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Travertine French Pattern

Natural stones have become people’s favorite material for all kinds of paving applications. Whether you need to decorate your swimming pool deck with the latest pavers or install stepping stones, driveway pavers, outdoor pavers and others, natural stones look awesome in all settings. The natural stones are sold in a broad range of colors and sizes. Fortunately, you get to install pavers in different patterns. One such exceptional decor idea for modern and retro-inspired homes is the Travertine French pattern paving. Also known as the Ashlar pattern, the French pattern is mainly used for travertine tiles. This pattern is found in the patios and around the swimming pools. French pattern reminds us of the ancient European streets that feature the travertine tiles in this unique and stunning pattern. If you would like to create the elegant and impressive exterior flooring, then a French pattern could be your ideal choice. Download pdf here

Available French Pattern Layouts

Travertine French Pattern Layout - Standard

Travertine French Pattern - Standard

ONE WHOLE PATTERN IS 1.5 m2 and Contains
2x (610x406)
2x (406x203)
4x (406x406)
4x (203x203)

Travertine French Pattern Layout - Extra Large

Travertine French Pattern - Extra Large

ONE WHOLE PATTERN IS 2.25 m2 and Contains
2x (915x610)
2x (610x305)
4x (610x610)
4x (305x305)

Why Choose French Pattern Travertine Tiles for Exterior Paving?

This pattern is created using travertine tiles and other natural stones. Travertine’s matchless beauty and the old-world charm have made it one of the best materials for the exterior and interior paving projects. This unique pattern breaks those uniform and monotonous paving styles. It focuses on the arrangement of the individual stone slabs in your patio. French Pattern is the perfect way to make your exteriors stand out from the neighbor’s outdoor space. It doesn’t involve the uniform arrangement of the tiles. Some manufacturers and stone suppliers pack the sets of travertine tiles in a way that it gets quite easier for the homeowner to know how the tiles are to be laid. You could order either the individual slabs of varying sizes or get the French pattern travertine pallets – whatever fits your budget and requirements. However, the travertine French pattern package comes packed with the customised tiles that will fit your space and help you achieve the French style paving.

Improve your Home’s Aesthetic with French Pattern Travertine

One thing that sets French pattern paving apart from the regular paving style is that it can be installed in all types of exteriors – whether it the spacious deck or a narrow walkway. There isn’t a better way to design an exotic swimming pool than by installing the travertine tiles in a French pattern around the pool. The tiles for French pattern paving are sold in the package of different sizes of tiles or individual slabs. Make sure you discuss it with the contractors and the professional paving company before buying natural stones. It is also important to note that French pattern paving is a bit complex. The arrangement is not as simple as the square-edge travertine pavers that could be laid on the ground in one attempt. You are rather supposed to lay the French pavers in a special style to create a unique and aesthetically appealing deck. The layout involves a set of different sizes of travertine tiles that are installed in the French style.

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Travertine is one of the sturdy and durable materials that have the potential to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. That is why it is one of the most popular natural stone pavers and tiles choice of Australian Homeowners, Architects and Landscapers.
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