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Travertine is a timeless natural stone with a centuries-old history, has found its way into the hearts of homeowners and architects alike in Australia. Its popularity can be attributed to its soft textures and a splendid array of colour options, making it the top choice for many. 

Throughout history, travertine has been a cornerstone in the construction of magnificent structures that have stood the test of time. Its applications span far and wide, from construction and flooring to wall cladding and more. The versatility of travertine knows no bounds, as it seamlessly complements both indoor and outdoor spaces, elevating the beauty of any environment it graces.

Travertine Tiles is renowned for its warm and earthy tones, and it can be found in various finishes, including polished, tumbled, and in its natural state. For those seeking an affordable option, natural travertine is an excellent choice.

Its ability to withstand moisture and weather elements makes it a great choice for areas prone to dampness. Whether you’re considering enhancing your pool area or transforming your garden, patio, or driveway, travertine proves to be an ideal and enduring solution.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the various types of travertine tiles available in the Australian market, giving you insights into the options that can breathe life into your home’s aesthetic. Let’s embark on this journey through the world of travertine, where timeless beauty meets modern living.

Exploring the Stunning Diversity: Types of Travertine Floor Tiles

1.  Unfilled & Tumbled

Tumbled travertine tiles have a natural finish and are a popular choice for outdoor areas. They are commonly used for driveways, swimming pool areas, patio paving and all outdoor entertaining areas. 

These tumbled stones have a rugged appearance, making them highly durable and suitable for exterior and commercial applications. You’ll frequently find them near swimming pools, on patios, walkways, driveways and more. Unfilled & tumbled travertine retains its natural, unfilled look, and to prolong its lifespan, sealing the floor after installation is advisable.


2. Filled & Honed

For a marble-like floor indoors, choose Filled & Honed indoor travertine. It resembles marble but brings its unique charm. It’s often seen in commercial spaces and modern homes, adding elegance.

Indoor travertine is ideal for bedroom floors, living room area, and kitchens. However, due to its slightly less slippery nature, avoid using it in wet areas.

Each of these travertine finishes offers a unique character and charm that can elevate the aesthetics of your home. Whether you’re drawn to the classic appeal of honed tiles or the bold statement of polished ones, travertine allows you to infuse your space with timeless beauty. So, take your time exploring these exquisite finishes and discover the one that resonates with your style, creating a space that truly reflects your personality. With travertine, your floors will become a work of art, telling a story of elegance and sophistication for years to come.


Unfilled and tumbled travertine, with its versatile nature, reigns as the best-selling choice. It effortlessly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor settings, making it a sought-after gem. In contrast, its filled and honed counterpart finds its place exclusively indoors. The charm of unfilled and tumbled travertine lies in its ability to grace both your interior and exterior spaces with timeless beauty and durability.

Travertine Floor Tiles 

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Travertine Pavers
Travertine Pavers

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