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Create your own bespoke look with crazy paving pavers and flagstone tiles! This playful wabi-sabi aesthetic has gained huge popularity in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. You can lay crazy paving on your stone feature walls, floor tiling, indoor tiling, outdoor paving, crazy paving pool, crazy paving cladding, drive way paving and more! You're only limited by your imagination.

Sandstone Crazy Paving

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If you’re a lover of abstracts, crazy about asymmetry and absolutely detest the structure of straight and neat lines (even pavers), then crazy pave was designed especially for your outdoor areas and paving around swimming pools!

Crazy pavers (also known as crazy pave or random pavers) are very much like they sound: a collection of natural stone pieces of varying sizes but reasonably constant thickness, arranged in a ‘crazy’ haphazzard manner. As a free flowing material, crazy paving allows you to create your own patterns and designs, providing depth and variety to any area.

What makes natural stone crazy paving so popular is the ability to combine large pieces and smaller pieces of natural stone and quite literally create a unique paving design depending how you choose to lay them. The irregular shapes will help you create a natural and dynamic one-of-a-kind look. Of all the natural stone pavers, this style is the most practical for curved garden areas or any areas lacking asymmetry.

Crazy paving can be used for all your indoor or outdoor paving requirements, from garden paths and walkways to patios, courtyards, driveways and family room floors. You can also spruce up any plain wall structure with our crazy wall cladding. We suggest using a natural stone style whereby the random stone pavers will complement your current home and garden design. Our NEWEST series of crazy pave tiles have a smooth non slip surface and are made of Marble, Limestone and Travertine. Making them perfect for any indoor tiling application, boyh as a floor tile or wall tile.

We supply most of our crazy pave stones as loose pieces in varying sizes. We stock a whole range of crazy paving in our Dandenong showroom in Melbourne. Our range includes: crazy paving bluestone, crazy paving sandstone, marble, slate and travertine crazy paving. If your project requires smaller stones or a specific shape or size to complete your design, you can shape the stone to your liking by chipping it down. This flexibility is the true beauty of choosing crazy pavers.

Another variety of crazy paving stones available at Stone & Slate Discounts are shaped pieces already glued to a mesh backing. They are designed in such a way that each tile interlocks with the other to create a seamless finish. Since you don’t need to cut the pieces and jigsaw puzzle them individually, this solution of crazy paving saves on installation costs and speeds up the process.

What is crazy paving?

Crazy paving (also known as flagstone pavers), are assymetrically cut stone pavers laid in a mosaic-like arrangement.This style originated in ancient Rome and has been a popular landscaping and architectural trend. It is typically used for paving garden paths, patios, drive way paving, steps and even makes striking pool paving. Also, due to its decorative appeal, its popularity has surged with interior wall cladding for feature walls and fireplaces.

It is a popular paving style with architects, designers and landscapers due to its unique fluid and playful look. As a result, no paving projects with crazy paving look the same. Every time you lay crazy paving it never looks identical.

Crazy paving is an environmentally friendly option. This is because it uses the irregular cut offs from dimmensionally cut stone pavers. As a result, crazy paving maximises what would have otherwise been quarry waste.

At Stone & Slate Discounts, the wide range of crazy paving offers a range of natural stone colours and textures. The crazy paving is ideal for both commercial and residential projects. Also, you can use crazy paving indoors or as outdoor paving. Crazy paving is extremely seamless and versa- tile. You can create a playful interesting tiling feature with crazy paving.

Not only are our crazy pavers great looking, they are also extremely durable and weather resistant. As a result, these crazy pavers are a practical solution for your landscaping project or renovation. Our crazy paving has a high non slip rating and is made from dense stone.

Due to the dense properties of the crazy paving stone, it makes it ideal for high traffic areas. This includes drive ways, courtyards, patios, garden paving, pool surrounds and paths. Crazy paving has random organic shapes which allow you to tile your curved pools, curved paths or unique projects with ease.

If you're thinking of updating your old brick paving or concrete pavers with natural stone tiles or just looking for new patio tiles - you're in the right place at Stone & Slate Discounts. We have curated a wide range of natural stone pavers and pool coping to suit a myriad of styles. Whether you're after the perfect pool paver, driveway paving, stepping stones, slate tiles, garden path or stone wall cladding we have you covered. Anything to do with natural stone pavers and tiles - we have you covered!

Crazy Paving Stone Pavers for Homes in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane

Crazy paving is compiled of irregularly shaped slate or stone pavers. At Stone & Slate Discounts, our crazy paving is made organically from natural stone particles (not broken pavers). Crazy paving is laid in a random jigsaw like manner with the tile grout in between.

Crazy Stone Paving for Homes in Melbourne

Choose your crazy paving from the tiling experts at Stone & Slate Discounts. We travel the world sourcing the best quality crazy paving for your home. You can shop with confidence knowing that our crazy pavers are the best quality. Laying crazy paving around your pool is also a great eye catching and practical paver solution.

What is Crazy Paving? Have you ever seen the irregular tiles or pavers put together on the ground in a random pattern? Well, these pavers are called crazy paving - a pattern that gives your space a retro feel and looks incredibly amazing with its unique style. Crazy paving is pretty much what the name suggests - a unique pattern where the stones are arranged on the ground in a random yet beautiful design. You don’t need to be an expert paver or a professional contractor to install crazy paving in Mildura. Anyone can install these pavers after learning the basic paving tutorials from the internet and lay these tiles in their desired patterns. Crazy pavers have garnered a lot of popularity lately, for offering unique paving styles and exceptional patterns that look authentic and give a natural feel to your exteriors. What makes them unique is the colour variation and versatility. Each crazy paver has unique shades that are totally different from another paver from a similar set. For example, if you order a set of 12 large crazy pavers for a small area, there is a good chance each paver will feature different shades that set them apart from other slabs. While this may affect the consistency, it renders an elegant and sophisticated look to your exteriors - especially if you are using them on the patios and pool decks. Choose a reputable stone supplier and be ready to impress your guests with the Bluestone crazy paving in your exteriors. In the meantime, we will take a look at the features and types of crazy paving available for your outdoors. Crazy Paving - Is it Good for Your Patio? If we see it from the contractors’ point of view, crazy paving is comparatively more expensive than the normal paving methods as you pay more when arranging pavers in a specific and featured pattern. Crazy paving may sound as simple as bringing a bunch of random-sized pavers together on the ground and assembling them in any random shape. However, the process is more complex than that. The layout is super difficult, especially the arrangement part as each paver has varying shapes and sizes. You need to put in extra effort to ensure that each paver fits in with the adjacent slabs beautifully. Types of Crazy Paving Crazy paving is a wonderful blend of different types of natural stones, including, travertine, bluestone, sandstone, granite, slate, limestone, and more. You could also use a specific type of crazy paving, such as bluestone crazy paving or granite pavers - whatever looks good in your space. Coming to the finishes, most homeowners prefer crazy paving in the most natural form. They believe that crazy pavers without any finishing give your space a natural and organic feel that is matchless. No level of polishing or any other finish can leave such a remarkable look. Of course, there are a variety of finishes you get to choose from for crazy paving. Tumbled pavers are your best options for patios and driveways, while natural crazy pavers are ideal for pool decks, patios, wall cladding, and pathways. Crazy pavers are available in a wonderful variety of colours ranging from light golden yellow to dark grey. However, these are mainly sold in three popular shades - Bisque, Russet, and Onyx. You will find these pavers in charcoal grey, rust, brownish colour, beige, off white, light and dark yellow, pink, green, black, and the list goes on. Where can You Install Crazy Pavers? Crazy paving in Bendigo is mainly used for exterior paving applications. These stones are pretty sturdy and durable, making them a great choice for your exterior landscaping projects. Though they are also used for interior applications, crazy pavers look the best outdoors. Here are a few areas where you can use golden quartz crazy paving.

