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Bluestone FAQs


Bunnings Bluestone pavers have a limited range compared with Stone & Slate Discounts. Also, with Stone & Slate Discounts, our bluestone pavers are cheaper and better quality. Moreover, you’re buying our bluestone pavers directly to you from the quarry (not from a brand like Tuscan Path paving). If you have any questions at all about our bluestone pavers, we have qualified Stone Experts and a Master Stonemason on site to help you. Unfortunately, if you buy your bluestone pavers from Bunnings Warehouse, you will not be able to receive guidance with your bluestone.

  • Sale! A photo of the surface of a european bluestone pavers.Picture of European Blue Stone tiles and pavers in Sydney

    European Bluestone® Diamond Sawn

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  • product picture of harkaway bluestone pavers

    Harkaway Bluestone® Premium Grade

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  • australian bluestone pavers

    Australian Bluestone Diamond Sawn

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  • bluestone pavers around a pool

    Chinese Standard Grade Bluestone

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  • Image of bluestone pavers in Melbourne around a pool as tilesImage of bluestone pavers in Melbourne around a pool as tiles

    Chinese Premium Bluestone

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  • bluestone pavers in french patternbluestone french pattern driveway

    Bluestone French Pattern

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  • Sale! Image of bluestone stepping stones and stone garden path pavers in Melbournedriveway steppingstone pavers

    Bluestone Stepping Stones

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  • Sale! bluestone crazy paving, bluestone flagstone pavingbluestone crazy paving, bluestone flagstone paving

    European Bluestone Crazy Paving

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  • Image of bluestone crazy paving patio pavers in blue stoneImage of bluestone crazy paving patio pavers in blue stone

    Australian Bluestone Crazy Paving

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  • Sale! bluestone crazy paving

    Harkaway Bluestone Crazy Paving

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  • Sale! bluestone stepping stones garden stone

    European Bluestone Stepping Stones

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  • Harkaway Bluestone pool coping rebate in Melbournecheap pool pavers bluestone budget pools melbourne

    Harkaway Bluestone® Drop Edge Pool Coping- No Joins- 1 Solid Piece Of Stone

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  • Sale! Image of bluestone pool coping in drop faceImage of bluestone pool coping in drop face

    European Bluestone® Drop Down Pool Coping- No Joins- 1 Solid Piece Of Stone

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  • Bluestone pool coping and pool tiles stone paversBluestone pool coping square pavers stone cheap charcoal paving grey pool tiles

    Harkaway Bluestone® Square Bevel Edge Pool Coping

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  • Sale! Bluestone pool coping for poolsEuropean Bluestone pool coping square pavers

    European Bluestone® Square Bevel Edge Pool Coping

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  • Image of Bluestone pool copingcheap dark pavers melbourne charcoal paving sale wholesale tiles

    Harkaway Bluestone® Bullnose Pool Coping

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  • Sale! Bluestone pool coping in bullnose in Melbournecheap dark pavers melbourne charcoal paving sale wholesale tiles

    European Bluestone® Bullnose Pool Coping

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  • Image of bluestone pool coping tilesImage of bluestone pool coping tiles

    Harkaway Bluestone® Custom Curved Pool Coping- No Joins- 1 Solid Piece Of Stone

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  • Image of bluestone pavers as wall cladding stone feature walls dark retaining wallsImage of bluestone pavers as wall cladding stone feature walls dark retaining walls

    Bluestone Wall Cladding Tiles

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  • Image of bluestone wall tiles and paversblack stone wall cladding melbourne cheap stone paving canberra wholesale stone pavers bunnings wall tiles

    Bluestone Cladding Loose

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Before you buy Bluestone Pavers from Bunnings, you need to read this:

Why is Bluestone from Stone and Slate Discounts better than Bunnings Bluestone?

Bluestone pavers make an excellent choice for your poolscape, patios, driveways, pathways, and nearly all kinds of exterior spaces. There’s something special about bluestone that makes them a wonderful choice for your exteriors. The material has been commonly used for exterior landscapes, thanks to the wonderful aesthetic appeal and durability.

Bluestone is a versatile product, but it is important that you purchase the pavers from a credible Australian stone supplier. The quality and versatility of the product depend largely on the supplier you buy the pavers from. The product is extensively used by architects and it gives your exteriors a natural finish. If you are having a hard time searching for the best stone supplier in Australia, you should consider getting these pavers from the Stone & Slate Discounts.

Range of Bluestone Pavers at a Better Price than Bunnings Pavers

A simple Google search will give you the details of the company. Visit their website, explore their collection of different types and patterns of bluestone pavers for exteriors, and place an order on the website only. The company supplies bluestone pavers nationwide, meaning you can have these stones delivered to your home in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, and other cities.

One thing that people appreciate in the Stone & Slate Discounts is the quality of the pavers. The company has connections with the quarries based in Europe and Australia. They do not buy stones from retailers or wholesalers, instead, they get these pavers directly from the quarries.

So, you never have to worry about the quality of the paving slabs. They supply natural stone pavers of the finest quality and at reasonable prices. The stone pavers have the highest non-slip rating, making them a perfect choice for the area around your swimming pool and other moisture-prone surfaces.

