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What is Travertine Stone?

Travertine is a tough natural stone formed from hot springs over thousands of years...

As a result, the hot gasses create a pitting in the stone which gives it its characteristic surface features.

When the hot springs spits out the travertine, it mixes with other minerals.

As a result, they create the striking natural swirls and colour variants in the travertine.

travertine tiles and pavers make the best paving solution

Typically available in cream, silver, white and tan hues, travertine is one of the commonly used natural stones in construction around the world. This natural stone is widely used for modern construction and home renovation requirements.

It is popular not only for it’s understated beauty, but also its durability and practical properties.

travertine tile in melbourne with silver travertine pavers

Travertine Colours

Travertine stone comes in a variety of colours and cuts. Below are the most used travertine stone colours listed in popularity:

One of the most famous examples of travertine in architecture is the Colosseum.

It is one of the largest structures built by the Roman Empire and is made almost entirely of travertine.

While some features of this awe-inspiring building have faded with time, the travertine piers and arcades remain largely intact to this day.

This ancient marvel is an example of the strength and durability of travertine stone.

travertine pavers and tiling

The History of Travertine

Though the stone has been around for centuries, it gained immense popularity in the middle age. Many buildings constructed in the 20th century features travertine tiles.

Travertine has a great history in the construction industry.

Travertine is extracted from the valleys, lakes, and other natural sources. The history of this natural stone dates to 3200 BC.

In the past few centuries, travertine was used extensively in the construction industry.

The natural and classical beauty of this stone attracts the attention of contractors and architects across the world.

However, its beauty and natural charm are not the only reasons that make travertine an ideal option for home construction and renovation.

melbourne travertine tiles
Travertine might not be the cheapest option, but it is known for its durability.
Many ancient monuments and architecture featuring travertine slabs have stood the test of time.
These monuments still look like newly constructed buildings. That is the specialty of travertine. It doesn’t lose its shine, texture, and colour with age. In fact, travertine looks better as it ages.

One of the common applications of travertine is indoor and outdoor flooring.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, travertine is chosen because of its strength and durability.

Travertine can be used in the bathroom floors, kitchen backsplash, interior walls, and other areas. However, its applications are not confined to the interior floors and walls.

The slabs of this natural stone can be used to design a unique and classical landscape. In fact, many Australian homeowners choose travertine tiles to decorate their exteriors.

silver travertine tiles for a drive way pavers in Melbourne

Travertine can be used to pave your driveways, create a stunning patio & pathway, install pool coping and more!

In addition to the exterior flooring, travertine wall cladding stones can be used to decorate your foyer walls.

You can’t go wrong with travertine tiles and pavers. They are a great investment to upgrade and add value to your property. Check out the huge range of travertine tiles products here.

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