Crazy Paving Driveways: They need a strong paving solution that can withstand the weather and temperature fluctuations easily. Crazy paving makes a great option for your driveways.
● Pathways: Your pathways lead your guests to either the entrance door or connect your pool to the interiors. The blend of different colours and random shapes create a lovely pathway that looks pretty impressive to your guests.
Crazy Paving Pool: A pool deck needs robust pool coping that can keep the swimming pool stable and intact for years to come. Crazy pavers are quarried from places where they take thousands of years to form. They are pretty robust and can resist any weather and temperature flawlessly.
● Wall cladding: You could also decorate your facade walls or pool walls with crazy pavers. Lay these tiles in a random pattern, just like you’d do when laying them on the ground.
● Patios and Alfresco: For just about any entertaining space, you can use crazy pavers to enhance the curb appeal of your home and give it a unique look.

Crazy pavers have many applications and are considered a popular choice for different landscapes, thanks to their durability and beautiful aesthetic appeal. Install these pavers in your exteriors and give your home a rustic and organic feel. These pavers are available for a reasonable price and they give a nice finishing to your space.

All You Need to Know About Crazy Pavers Crazy pavers are known for their unique properties that set them apart from other types of natural stone pavers. You will find plenty of stone pavers, concrete, bricks, and other smart paving solutions, but nothing looks as beautiful and functional as crazy pavers. These stones have been used in this industry for hundreds of years. Quarried from the European and Australian quarries, the Rio Gold crazy paving has become Australians’ favourite for all types of landscaping projects. Whether you are revamping your home or building the office premises from scratch, crazy pavers make a great fit for just about any space. The pavers are totally different from the regular paving materials that are available in uniform sizes and similar colours. It is for those looking for something unique and extraordinary. If you want your garden or pool deck to stand out from the neighbour’s house, crazy paving is your best bet. Create a Stunning Patio or Deck with Crazy Pavers Your swimming pool needs a wow factor that can enhance its curb appeal and give it a nice and elegant look. Whether you are planning to throw a party at your pool or spending some quality time with your family or friends, a nice set of crazy pavers can give your patio a wonderful curb appeal. It is your flooring that determines the beauty and atmosphere around your patio or driveway. Plus, the pavers keep your floors intact and in good shape. Crazy pavers are a set of irregular pavers assembled in random shapes on your ground. The installation process is a little trickier than other pavers, as these irregular shapes make these stones difficult to fit in with the adjacent slabs. While there are plenty of options for homeowners looking for high-quality pavers for their exteriors, there is nothing like crazy paving. The midnight blue, golden yellow, rustic browns, and deep grey shades of crazy pavers create a beautiful environment that looks fantastic at all times and in all seasons. Application of Crazy Paving The popularity of crazy pavers has skyrocketed recently, especially after homeowners have started using them for their residential landscapes. The history of crazy pavers goes back to the ancient Rome era when these sets of stones were extensively used for the construction of temples, monuments, and other historical places. The stone is still popular in the construction and home renovation industry, in fact, crazy paving is one of the most commonly used floorings for driveways, patios, pool decks, and other areas. Here are a few common applications of crazy pavers: ● Firepits ● Wall cladding (facade walls) ● Driveways ● Patios ● Pathways ● Pool decks ● Alfresco ● Backyard ● Front yard These were only to name a few. Crazy pavers can be installed in just about any space. Because of their natural finish and durability, these pavers make an amazing choice for your interior and exterior landscape. It’s a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your property. Your guests will definitely be impressed by crazy paving. Crazy paving is available in an extensive range of designs and colours, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. Versatility is one of the main benefits of crazy paving in Geelong. These random-looking stone pavers can fit in with any space - whether it is a retro-style home or a modern space beautifully. Besides, these pavers are available in many finishes, with the tumbled finish being the most popular one. People, mostly, stick to the crazy paving in its most natural finish because of the aesthetics and durability. Natural pavers tend to last longer and look better as they age. Plus, they render a natural and authentic feel to your landscape, something that you can’t expect from concrete, brick, or any other uniform-shaped pavers. Cost of Crazy Paving Another advantage of using crazy paving for your exterior landscape is the cost. The material is available for a very reasonable price, a lot lesser than concrete and brick pavers. Since the stones are cut from the quarries and delivered without any finishing or processing, they are sold at fraction of the cost. There is no fixed cost, as the total amount depends on the size of the area and the type of crazy paving you want. Labour cost is pretty high because of the effort and time needed for installation. Crazy paving is comparatively harder to install than other paving. That’s because of the inconsistency in the shapes and sizes of the pavers. If you can lay these pavers on your own, you can save tons of money on labour. But, it is better to leave the task to a professional to give your space a nice finish. Conclusion Featuring unique shades and some incredibly beautiful patterns, bluestone crazy paving can bring a huge transformation to your house. Plus, it is an ideal option for homeowners looking for a cheaper alternative to those expensive pavers. Australia has the biggest crazy paver stone market, offering a wide range of pavers in many colours and designs. These paving slabs are available at a very reasonable price.