Better Quality Bluestone Pavers are not at Bunnings Warehouse

If quality is your main concern, bluestones supplied by the Stone & Slate Discounts is your best choice. The company focuses on quality and it prioritizes your satisfaction. They have got one of the most beautiful collections of premium stone pavers, designed specifically for homeowners looking for stones that feature smooth texture and a sleek appearance.

The material gives your exteriors a touch of elegance. Most importantly, bluestone is known for its versatility. You can install these pavers in just about any space. Get these pavers in any color and rest assured that they will look flawless on your patios, pool decks, driveways, terrace, alfresco, and near the firepits.

Bunnings Bunnings Pavers or Stone & Slate Bluestone Pavers

Bunnings is another popular supplier of bluestone tiles, but the major problem with Bunnings is that they are the retailers. They do have bluestone available in their stone paver collection, but they have limited variety. Chances are you might not find bluestone in different shades. If you are looking for an extensive range of bluestone, available in different patterns, colors, and styles, Bunnings is not your best bet.

Coming to the quality, Bunnings has decent-quality bluestone pavers. The material is sturdy and can last long, but the quality is not as good as the pavers supplied by Stone & Slate Discounts. The reason is simple. Stone & Slate are connected with the quarries. That’s where these stones are extracted from. In simple words, Stone & Slate Discounts buy natural stones from the European and Australian quarries directly.

They do not buy it from the retailer or wholesalers. Secondly, they supply stone pavers to wholesalers, retailers, architects, homeowners, and all professionals who need high-quality bluestone pavers for their exterior landscapes. Bunnings, on the other hand, is the retail supplier of Bluestone. So, you can’t really expect a variety. Now that they are retailers, they purchase bluestone locally from the wholesale suppliers of natural stones and tiles. It goes without saying that bluestone pavers will be pretty expensive for you if you buy the stones from a retailer. Bunnings supply the material at a high price. The same stone pavers are available at a low rate if you buy them from the Stone & Slate Discounts.

Bunnings Bluestone Pavers compared with our bluestone pavers and bluestone tiles

You can rest easy knowing that you have the largest variety of stone pavers sold at a fair price. In addition to Bluestone, the company has travertine, slate, sandstone, limestone, granite, crazy paving, french pattern pavers, and other exceptional paving slabs available at a very reasonable rate. The best part is that they have been in this business for 35 years.

Having served many clients, they know which stone paver will look the best in your space. Another benefit of buying from the Stone & Slate Discounts is that they offer fast and safe nationwide delivery. You can place an order for bluestone pavers online and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time.

We have the best bluestone pavers and Australia’s best natural stone pavers available at the best range. All you have to do is check out our collection of the latest bluestone pavers, find the one that fits your preference and the budget, and place an order right away.


Bunnings Pavers Bluestone

For your bluestone pavers here are the best bluestone pavers from Bunnings. All your bluestone pavers are here made from Tuscan Path Bluestone.

Bluestone Bunnings Pavers

Bluestone Pavers Bunnings


More Information about Bluestone Pavers Bunnings

Bluestone pavers in Melbourne – the best place to go for your bunnings bluestone paver. Also, our bluestone pavers are the best in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. However, you will notice that we have the largest range in Australia for blue stone (which is much bigger than Bunnings Warehouse bluestone pavers).

bunnings blue stone tiles from Melbourne bluestone pavers

Bluestone Paving and Pavers Bunnings

This is the place to go for the very best bluestone pavers. Bunnings bluestone pavers are right here in Melbourne. Therefore, you’d be hardpressed to find a better quality blue stone paver in Sydney too. These paver styles tick all the boxes for the ideal bluestone tile.

Bunnings pavers with blue stone paving melbourne

Tuscan Path Bluestone Pavers from Bunnings

Bunnings bluestone pavers are supplied from Tuscan Path tiles. Unfortunately, this means that Bunnings do not supply bluestone pavers directly. As a result, it is better to buy bluestone pavers from Stone & Slate Discounts.

Pavers Bunnings in blue stone tuscan path paving

Bluestone Bunnings Pavers

Choose bluestone pavers and blue stone tile from Stone & Slate Discounts, not Bunnings bluestone. Bunnings Bluestone pavers are inferior in quality and price than the bluestone pavers and tiles from here. Also, bunnings bluestone has a smaller range of paving supplies.

Pavers Bunnings in blue stone tuscan path paving

Bunnings Bluestone Pavers in Melbourne from Tuscan Path Paver

Before you buy bluestone pavers from Bunnings, you must see these bluestone tiles. Overall, they are superior in quality and weather resistant compared with bunnings bluestone pavers. There are the best tile. Yes, they are even better than Tuscan Path tiling.

Bunnings pavers in Melbourne from Tuscan Path bluestone

Bluestone Paver from Bunnings with Tuscan Path Blue stone

Bluestone pavers bunnings from Tuscan Path Pavers and tiles

Tuscan Path Blue stone Bunnings bluestone pavers and tile in Melbourne


Bluestone paver from Bunnings in Melbourne


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