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Grampians Ledgestone Stone Wall Cladding

Harkaway Bluestone Wall Cladding (Mushroom)

Earth Ledgestone Wall Cladding

Kakadu Ledgestone Stone Wall Cladding

Uluru Ledgestone Stone Cladding

Ebony & Rust Ledgestone Stone Wall Cladding

Sandstone Ledgestone Stone Wall Cladding

Travertine Rockface

Get inspired with ledgestone wall cladding...

Stacked Stone - Ledgestone and Rockface series wall cladding stone tiles are designed to convey a more natural earthy textured appearance once installed.

Our NEW Ledgestone, stacked stone cladding panels gives a olde world look for those seeking an old English castle wall look. Not only will this Ledgestone Stone Cladding conveys a drystack stone look, it is composed of very large individual pieces of stone compared to normal stone cladding. Whilst it may not look like it, this stone cladding is actually tiles of approx 600mm lengths by around 200mm in height. This makes our stone cladding ledgestone and rockface series relatively simple to install for the home handyman or landscaper. We of course have matching external corner pieces to finish your project off properly.

ALL STACKED STONE CLADDING MUST BE SEALED WHEN LAYED EXTERNALLY AND NOT UNDERCOVER. Whether you use a penetrating or surface sealer to achieve the final result you are after is up to you BUT it must be sealed and resealed every 12 months. Also natural stone cladding can naturally discolour overtime due to mineralisation or oxidation, this is a natural effect that will occur. Prior to installation of your stone cladding always ensure batches ( crates) of stone cladding are shuffled to ensure even colour distribution over the entire job. This will mean opening every box of stone cladding prior to starting installation to ensure an even colour distribution is achieved when installation is commenced. We recommend the use of MAPEI adhesive (follow manufacturers guide lines for usage) for installing all stone cladding and that you follow the Australian standards for installation of all stone cladding. Mechanically fixing of Ledgestone especially is expected every 2 mtrs in height, this practice should also be applied to the lesser weight stack stones as well.

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