How to Lay Crazy pavers? Have you ever seen the irregular shaped pavers laid on the ground in a random pattern? This paving is mostly found in the exteriors of a residential landscape - on driveways, patios, pool decks, and other such entertaining areas. From versatility to a wonderful aesthetic appeal, crazy paving has got everything a homeowner looks for in ideal flooring material. That’s the speciality of Bluestone crazy paving. They can fit in with just about any surroundings and decor elements. Whether you are laying them on the pool deck or a retro-style patio, crazy pavers will look beautiful with any surroundings. The first step for laying crazy paving is choosing a budget and getting the measurements. In this post, we will take a detailed look at the steps for laying crazy pavers in your exteriors. Keep reading. 1. Start with an Outline An outline suggests the total space the paving will cover. You can use any market or paint to draw an outline for crazy pavers. The area inside the outline is where the pavers will go. This simple step ensures that your pavers do not go beyond your desired area and that each paver is properly aligned to the outline. It gives you an estimate of the total number of stones required for the paving and budget. This step is really important for crazy stone pavers that are to be installed in a jigsaw puzzle style, as each stone is available in varying shapes and sizes and fitting them together seem really difficult. 2. Dig the Ground You can’t place the midnight granite crazy paving on the ground. You need to dig it at least 15 cm deep so that there is sufficient space for the pavers to sit on the base. This base is where the mortar and gravel go. It is your base that keeps paving intact and stable for years to come. Without a solid base, there is a good chance the pavers will come loose or break. In addition to that, not creating space for your base can result in the uneven arrangement of the paving. Now, the question is “what’s the ideal depth for crazy pavers”? Well, the answer depends on where you are laying the pavers. Of course, the driveways need a more robust and deep ground for the base than your pathways. Keep the height at least 8” for the driveway and 4” to 6” for the pathways and other entertaining areas. Digging isn’t the difficult part once you have got the excavation tools. You can borrow them from your neighbours or get them on rent from a local hardware store. 3. Lay the Base The next and the most important step for crazy paving is the base. To create a dense and solid surface for your pavers, you are supposed to lay a strong base on the ground. Gravel makes a great base for crazy paving, but if you want a better and sturdier option, consider using crushed stone instead. You can use crushed stone from your existing crazy pavers and lay these small stones on the ground for a solid base. Whichever material you use for the base, make sure that you place them in layers and each layer has to be compressed and compacted thoroughly before the next layer is placed. For compaction, a hand or machine compactor is used. Try hand compactors if you have a small area to cover. You may have to wet the base before running a plate compactor. If you have used gravel for the base, use a garden hose to wet the base and run a compactor. You can lay the base at once or in layers - whichever seems comfortable, but we highly recommend laying the base in multiple layers as it helps you build a solid base that can keep your crazy paving stable for years. 4. Start Placing the Pavers Once you are done with the base, it is time to grab those uneven crazy pavers and place them dry on the ground to get a layout. Make sure that instalment of the pavers is the most difficult part as each paver is irregular in shape and may not fit in with the surrounding pavers. So, get a layout before laying the pavers with mortar. Pick a corner and start laying your black crazy paving from there. Work your way to the middle. Each paver must be placed in such a way that there’s only a small gap between the pavers 5. Grouting and Sealing Grout the wide joints with wet mortar or fine sand. Sweep the sand into these gaps and wash the ground with a garden hose. Use a compactor to fit the sand or mortar into the gaps. Once you are done with grouting, seal your crazy paving in Geelong with a high-quality sealant. Bottom Line Laying crazy pavers is not a piece of cake. You can’t just grab these pavers and adhere them to the ground in any pattern that you know. It’s rather a complex and time-consuming job that needs attention to detail. The above tips will help you lay crazy pavers on any ground seamlessly.

Crazy Pavers - Explained, Laying Advice & Suggestion, Benefits Crazy paving is one of the flexible and traditional forms of flooring for both residential and commercial landscapes. The bluestone crazy paving, especially, gives your space a unique and terrific look that leaves a wonderful first impression on your guests. The speciality of these stone pavers is the level of variation they offer. If you have seen two slabs of crazy pavers closely, you must have noticed that they featured unique shades. No two natural stones have the exact same tone, even if you have cut these pavers from one giant slab of travertine or bluestone. This slight colour variation gives crazy paving a unique feel and your space a wonderful look. Crazy Paving - It is Worth the Hype Let’s start with the history. Crazy paving is the arrangement of irregular-sized pavers organized in random patterns on the ground. The idea comes from ancient Rome when architects and designers used a set of random stone pavers for wall cladding, flooring, exterior landscapes, and other construction purposes. Some of these buildings are still seen in Europe. Crazy paving is nothing like the regular rectangular pavers that are placed close to each other to create a uniform pattern. This paving pattern is extremely popular among people who love retro-style homes. If you want to give your space a rustic feel, while adding a sense of class and beauty to your space, you should consider using crazy paving in Thomastown. It’s also a popular choice for those who want to create a perfect balance of a retro and modern home. Crazy pavers look lovely on your driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, alfresco, and near the firepit. This trend is embraced by hundreds of thousands of Australians. More and more homeowners have started to use natural stones to give their space a natural and organic feel. They use crazy paving, not only because it renders a wonderful look to their space, but it is comparatively less expensive than other paving materials. Why Choose Crazy Paving for Your Exteriors? Crazy paving, as mentioned earlier, is a random arrangement of a set of irregular-sized natural stones laid on the ground. It mainly consists of granite, bluestone, sandstone, and quartzite. The paving works wonders for those who want something unique for their landscape. If you are someone who loves authenticity, there isn’t a better flooring material than black crazy paving. The best part about the stone is that it adds detail to your space, making it look more organic and unique than the rest of your landscape. You can also use crazy paving to design your entire exterior landscape - for driveways, patios, decks, pathways, facade walls, fireplaces, and the terrace. It creates consistency. Crazy paving makes an ideal fit for your poolscape. It looks wonderful around your swimming pool, giving the 60’s vibe. A perfect option for the old Hollywood movie fans. Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of crazy paving. There is absolutely no limit when it comes to using crazy pavers for your outdoors. Most homeowners choose crazy paving as a way to add style, uniqueness, and design to their new and existing landscape. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing from the designs, styles, colours, patterns, and textures of crazy pavers. You can create your own unique design by combining natural stones of your choice or order ready-made crazy pavers from the Australian stone market - whatever works for you. What’s the Laying Process? The installation is a bit difficult since these stones are available in irregular shapes. You need to lay them in an order that each paver fits in with the surrounding slab beautifully. It is best to leave the installation part to contractors, as crazy paving is not at all easy to install. If you don’t have the budget to outsource the installation to contractors, consider laying them on your own. Arrange these pavers on the ground dry first to get a layout and then create a foundation using wet mortar and gravel. You can place crazy pavers in any pattern, but make sure that the pavers are placed in such a way that they leave little to no gap. Once you are done with the installation, fill the joints with grout or fine sand. You also need to install edge restraints around the crazy paving to keep the pavers stable and intact. Check out a detailed crazy paving installation guide to get a better understanding of how the pavers are supposed to be laid on the ground and what all things you need for the preparation. Sealing is absolutely necessary after the installation, as it keeps your pavers looking fresh and stain-free for years. Sealing is needed every few years and sooner depending on where you have laid them. Conclusion Midnight granite crazy paving is your go-to option for a retro-inspired exterior landscape. These pavers are a combination of different types of natural stones quarried from natural quarries. Manufacturing and processing improve the consistency, density, and designs of these pavers. Get crazy pavers now from the Australian stone supplier. Good Luck!

