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Bunnings travertine tiles are not the best quality of travertine paving on the market. Also, bunnings travertine pavers are not the cheapest (even though they may appear to be). However, travertine tiles from Stone & Slate Discounts are superior, and here’s why. Travertine pavers from here are not only cheaper and are of excellent quality 100% travertine stone, but are also imported directly from the quarry. As a result, at Stone & Slate Discounts we Stone Experts who can guide and advise you and/or your landscaper with using natural stone travertine tiles and pavers. Unfortunately, you will not receive this expertise and service with your travertine tiles from Bunnings Warehouse. 

Before you buy Travertine Tiles from Bunnings, you need to read this:

Why is Travertine from Stone and Slate Discounts better than Bunnings Travertine?

From silver to ivory and dark green to light blue, travertine is available in an extensive range of colors and designs that give your exteriors a wonderful look and your home a beautiful curb appeal. Travertine is not like the usual stone pavers. These are rather the premium stone tiles known for offering versatility, a unique look, and a natural feel to your space. If you are looking for a wonderful collection of travertine pavers available in varying styles and sizes, you should consider getting them from Stone and Slate Discounts.

The company has a massive range of travertine pavers that can be used on your patios, pool decks, driveways, pathways, and nearly all kinds of exterior landscapes. Travertine is available in many shades, including but not limited to, ivory, shell white, off-white, grey, rustic, brown, and the list goes on. Antique travertine tiles are your best option for a retro-style patio and pool deck. If you want to decorate your space with the finest quality pavers, you can consider getting travertine slabs for your space. learn more about travertine pavers prices.

The Best Quality Travertine Pavers

Stone & Slate Discounts has travertine available in a wonderful range of colors, patterns, designs, sizes, and styles. The pavers offer a high no-slip rating, meaning they are ideal for your swimming pool coping applications. If you are looking for a non-slippery and weather-resistant natural stone for your poolside, travertine is your best bet. However, not every travertine slab is of the best quality and standards. It is important that you choose travertine in its most natural form from a reputable and trustworthy stone supplier in Australia.

Stone & Slate Discounts is the leading stone supplier of all types of natural stone pavers in Australia. The company has gained immense popularity for supplying travertine pavers in different styles and patterns. Travertine is undoubtedly one of the dense and extremely durable stone pavers for your exteriors. It makes a perfect fit for your facade walls, patios, pool decks, firepits, and nearly every space. If you buy travertine now, you can get a discount on the product.

Travertine Pavers Delivered at Your Doorstep

Bunnings is a retailer supplying travertine in many sizes and shapes. However, they are the retailer of stone pavers, which is why they have kept the prices quite higher than the standard travertine rates. You can have the travertine pavers delivered to your doorstep if you order them from Stone and Slate Discounts. The company supplies the product across Australia, giving you an opportunity to place an order for the stone no matter where you are based and how far the store is from your home. All you have to do is visit their website, get in touch with the customer support team, and place an order for the top-quality stone pavers. There you go! The professionals will supply the stone pavers to your doorstep. The company has an experience of more than 35 years in this industry, and they know which type of stone will look perfect in your landscape. You can also get in touch with the specialists working at Stone and Slate Discounts to know the availability of natural stone pavers and which type of pavers you are looking for. 

When shopping at the Stone & Slate Discounts, you can rest assured that you will get the finest deal at the best price.

Bunnings, however, does not offer such a wonderful collection of stone pavers. The worst part is they are only the retailers of natural stone tiles. So, while you may find travertine in their collections, chances are they have purchased these stones from a wholesaler locally. This also means their prices are super high. If you are looking for Australia’s cheapest stone and pavers, you should consider checking out the latest travertine collection offered by the Stone & Slate Discounts. The company supplies travertine to retailers, wholesalers, architects, and homeowners. Whether you are decorating your commercial space or building the patios and pool decks from scratch, travertine pavers are your go-to solution for all types of landscaping projects.

Where can You Use Travertine Slabs?

Travertine pavers look flawless in all settings. These are specially designed for the driveways and pool decks, but you could install these pavers in nearly any space. That’s the specialty of travertine tiles. They come with a high no-slip rating, which makes them the best fit for the area around your swimming pool. Now that Stone & Slate Discounts has the best collection of travertine pavers, you don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t look impressive. The company has travertine available in tons of colors, shapes, and sizes, giving you an amazing variety to choose from.

You can use travertine slabs on your patios, but these look incredibly beautiful on driveways and around your swimming pool. The material is mainly available in light and warm shades that make a perfect contrast with the dark pool colors. Check out the Stone & Slate Discounts website, explore their latest collection of natural stone pavers, and get the best quality travertine pavers at reasonable prices. 

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