Melbourne stack stone wall cladding for walls
Stone & Slate Discounts deliver our stone cladding products door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates.

What is Stack Stone?

Stack Stone is an easy, versatile and afforable way to create a natural wall feature to your home / business site. Stack stone are light weight panels of natural stone designed to cover a surface in an exciting new natural texture. They are an extremely versatile product. Therefore, they can be used in a myriad of indoor and outdoor applications. At Stone & Slate Discounts, our stack stone is made so it is light weighted and comes in a range of striking colours and styles. So, to discover more, see the full range of stack stone here.

If you need advice on how to lay stack stone panels, feel free to give our friendly Stone Experts a call: (03) 9706 9767.

What is Ledge Stone Wall Cladding?

For a more rustic, dramatic natural look, Ledge Stone Wall Cladding is a great choice. In contrast to stack stone walls, Ledge Stone Wall Cladding have a more natural irregularity in the size of the stones. Also, the stones are larger and protrude more.

Our Ledge Stone Wall Cladding panels are 100% natural stone with a flat concrete backing to make it easy for you to lay ledge stone on your surface. Additionally, Ledge Stone Wall Cladding is perfectly suitable for outdoors and indoor applications.

If you need advice on how to lay Ledge Stone Wall Cladding, feel free to give our friendly Stone Experts a call: (03) 9706 9767.

What are Loose Wall Rocks?

If you're wanting to create a really custom shape with stone or dry walling, choose from our range of Loose Wall Cladding. You can place the stone however you like as they are not restricted to panels. As a result, you can create a completely custom look. However, loose wall stone cladding generally requires more labour.

What is Crazy Paving?

For a light weight feature wall, Crazy Paving Tiles are the way to go! At Stone & Slate Discounts, we have a HUGE range of Crazy Paving colours and styles to choose from. Crazy Paving is generally composed of pieces of slate that are joined together with grout. They are extremely versatile and easy to use. Simply arrange the Crazy Paving like a jigsaw. You can use smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. Also, you can choose to space the Crazy Paving pieces closer or further appart to create a different look.

Also, some of our Crazy Paving comes in mesh sheet backing. Therefore, making your Crazy Paving layign job a a lot easier. See our massive range of crazy paving here.

If you need advice on how to lay Crazy Paving, feel free to give our friendly Stone Experts a call: (03) 9706 9767.


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