Most Popular Crazy Paver Types Australians know the impact of natural stone pavers on their floors and walls. It creates a unique and fabulous exterior landscape that gives beautiful vibes. Whether you want to increase the value of your house or attract more tenants to your commercial workplace, crazy paving is a wonderful and cost-effective way to attract the attention of guests. Considering the durable and versatile properties of the crazy paving in Sunbury, it is not hard to see why these sets of pavers have gained immense popularity among interior and exterior designers. Crazy pavers are as old as ancient Rome. The architects used these pavers for the construction of the temples, monuments, and other structures, which have stood the test of time beautifully. The popularity of these pavers has continued till today. And, they are still popular in the construction and home renovation industries, especially for the exterior landscapes. Here we have compiled a list of the best and most popular crazy pavers that are trending in the designing and construction industry. Let’s check them out. Travertine Crazy Paving If you like the warm and light tones of paving, travertine crazy pavers will make the most suitable choice for your landscape. Travertine crazy pavers are mainly available in the sand and beige shades. These light tones give your space a rustic and warm look. Pretty impressive! The travertine pavers remind us of the European Renaissance. The material looks pretty similar to the marble, thus rendering a smooth texture and a unique finish to each piece. That’s the speciality of travertine pavers. It doesn’t matter how hot the temperature gets, travertine crazy paving will never lose its shine and warmth. In addition to the beige and sand shades, travertine is available in a broad range of tones that give a unique feel to your space. These stones make a perfect option for your exterior landscape. You can use the travertine crazy paving on the patios, pool decks, driveways, pathways, and just about any area. Midnight Granite Crazy Paving There is nothing that can match the beauty of the midnight blue and dark pavers. The dark tones look so authentic and effortlessly beautiful that they can transform any area into an extraordinary place. This crazy paving is mainly found in commercial landscapes, especially in home offices. Midnight granite is one of the most powerful and clean pavers that look flawless around your pool deck. These pavers are also used for contemporary-style homes. If you are following the minimalist theme and you want to keep the look simple and authentic, you should definitely give the midnight granite crazy paving a shot. Cobblestone Crazy Paving Cobblestone is one of the oldest and traditional natural stone pavers used extensively for road construction projects. Cobblestone crazy paving is known for its durability. Of course, all types of natural stone pavers are durable, but nothing can be compared with the versatility and durability of cobblestone pavers. These blocks look lovely on your driveways and pathways. Plus, there are plenty of ways to design your landscape with cobblestone crazy paving. You can lay them in endless patterns ranging from the simple paving design to the French crazy paving pattern. You could also use gravel and plants to give your space a modern touch. Sandstone Crazy Paving Sandstone is exactly what its name suggests - the collection of stone pavers featuring sand grains and beige colours. It is lighter than travertine but is a perfect fit for just about any landscape - whether you are decorating the area surrounding your alfresco or the patios. There is something about sandstone crazy pavers that homeowners love them. Perhaps, it is a warm and inviting feel that it brings to your landscape or the brightness. You can organize sandstone paving in random patterns to create a crazy paving design. While sandstone makes a wonderful choice for your exterior landscape, they are not recommended for pool coping. These stone pavers have a low no-slip rating, making them unfit for the swimming pool. For patios and driveways, you can use light yellow sandstone pavers and combine them with the plants and garden furniture pieces to give your space a natural and retro feel. Black Crazy Paving The all-black exteriors have become a new trend in today’s designing world. More and more homeowners are now embracing this black paving trend to render a unique and bold look to their exterior landscapes. Black crazy paving is a collection of black and other dark-coloured stone pavers assembled on the walls and floors of your exteriors. You could use them to create the modern landscape featuring the black decor accessories or pair them with neutral tones to create a contrast - whatever fits your preference and the landscape. Bottom Line Crazy paving is available in a wide variety of shapes and patterns, creating endless opportunities for you to design your landscape. The above listed crazy pavers are not only trending, but they help you create beautiful exteriors. Enhance the curb appeal of your home with the above crazy paving patterns and impress your guests and aspiring homeowners with a unique design.

Words - 854 Best Crazy Paving Tiles in Australia The flagstone and crazy paving in Bendigo are commonly used natural stones pavers for all types of exterior landscaping applications. Whether you are designing the pool deck or decorating your patio with a high-quality paving material, nothing beats the power and quality of crazy paving. It renders a unique feel to your space, helping you create a bespoke landscape that looks lovely in all settings. Not only are these pavers available for a reasonable price, but they specialize in creating a retro look that gives a traditional touch to your space. Crazy paving is available in a wide range of colours, shapes, styles, and designs. The options are endless and so are the patterns you can create with these tiles. In this post, we will walk you through the most popular types of crazy pavers that make a wonderful choice for your exterior landscape. Let’s take a look: Flagstone Crazy paving and flagstone are from the same variety with the only difference being the size of the pavers. However, flagstone is larger in size and offers less consistency than crazy paving. Obtained from the natural quarries, the flagstone is cut into small random sizes with the machine to give this material a unique and consistent appearance. However, there is a great variation in each slab of the flagstone pavers. As you see the tiles, you will notice how each paver slab has a completely different shade than its adjacent paver. While it does affect the consistency of your landscape, it renders a natural and organic touch to your space. Flagstone, as mentioned earlier, are pretty large in size and are mainly recommended for the walkways and areas that receive regular foot traffic. These pavers are installed in such a way that there is a small gap between each slab, thus creating a random shape that gives your space a distinctive look. You can use grout to fill these gaps. Kakadu Crazy Paving It’s a combination of brown and grey crazy pavers of different sizes and shapes - each with a unique pattern. Kakadu crazy paving makes the best option for your facade walls or firepits. If you have a fireplace at the patio or around the pool deck, you can decorate the floors with the Kakadu crazy pavers. The combination of greyish and brown tones give your exteriors a beautiful feel. It creates a warm and inviting space. These are also used for interior landscapes. Bluestone Crazy Paving One of the most common and popular natural stone pavers is Bluestone, and it’s also used for crazy paving. The name “bluestone” is derived from the fact that this natural stone is the combination of sand and other particles that give the stone blue and grey shades. If you are looking for pavers in the dark shades, bluestone is your best bet. The cool tones of bluestone look lovely on your pool deck and patios. You could also use these stone pavers on the driveways, pathways, and other exterior spaces. Bluestone crazy paving is mainly used for pool coping due to its blue tones. It complements the pool water and builds consistency in your poolscape. Rio Gold Quartz Crazy Paving Nothing looks better than the warm and light shades of crazy pavers installed on the patios and alfresco. Paired with the furniture and plants, the Rio Gold Quartz crazy paving render a fantastic feel to your modern homes. The stones are available in golden and sand-like colours, giving your space a touch of elegance and warmth. They look super cosy during winters. Plus, the light tones of the pavers make them an ideal fit for the areas exposed to hot weather and extreme temperatures for the most part of the year. These pavers are used on patios, terraces, near pool decks, pathways, and driveways. Midnight Blue and Black Crazy Paving These dark palettes look gorgeous in your modern landscape. Despite being a traditional paving material, the midnight blue crazy paving has the power to give your space a modern and contemporary feel. The tones are beautiful, not only in a residential setting but for your commercial space too. These pavers can improve your productivity, as the colours look pretty soothing. The midnight blue crazy pavers are for the interior and exterior paving projects, especially for the facade wall cladding or pool coping. You could use them for driveways and pathways, but their dark and cool tones mean the pavers might get hot to touch when the temperature gets too hot to bear. Midnight granite crazy paving is also a beautiful option for all the contemporary-style house lovers out there. If you want to create a sophisticated landscape, this product is your best choice. So, Which One is the Best? The one-size-fits-all approach does not work in flooring projects. The best product for your landscape depends on your preference, as well as, your home design. If it is a retro-inspired home, the travertine and golden quartz crazy paving are your best options. If you are more fond of the darker tones and contemporary style homes, bluestone crazy paving is for you.

