typically made of crushed rock, gravel, or other aggregate materials. It is used as a base layer for roads and pathways and provides a stable and durable foundation. Once screeded and levelled out you will need to compress it down with a wacker (hireable at Kennards Hire). Please level out approx. 90mm below desired finished paving level to allow room for mortar and stone paving.


2. Lay the stones in the desired pattern, ensuring that the surface is level. Cut the paving stones to the correct size and shape using a masonry saw.

✔️Pre lay or dry lay the paving over the prepared area and pre-cut to shape..


3. Secure the stones in place using mortar or concrete.

✔️What concrete or mortar mix is required to install crazy paving The most suitable concrete or mortar mix for crazy paving is a 3:1 mix of sand and cement. This is a traditional mix that is used to create a very durable and strong crazy paving surface.


4. Fill in any gaps between the stones with mortar.

✔️How to grout crazy paving 1. Clean the crazy paving with a pressure washer or stiff brush and detergent. Make sure all debris and dirt are removed. 2. Measure and mix the grout according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 3. Place the grout into a grout bag and snip the end off. 4. Apply the grout to the gaps between the crazy paving stones. 5. Smooth the grout using a rubber float. 6. Wipe off any excess grout with a damp sponge. 7. Allow the grout to dry completely before walking on the crazy paving..


5. Allow the mortar to set before brushing the surface of the stones with a stiff-bristled brush to give them a textured finish.

✔️Allow approx. 2 weeks for paving to settle and dry out prior to sealing.


6. Apply a sealant to the paving stones to protect them from the elements.

✔️sealing crazy paving can only take place if the crazy pave is COMPLETELY dry. So, Pressure-wash the paving: Start by pressure-washing the paving to remove any dirt, grime, and moss. 2. Fill any gaps between the paving stones that you may have missed using your mortar mix previously used. 24 hrs later apply a sealer of your choice., this can be a solvent or water-based sealer. Allow the sealer to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions between coats. Then apply a second coat when correct to do so following manufactures specifications and ONLY on a dry day.


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