Travertine tiles Melbourne, travertine pavers, travertine paving
Travertine Tiles, Travertine Pavers, Travertine Paving

Travertine Tiles & Travertine Pavers - Great for tiling, paving & cladding

There are many advantages to travertine pavers and tiles.

Travertine is not only beautiful, but also a practical solution for your pavers and tiles. Our Classic, Silver and Ivory travertine tiles, pavers and pool coping tiles have a high non slip rating. As a result, you can use our travertine safely as outdoor tiles and pool pavers.

Travertine paving is naturally tough. Universally, it has been used as a popular building stone material. Travertine can withstand extreme temperatures and still feel cool to walk on. So, whether you're in tropical Brisbane or in the temperamental weather in Melbourne, our travertine tiles and travertine pavers will last the test of time!

Travertine pavers and pool coping tiles are also great around a pool due to their cool temperature. This means in the hot weather, they are a lot cooler on barefeet as well as keeping your dog or cats' paws cooler. This is because travertine outdoor tiles and pavers absorb the cooler temperature from the ground underneath. In contrast, many other outdoor tiles and pavers absorb the heat from the sun.

At Stone & Slate Discounts, we stock great quality travertine pavers and travertine tiles. Our Classic, Ivory and Silver travertine tiles and pavers are all currently on sale, with travertine prices starting as low as $36m2. We travel the world to ensure you are getting the best quality travertine. If you have any questions about our travertine colour range (or any of our other stone products), feel free to contact us here

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    We will Express Post any free sample you choose enabling you to see and feel the stone in person.

    Convenient door-to-door delivery with a forklift


    Check - Travertine French Pattern Available Sizes here.Download pdf here

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We will Express Post any free sample you choose enabling you to see and feel the stone in person.

We offer both door to door delivery or a cheaper option is to pick up from your local depot.

Not only will we give you Melbourne prices, we GUARANTEE TO BEAT ANY COMPETITORS PRICE!

Check - Travertine French Pattern Available Sizeshere. Download pdf here

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Our travertine prices are consistently lower than our competitors' sale prices. This is because we deal directly with the travertine quarry owners at ITQ (Istanbul Travertine Quarries) and guarantee that we will purchase large amounts of travertine regularly. In return, we get heavy discounts on the prices that we pass on to our clients. ITQ are one of Turkey's leading travertine exporters and have been in the business for a quarter of a century. Our stonemasons travel the world to bring our customers the Best quality Travertine and the Best Price possible. Our Travertine is sourced from Istanbul Travertine Quarries, Turkey's Premier travertine exporter. We select our Travertine from the Turkish quarry considering their suitability for Australian conditions and standards. The travertine we select can be installed in both commercial and residential environments. We stock Ivory, Classic and Silver travertine in French pattern, tiles and pavers along with pool coping tiles. Our travertine prices start from only $49/m2 inc GST for French Pattern or a 610x406 mm tile. Whilst 30mm thick pavers start at $69/m2 inc GST. We stock travertine in the following colours: Ivory, Silver, Noce and Classico. Our travertine tiles are suited for use as floor and wall tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and family rooms. Whilst our range of travertine pavers are suited to use as outdoor tiles and pavers around swimming pools, pergolas and pathways along with driveways.

We deliver our travertine door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Brisbane. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates. For more travertine tiles and pavers, visit our sister site here.

Up to 50% off Recommended Retail Price! PLEASE NOTE WE DELIVER AUSTRALIA WIDE

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