Word - 869 What are the Popular Crazy Paving Colours & Installation Suggestions? Crazy paving looks similar to the flagstone, but it consists of pavers that are comparatively smaller in size as compared to flagstone. What makes crazy paving an ideal option for your exterior landscape is its beauty. These natural stones are sold in pallets that feature a wonderful range of paving blocks available in unique sizes, shapes, and colours. In fact, it is the colour variation that makes crazy pavers one of the best products for landscaping projects. Colour Variations As mentioned earlier, crazy pavers offer a wonderful variety when it comes to colours. The material is available in different shades, each offering a beautiful look to your space. The three main colours for crazy paving are Bisque, Onyx, and Russet. If you want to give your space a warm and inviting look, consider the Russet shades. All shades between the deep greys to medium brown are classified as the Russet colours - perfect for giving your exteriors a sleek and warm feel. Onyx, on the other hand, doesn’t really have colour variations. It’s rather used to refer to the charcoal grey. Bisque is totally different. It offers light colour palettes ranging from light yellow to light greys. It is used to give your outdoors a sleek and elegant look. Natural stones look the best in their most natural form, i.e. without any finishing or processing. However, if you want to change the colour of your pavers, you can try sealants. A sealant plays a key role in giving your pavers a unique colour. You can lighten or darken your crazy paving on the exterior using the right type of sealant. The speciality of crazy paving is that it doesn’t lose its shine in years. In fact, the pavers look more beautiful as they age. Especially the midnight granite crazy paving featuring dark and cold shades. Nothing looks as beautiful as a set of dark crazy pavers arranged on your floor in a random shape, giving your exteriors a unique look. Installation Suggestions for Crazy Paving Some homeowners find crazy paving installation really difficult because of the irregular sizes of the pavers. It is not easy to arrange these pavers in such a way that each tile interlocks beautifully with the surrounding paver to create your desired pattern. On the other hand, some people think crazy paving is the easiest to install because it does not need any cutting or shaping. Grab the pavers, lay them dry on the ground first, install the base, and there you go! To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of some effective tips for laying crazy pavers on your exterior floors, around water features, firepits, and on the facade wall. The process for installation is mostly similar - regardless of where you are installing the pavers. 1. Plan the Paving Before you order stone pavers from the Australian stone market, measure the total space you’d like to pave. Measure your exteriors in square meters and talk to a professional supplier to get a better idea of the total number of stone pavers you will need for the effective paving application. Planning also involves the careful layout of your crazy paving, since each paver is available in an irregular size. At this point, you must borrow the tools required for paver installation. You can find them at a nearby retail store or get them from your neighbours. 2. Dig the Ground Start excavation once you have got the tools and crazy pavers. Your pavers sit on the base, which is laid in 2-3 layers. For that, you need to excavate the ground up to 6-8 inches. Lay the base in layers, compacting each layer before placing the next one. For the base, you can use crushed stone or gravel. Just make sure you wet the base using a garden hose before compaction. Lay the base in the excavated ground - layer after layer or all at once (whatever looks suitable to you). It’s very important that you compact the ground thoroughly after laying the base, as compaction prepares the area for paving. 3. Lay Your Pavers Place them dry initially. It gives you a better idea of the right pattern. Get mortar and start placing the pavers from the corner. You don’t have to align these pavers in a straight line, as the purpose of crazy paving is to arrange the pavers in an irregular pattern. Don’t forget to add edge restraints in the corners to keep your paving stable for years to come. 4. Grout and Seal The last two steps for crazy paving installation is grouting and sealing. Grouting refers to the filling of wide joints between the pavers, while sealing is done to protect the finish and colour of the pavers and build a solid layer over your paving. This protects the pavers from stains. Conclusion Crazy pavers are used for patios, pool decks, driveways, pathways, and just about any exterior flooring or wall cladding project. You can install them around the firepit to give your backyard a touch of elegance and sophistication or install these pavers on the pool deck to create a robust and beautiful coping. Use the above steps for proper paving installation.

Pros and Cons of Crazy Paving Also known as flagstone paving, crazy paving refers to the method of laying stone pavers in a haphazard pattern or an irregular pattern. The paving format is mainly found in outdoor areas, especially patios and pool decks. The design looks incredibly beautiful, there’s no denying that! In simple terms, crazy paving is a pattern that involved stone pavers of varying sizes and shapes to create a wonderful and seamless design that makes your space stand out from the neighbours. The pattern dates back to Ancient Rome when this unconventional design was first found on floors and roads. Architects used to gather different sets and styles of pavers on the ground to give their exteriors a sleek look and a wonderful finish. Today, crazy paving has become one of the most popular and beautiful paving patterns. The crazed appearance you get from this pattern speaks volumes about the finish you can expect from crazy paving. In this post, we will discuss a few reasons why you should consider crazy paving for your exteriors and the disadvantages of using crazy pavers for your patios. Keep reading. Pros ● Durability What’s the first thing you check in your flooring material? While some people consider the appearance, a vast majority of homeowners look for paving that can last for years without any damage or ugly stains. That’s because the paving that goes into your patios, pool decks, and other outdoor areas need to be strong enough to tolerate the weather and temperature. The best part about crazy paving is that even after 10-20 years of purchase, the paving will look as good as new. No matter where you live and how harsh the climate gets in your area, crazy paving in Geelong stays durable for years. However, you need to place these pavers properly on the base to ensure maximum durability. The best must be installed properly so that your pavers do not move, crack, or shift later. ● Requires Minimal Maintenance In addition to the upfront cost for pavers, you need to invest a few bucks regularly for the maintenance of your exterior paving. Your pavers are exposed to dirt and filth. Plus, they have to tolerate the fluctuating weather and climate. Add to this the weight of the moving and standing vehicles (if you have installed them on the driveway) and the heavy foot traffic. The best part, however, is that bluestone crazy paving requires minimal maintenance. Just a good wash every week is enough to keep your floors looking nice. You can use a garden hose coupled with a warm and soapy water solution to make your space look as good as new. A soft bristle is highly recommended for areas with stubborn stains or dirt marks. ● Aesthetic Appeal You can’t expect the same level of beauty from concrete or brick as the crazy paving. There’s something about these pavers that set them apart from other types of paving patterns. Look wise, crazy paving is your best bet. If the aesthetic appeal of your home is your major concern, you should definitely consider installing crazy pavers to enhance the beauty of your space. Not only will it improve your home’s curb appeal, but it can increase the value of your house. If giving your exteriors a really nice look and an inviting finish is what you need, crazy paving is for you. Not only are they available for a very reasonable price, but these pavers can add value to your home. Most importantly, they look good as they age. ● Versatility Crazy paving looks good on patios, driveways, pathways, pool decks, and nearly any exterior space. These pavers are extremely versatile, meaning they look good in all spaces. Besides, you can combine them with just about any decor element or other flooring materials to give your exteriors a nice look. Versatility makes these pavers strong yet smooth enough to fit just about any space and decoration beautifully. Cons Difficulty in Installation One of the major drawbacks of crazy paving is difficulty in installation. Since each paver features irregular tiles, organizing them into your desired pattern is not going to be a cakewalk. The pavers are to be installed in an interlocking pattern where each slab fits in with the adjacent slab effortlessly. However, you may need to cut these pavers or make adjustments to ensure they look good on your exteriors. Inconsistency Some people find it the advantage, while for others, crazy paving creates an inconsistent paver. So, it totally depends on your preference. Crazy paving is defined as the collection of irregular sized pavers assembled on the ground in random patterns. Now, it goes without saying that a random pattern can lead to inconsistent design. Add to this the fact that each paver has varying colours and sizes, and you will know why crazy paving is a bad idea for your landscape. Conclusion Crazy paving makes a great option for your exteriors, given that they are installed properly and you invest money in their regular maintenance. Consider the above benefits and drawbacks of crazy paving before making a purchase.

