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For great quality bluestone pavers, you've come to the right place. All our bluestone pavers and tiles have a safe non-slip rating, weather resistant are extremely dense and durable. You can use bluestone for your pool, patio paving, paths and more! Also, these bluestone pavers can be used for outdoor tiles, indoor tiling and bluestone wall cladding.

Bluestone pavers are perfect tiles because they are versa- tile. You can use blue stone pavers for your non slip pool paving for your bluestone pool, stone cladding, patio paving and more!

At Stone & Slate Discounts, we have bluestone paving of different sizes and finishes for different applications (as well as popular 600x300 and 800x400 tile sizes). We also have a range of different bluestone colours, such as ashy grey tile tones, blue tones and rich, dark bluestone colours.

With the langest range of bluestone available in Australia, there is a suitable bluestone paver to fit all areas of your outdoor space. We have a range of premium tiles made from quality sourced bluestone, but we also have more affordable and cost-effective alternatives in Chinese bluestone. If you're looking for a superior tiling option, you may want to consider Harkaway bluestone pavers or European bluestone pavers. Some homeowners may prefer the look of catspaw, so if you're wanting a bluestone paver with elegant spurts of catspaw, choose Australian bluestone.

Our bluestone is available for delivery to homeowners all across Australia, including Sydney, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia, so no matter where you are, we've got all your bluestone needs covered.

Whether you're in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or a small regional town, you'll be able to benefit from our efficient delivery service. As an added alternative, we can also deliver bluestone pavers to your local depot at extremely competitive rates.

If you have any queries about bluestone tiling, feel free to give our friendly stone experts a call. With over 35 years of industry experience, we are Melbourne's leading paving suppliers with a wealth of knowledge regarding Bluestone paving installation, cleaning and the benefits of using it for your home.

Natural stone pavers, particularly bluestone, are a great choice for your outdoor area given their durability and longevity when properly maintained. As Melbourne natives, we understand the weather can be temperamental and our bluestone is strong enough to withstand heat and rain.

Bluestone is a popular natural stone, adding a modern touch to any landscape design. Paving with bluestone is simple and any qualified landscaper or tiler can assist with installation. Depending on the style you want to lay your pavers, you can use bluestone French patterns, or bluestone crazy paving in the economical offcut material or natural sliced boulder pavers.

You'll find bluestone pavers everywhere in Melbourne. In Victoria, many landscaping projects are built using bluestone (basalt) pavers. If you take a stroll through the CBD, you'll see bluestone paths, bluestone cladding and tiling all across different buildings and pathways. Bluestone is a distinctly modern paving solution, suited to most homes across Australia.

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If you have a pool, you should consider using bluestone pool coping tiles and pavers. They are a stunning, aesthetic choice with a high non-slip rating, making it the perfect choice around pool areas. Bluestone is a versatile material, and is a great choice for outdoor tiling, paving and pool coping. If you're looking for a rich aesthetic around your pool, bluestone is the ideal solution.

All of our bluestone is safe and credited with a high non-slip, meaning they are ideal for applications where they may be susceptible to water or considerable moisture. Given this quality, they make a great addition to form outdoor pathways and around pool areas. Our Harkway bluestone is premium quality, with no rust or saw marks. Each paver is consistent in natural colour, with a lightly honed non-slip surface.

Bluestone, otherwise known as Basalt, is one of the oldest building materials. As a natural stone, bluestone has several competitive edges over other man-made materials. Natural stones such as bluestone are quite simple to maintain, as they respond well to pressure washing and simple sweeping. Bluestone is also durable and weather-resistant, perfect for sunny areas.

If you're looking for strong grey or charcoal pavers that are ideal for outdoor and indoor environments, consider buying bluestone pavers from Stone & Slate Discounts. We have the largest range of bluestone tiles in Australia. We stock Australian bluestone, European bluestone and Chinese bluestone in tiles, pavers, pool coping and crazy paving along with stepping stones.

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We deliver Harkaway Bluestone door to door across all suburbs Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver Harkaway Bluestone pavers and bluestone tiles to any regional area in Australia.

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