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Travertine Outdoor Tiles and Pavers

There is a good reason why more and more homeowners have started to use travertine pavers for outdoor paving projects rather than the cement and bricks. Whether it is pool coping or driveway paving, people have finally realized the importance of natural stones in the exterior paving applications. One major benefit of travertine Tiles is its superior quality. These tiles tend to last for many years without showing a single sign of premature wear and tear. Besides that, travertine is known for its weather-resistant properties. Rest assured that this material does not get hot even if it remains exposed to the sun and unfavorable weather conditions for hours. People often choose travertine for pool coping, especially if they live in a hot area that receives extreme temperatures. Let’s take a look at the meaning of the travertine pavers and their applications.

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What are Travertine Tiles and Pavers?

In simple terms, travertine Tilles and Pavers can be defined as the stones that are extracted from the earth. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Like other natural stones, travertine can be customized to fit your requirements and landscape. You can trim the paver slabs so that they create an original and stunning space. Even though travertine tiles can be used for interior paving projects, these natural stones are highly recommended for outdoor spaces. In fact, they are designed specifically for your exteriors. You can use them on your driveways, walkways, patios, deck, around the pool, garden, backyard, and even the façade wall. You can choose a combo of natural stones to create a contemporary-style deck. The best quality of travertine is its natural and earthy tone.

Benefits of Travertine Pavers for Exterior Applications

Unlike the cement and concrete slabs, travertine carries a warm and natural tone that enhances your landscape and helps improve the curb appeal of your home. One special quality of travertine is its anti-slip surface, which makes it the safest option for families with kids. You must install high-quality travertine slabs in the outdoor space, especially if your kids love to play around the swimming pool or in the backyard.

Anti-slip Surface: Accidents around the pool are not uncommon these days. The chances of accidents increase when you come out of the swimming pool with wet feet. Some pavers get slippery when they are exposed to water, thus increasing the risk of accidents. Some pavers are so sharp and sturdy that they can cause severe injuries if you fall. The anti-slip nature of the travertine is one of the reasons why more and more homeowners are choosing this natural stone over the artificial pavers for pool coping. After all, safety is the primary concern of families.

Weather-resistant Pavers: Travertine pavers do not discolor. These natural stones can withstand the wear and tear from weather exposure, stains, and chemicals. You can rest assured that the travertine pavers install in your exterior will look brand-new for the years to come. They do not lose their color and beauty even after years of installation.

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Travertine is one of the sturdy and durable materials that have the potential to last for years without showing signs of wear and tear. That is why it is one of the most popular natural stone pavers and tiles choice of Australian Homeowners, Architects and Landscapers.
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