How Much Does Crazy Paving Cost? Not every homeowner wants consistency and the old boring floor pattern. Some people like asymmetrical and irregular crazy paving patterns that could give their area a unique look. If you don’t want the straight and neat lines on your floor, you should definitely give Kakadu crazy paving a try. In fact, it is made for those looking for a unique paving solution. The best feature of crazy paving is the level of versatility it offers to the homeowners. It gives you a chance to create diverse and unique patterns (of your choice) using a set of irregular pavers. These pavers are assembled on the ground in random shapes. You can create your own design or arrange them in any pattern you like. These pavers are arranged in a crazy pattern, as the name suggests, adding depth to your outdoors and enhancing the curb appeal of the overall landscape. What makes crazy paving the best choice for your gardens is the combination of small and large pieces of these slabs assembled together, giving your patios and pool decks a seamless look. In this post, we will discuss the total cost of crazy paving. Keep reading. Does Crazy Paving Cost Lower than Other Pavers? Crazy paving is available for a lower price than other paving solutions. That’s because these stone pavers are mainly purchased in their natural forms - without any processing or finishing. Polished and tumbled pavers cost a lot higher than crazy paving. These stones are cut into different shapes and are given a sleek look through finishing. Crazy paving, on the other hand, will cost you only a few hundred bucks. The total cost of the project varies based on the area you are laying this paving, whether you are outsourcing the project to a professional contractor or doing it on your own, types of stone pavers, the number of slabs you need for flooring, and more. This was only the cost of the crazy pavers, but the total budget you need for crazy paving also depends on your current flooring, tools for excavation and paver installation, and other decor elements you need to use for covering the ground. What is the Average Cost of Crazy Pavers? As mentioned earlier, a crazy paving project does not come with a specific cost. And, considering the inconsistency or irregularity in these pavers, it goes without saying that there are plenty of ways to lay crazy paving. First things first, you need to decide whether you would like to lay the pavers on a concrete base or crushed stone. You could also go for a soft base if you want to save money on your paving project. Gravel is most commonly used for patio paving, followed by crushed stone and yellow sand. The price of the paving depends on the base material too. For example, crushed stone purchased from a hardware store or the Australian stone supplier will cost you more than the ordinary gravel base. Now, the type of crazy paving also affects the price of the project. As a general rule of thumb, crazy paving should not cost more than $100 per square meter of pavement (no matter which type of stones you have chosen for paving). For most homeowners, crazy paving costs $50 - $60 per square meter. If you want to get a more accurate cost of crazy paving, discuss your requirements with a professional contractor. They will schedule a visit to your place, quote a price for the entire project, and offer valuable advice regarding the best and most suitable paving material for your exteriors. The area also matters. For example, if you are paving your driveway, you are going to need more paving slabs, as the driveway is quite large and needs a firm base. So, for the base and the entire floor, you will need a large number of pavers. The more pavers you use, the higher the cost of paving. For the patios and walkways, you need fewer pavers and the project is completed sooner than driveway paving. Tips for Saving Money on Crazy Paving Crazy pavers are sold at a reasonable price, but if you still don’t have the budget to lay crazy paving on your patio, you can try a few easy tips for reducing the total cost. For example, the labour cost can raise your bill pretty quickly. So, you can DIY the project to save some money. Check YouTube videos for the stone paving DIY videos or call a friend or neighbour for help. For the tools, you can get them on rent from a hardware store. Borrowing these tools is a great way to save money on paving. Another tip for saving money on your crazy pavers is to “use pavers in their natural finish”. Crazy paving costs you higher when you choose the polished, tumbled, and customized pavers. You don’t need these finishes, as crazy pavers are known for their authenticity. So, use crazy paving in its most natural form. Hope this post helped you figure out the cost of crazy pav

Crazy Paving - Benefits, Cost, and Maintenance Guide There is nothing as beautiful as the Bluestone crazy paving laid on the ground. The luster, random shapes, and irregular sizes of the material add a touch of elegance to your landscape. Crazy pavers do exactly what the name says - a set of irregular-sized paving materials installed in unique and random patterns. These random arrangements of the crazy paving date back to ancient Rome when the pattern was commonly used for roads, facade walls, driveways, and other construction applications. In fact, some of these monuments featuring crazy paving stones are still standing intact today. And, the material is still as popular in the landscaping industry as it was a few decades ago. There are quite a few things that make crazy paving your ideal choice for the exterior landscape. Let's take a look at a few of them. Benefits of Using Crazy Paving in Your Exteriors ● Offer Flexible Paving Choices The best part about crazy paving is the flexibility. The pavers are flexible enough to be laid in your desired patterns, giving your patios and pool decks a retro-inspired look. You no longer need to limit your options to those regular patterns featuring pavers arranged in straight and neat lines. Crazy paving offers you artistic freedom, allowing you to lay the pavers in just about any pattern without compromising on quality and flexibility. You can try different patterns and designs to create a space that stands out. ● They are Sustainable Sustainability has become the biggest concern of homeowners and stone suppliers since more and more people appreciate eco-friendly materials these days. Crazy paving is undoubtedly the most sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your landscape. It is a natural paving material, offering you the highest standards of authenticity. What could be a better option than a set of crazy pavers assembled on the ground in unique and random patterns, helping you contribute to the environment while giving your exteriors a beautiful look? ● These are Durable and Robust Pavers Durability is another factor you need to take into consideration when choosing pavers for your landscape. Now that these pavers will be exposed to the weather, environment, and temperature, they need to be strong enough to stand the test of time effortlessly. You need paving materials that do not shrink or lose their shine when exposed to a hot temperature. Crazy paving involves a set of stone pavers quarried from natural quarries. They are durable and designed to last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear. The best part is that they require reasonable maintenance. Cost of Crazy Paving Crazy paving is one of the most economical options for your exteriors. The price of crazy paving varies since these pavers are available in a wide range of styles, patterns, colors, and designs. Each material gives a unique and special feel to your space. The average cost of crazy paving per square meter is approx $40. Then again, it could go up to $100 per square meter and higher depending on the material, colors, and styles. Rio gold crazy paving is the most beautiful material for a modern landscape. If you want to add shine and warmth to your exteriors, pavers in golden and yellow shades will make the best choice. Now, these pavers can cost anywhere between $40 and $80. Price of the Base, Tools, and Paving Project The cost of the paving depends on the base material, tools required for installation, labour cost, and other expenses. Crushed rock is a good option for the base, especially for those looking for cost-effective base material. Not only are they affordable, but the crushed stone is known to provide your base with durability. One way to save money on crazy paving is by laying the pavers on your own. Contractors charge a really high price (on an hourly basis). So, why outsource the project to others when you can try DIY pavement? Maintenance for Crazy Paving No matter where you have laid crazy paving, the material is known for its low maintenance requirements. You don't need to call a cleaning company to wash these pavers. Just use a garden hose or pressure washer to clean your space. You need to give your paving a good wash every 2-3 days. If it is exposed to frequent traffic and dirt, consider scrubbing the surface with a hard-bristled brush for a spotless and stainless look. Sealing is required every few years, preferably every 1-2 years to preserve the shine and colour of the surface. You also need to apply the sealant after installation. For the detergent, you can use a warm and soapy water solution or a stone-special cleaning detergent. Crazy paving requires reasonable maintenance, there is no denying that. But, make sure you wash the surface regularly and clean the stains to keep it looking fresh and new for years to come. Conclusion These were the benefits and maintenance requirements for crazy paving. Hope it helped you learn the basics of Bluestone crazy paving. For a better cost estimate, consider consulting with a stone paving specialist or an Australian stone supplier.

Tips to Clean and Install Crazy Pavers Crazy paving has become a popular flooring technique in Australian homes. These pavers look flawless with just about any decor material. The paving is exactly what its name suggests - a set of irregular sized pavers assembled on your deck or patio in any random pattern. Despite being a traditional and one of the oldest flooring materials, bluestone crazy paving is still considered one of the best and effective paving options for residential and commercial settings. The only downside is its installation. The process can get super tricky because of the irregular sizes and shapes of the natural stones. To make the job easier for you, here we have compiled a list of steps for the installation and cleaning of crazy pavers. Let’s check them out. Cleaning Your Crazy Paving Basically, there are three popular cleaning options for homeowners looking for effective cleaning solutions for their crazy pavers. 1. Soapy Warm Water Solution The most popular one is the warm and soapy solution. You can grab a bucket and fill it with warm water and regular-use detergent. Mix it well and pour the solution across the paving. Let it sit on the floor for a few minutes and then use a bristle brush to remove the stubborn stains. Rinse the floor with cold and clean water. 2. Using Pressure Washer A pressure washer is quite effective in removing weeds and stubborn stains from the floor given that you use the right speed. The pressure washer is, generally, avoided on any paving since its speed can cause significant damage to the upper layer of the paver and dull the colour of your crazy paving. However, if you are dealing with a strong stain that doesn’t fade from your regular washing techniques, this method will work wonders. 3. Using Bleach or Vinegar Bleach is a powerful solution to unwanted weed growth and ugly stains. It can enhance the appearance of your crazy paving and keep it looking beautiful for years. However, excess bleach or vinegar use on your crazy pavers can cause more harm than good. First of all, you need to remove the plants from the area, as exposure to bleach can kill your plants. Secondly, remove all the furniture and other decor items. Note that bleach should not be used on man-made concrete and brick pavers since they are not as durable as natural stones. Steps for the Installation of Crazy Pavers ● Gather the Equipment Start with collecting the tools required for excavation, base setup, and pavers installation. As mentioned above, the process is pretty complex as each paver is available in irregular sizes and shapes, making it really difficult for you to arrange them in your desired pattern. You are going to need a pallet of crazy pavers, cement, yellow sand, shovel, plate compactor, trowel, wheelbarrow, a mixture of sand and gravel, and other tools. It’s better to borrow them from a friend or get them on rent, as they are very expensive. ● Mark the Area to Be Paved Rio Gold crazy paving looks marvellous on your patios and pool decks. Order them from a recognized Australian stone supplier and grab a market to outline the area you’d like to cover. Remove all the furniture pieces, plants, and any obstacles from the ground. You can use chalk or white paint for marking. ● Remove the Top Soil The pavers are laid on the base, for which you need to excavate the ground. Dig the top layer 4-6 inches deep to create enough space for the pavers. The height of the excavation needs to be increased if you live in an area that receives winter climate or high foot and vehicular traffic throughout the year. For example, your driveway is highly likely to be exposed to vehicular traffic all year. So, an ideal depth for this area is 8 inches and more. ● Compact the Base You can use gravel or cement for the base. Crushed stone is also a good option for the base, but make sure you compact the ground properly to level the base and prepare it for the pavers. For small areas, you can use a sledgehammer for compaction, but if it is a large area, you must use a vibrating plate compactor to level the ground efficiently. Note that you can’t compact over 150mm of the base at once. ● Arrange them Properly Start with the larger slabs as they are the most difficult ones to fit. Grab the larger pieces and pick a corner. Lay these pavers and try to fit the smaller ones. Crazy paving in Sunbury is difficult to organize since you don’t have a picture of the finished pattern in mind. Everything seems like a jigsaw puzzle. It is better to lay these pavers dry for a clear layout and to get a better idea of how the finished paving will look. Once you are done placing the pavers, start filling the gaps with mortar or yellow sand and run a compactor a few times on the ground to level everything. You can then seal the crazy paving with a high-quality sealant.

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We stock crazy pave stone paving in a pure natural loose form and NOW also crazy paving on mesh for easy installation for you do-it-yourselfers in 4 great colours ( crazy pave on mesh price $49m²).

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Crazy Paving is mostly used for paving driveways, pool surrounds and garden pathways. Larger pieces are often used as garden stepping stones or flagstone pavers, as they make great stepping stones surrounded by lawn or pebbles. It also looks great on the front facade of your home ie Portico area. Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react.

We deliver crazy paving, tiles and pool coping door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates.

Can I use crazy paving around pools?

If you want your pavers to match the style and colour of your swimming pool, crazy paving is your best bet. These pavers look incredibly beautiful around your pool coping and they give a unique touch to your space. Crazy paving is absolutely safe for your poolside. Just make sure you choose the pavers in their most natural finish and not the polished or tumbled stones. That’s because the area around your swimming pool is exposed to chemicals and water, making it prone to damages. As far as safety is concerned, it is totally okay to install crazy paving around your swimming pool.

Can I use crazy paving as pool copings?

Yes, crazy pavings can be used as pool coping. In fact, many homeowners choose this random set of irregular-sized pavers for their pool copings. Not only do these stone pavers give a unique and elegant feel to your poolscape, but it enhances the durability of your floor. With crazy paving installed as pool coping, you can rest easy knowing that your children and pet playing around the pool are totally safe. Crazy paving comes in a broad range of colours and designs, giving you a chance to mix and match the colours so that your paving complements the water.

Can I use crazy paving as wall claddings?

Crazy paving is a random arrangement of different types and styles of stone pavers organized in unique shapes on the wall. You can install this paving on your facade walls, firepit walls, or pool walls. Just like any form of natural paving material, crazy paving is known for its durability and incredible strength. With these pavers hung on your exterior walls, you can rest assured that your walls will tolerate extreme weather conditions seamlessly. The best part about crazy paving is its durability and the ability to handle unfavourable weather. So, yes it is totally safe to install crazy paving on your facade walls.

Do I need to seal crazy paving?

Crazy paving comes in split finishes and a wide range of shapes and textures, giving them a unique look and your space a sophisticated feel. It is very important to pre-seal the paving to prepare them for the pavers. It is equally important to seal these pavers after you are done with the installation. Not only after the installation, but crazy pavers need to be sealed once in a while (preferably once every 1-2 years). How often you need to seal the area depends on how frequently you are using the pavers, the weather they are exposed to, and the climatic conditions in your area.

What is the best selling crazy paving?

All types of crazy pavers experience a high demand throughout the year, but a few popular stones that are growing in popularity a lot are the Basalt granite paving, bluestone crazy paving, black crazy paving, Rio gold crazy paving, quartz, and the list goes on. Bluestone is one of the most popular stones for crazy paving since it offers a touch of elegance and a rustic feel to your landscape. Besides, bluestone has the power to transform just about any kind of landscape into an extraordinary place. It gives a contemporary look to your garden while enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

What is the difference between crazy paving and flagstone?

The ground preparation for any type of paving is the same. In fact, the materials used for the base are also pretty similar for both crazy paving and flagstone. These two happen to be the most commonly used natural stone pavers for exterior landscape. Thanks to their clean and unique look that adds depth to your space. The terms are often used interchangeably. While both types of natural stones look similar and are available at the same prices, there is one notable difference between the two. If you have seen the stones closely, you will notice that flagstones are bigger than crazy pavers.

Can you lay crazy paving on dirt?

The jugged edges of crazy paving give your exteriors a rugged and rustic feel that can’t be matched by any other paving materials. That’s also one of the reasons why flagstone has become the homeowner’s number one choice for all types of exterior landscaping projects. You can lay flagstone directly on dirt since it involves heavy and large stone slabs. It also gives sufficient space for your plants to grow in between the slabs. The flagstones need to be at least 1 - 1/2 inches thick to be laid directly on dirt or the bed of sand. What is the cheapest crazy paving? Crazy paving is the large stone slabs broken down into smaller pieces of natural stones of varying sizes and shapes, giving your space a touch of beauty. These stones are the most affordable crazy pavers on the market, although each material is available at varying prices. The reason why crazy paving is available for a low price is that they are not processed for colours, finishes, and styles. The laRge slabs are simply cut into small shapes, giving these pavers a beautiful look. Depending on the type of crazy paving you choose, these stone pavers can cost anywhere between $60 and $100 per square meter.

What is the price range of your crazy paving?

The cost of crazy paving depends on a few factors, including the size of your patio, the number of pavers you need, the suppliers you are buying these stones from, and other crucial factors. In general, the price range of crazy paving per square meter is anywhere between $60 and $100. It can go higher if you choose stones in unique finishes and Rio gold crazy paving. So, the price of the stone varies significantly. On average, you can expect $60 per square meter, excluding the labour cost. If you do it on your own, you can save on labour expenses.

Is there any thickness variations in crazy paving?

The density, texture, and colour of crazy paving clearly show how beautiful the stone pavers are and the level of uniqueness they can add to your space. However, crazy pavers look the best when you choose the thick variants of these pavers. The thickness of the paver is usually between 18mm and 30mm (and more depending on the type of natural stones used in the manufacturing of crazy paving). As a general rule, the thicker the crazy paving, the longer it lasts, and the more durable it is. That is why you should choose thick pavers to ensure the longevity of the paving.

What grout joint is recommended for crazy paving?

Once you are done installing the crazy paving, you are supposed to use the mortar joint or grout joint to fill the gaps between these tiles flawlessly. These joints are used to accommodate the gaps between the tiles and ensure that there’s minimal or no gap between two slabs of crazy paving. There is a chance of weed growth between the paver slabs if you leave a gap between the pavers. That’s why grout joint is essential and must be used as filler to fill the unnecessary gaps between your paver slabs.

Can I use crazy paving as stepping stones?

You can use the crazy paving that’s left from your bigger landscaping project for your pathways. Or, you can order a set of fresh crazy pavers in varying sizes and shapes and use them as stepping stones. These pavers make an ideal choice for your exterior landscape - whether it is your pathway or driveway. The irregular sizes of crazy paving and the random arrangements of these pavers give your pathway a flawless look and a wonderful curb appeal. Just make sure you use grout and sealant after the implementation of the slabs. This will keep your pavers looking good for years to come.

How to fill gaps in crazy paving?

The gaps in the crazy paving are filled with mortar or other fillers. You can create your own filler by combining four parts sand with 1 part cement or order ready-made mortar from the local hardware store. Either way, these gaps are to be filled as soon as you are done with the paver installation. Use a gentle brush and run it across the paving to ensure even distribution of the mortar. You could also use fine sand for filling the gaps in crazy paving. Use a compactor to level the mortar and rinse the paving once your gaps are filled.

Is crazy paving hard to maintain?

The odd shapes of the crazy pavers might make the installation a little difficult for homeowners, but maintenance is never an issue with this random paving pattern. You can rest easy knowing that your crazy paving requires minimal maintenance. Just give these pavers a good wash every few days and they will look as fresh as new. You must also seal the surface once every few years (preferably 2 years) to maintain a spotless and stain-free look. Crazy paving doesn’t require any maintenance other than cleaning and sealing. Make sure you remove the stubborn and dark stains with a stone cleaner as soon as possible.

Is crazy paving easy to lay?

Crazy paving is one of the few patterns that require careful installation since it involves a set of pavers available in varying sizes and shapes. It is better to have a dry layout first so that you don’t have to remove and reinstall the pavers repeatedly. Most people outsource the pavement task to a professional contractor to ensure seamless and fast installation, but you can DIY the paving if you know the basics of laying these tiles on your own. Borrow the required tools from a neighbour or buy them from a stone supplier. There you go!

Why should I choose crazy paving over other natural stones?

Crazy paving is a collection of different natural stones quarried from natural quarries. These are mostly available in the most natural form and are used to give your space a rustic feel and a retro look. So, if you want to give your exteriors a touch of elegance with your paving materials, there isn’t a better option for you than crazy paving. Once they are laid on the ground, they render a unique feel to your driveways and pathways. Plus, they increase the durability of your floor. These pavers are strong enough to last for years without showing any sign of wear and tear.