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How do I Lay Outdoor Tiles?

Home renovation isn’t as daunting as it sounds. There are many decorative materials available for your landscape. Whether you want to give your space a retro-finish or a modern design, outdoor tiles can make the best option for your renovation projects. A majority of Australian homeowners use stone tiles to design their patios. Not only are they durable, but these tiles are known for their visual appeal. Outdoor tile is a perfect way to dress up your driveway, pool deck, and patio. If you still have those concrete slabs on your exteriors, it is time to make some changes to your landscape and give it a perfect makeover.

Australian stone markets have different types of natural stones available in abundance. These tiles vary in sizes, shapes, texture, color, and designs. Many homeowners consider the traditional brick patio pavers as they don’t have the budget for outdoor tiling. The professional contractors charge a fortune when it comes to exterior paving. That’s quite fair considering the amount of time and hard work the installation process requires. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend those extra bucks on professional paving jobs. In this article, we will walk you through a few easy steps for installing the outdoor tiles.

Order the Outdoor Pavers

Start with measuring the total space that needs to be paved. Grab the tape and measure the length and width of the surface. You can calculate the area in square footage to get a clear picture of the total pavers needed for the area. It is best to add an extra 5% to the total calculation. There is a chance you may need to cut the slabs to fit them in the small spaces.

If you still have not figured out the perfect natural stone for your driveways or patios, then talk to the stone supplier. Outdoor tiles Sydney suppliers will help you identify the best material for your requirements. Note that the pavers you choose for the driveway and other high traffic areas will be different from the patio pavers. Your driveway needs thick pavers that can withstand vehicular and foot traffic seamlessly.

Excavate the Ground for the Outdoor Pavers

Measure the thickness of the pavers. It goes without saying that the thicker the paver you choose, the deeper you need to dig. Basically, the gravel base needs 4-inch, and sand bedding must be 1-inch. On average, 8-10 inches is a perfect depth for patios. If you are installing the pavers on driveways and other heavy traffic areas, then dig up to 12 inches. The durability of your pavers relies on the base. The stronger the base, the longer your pavers stay stable. You can lay the base materials, i.e. the gravel bedding in the excavated ground. Compact the area before laying the sand bedding.

Sand Bedding for Outdoor Pavers

Before you start the installation of stone pavers, lay a soft layer of sand on the compressed base. The sand bedding is the final layer where you can fit the stone pavers. It also acts as the protective layer that keeps your base from weather and moisture damages. You can use the leveling machine to install uniform bedding of sand across the base material. Keep the thickness of this layer 1-2 inches. You can contact the stone suppliers to identify the suitable sand for bedding.

Lay the Outdoor Pavers

Start laying the pavers one at a time. Make sure you lay them close to each other and fit them firmly into the sand bedding. Sand joints will help lock the stones into place. For grouting, you need fine-grained sand as it can help fill the gaps faster. You can use the plate compactor to remove excess sand from the pavers. Sweep the sand into the joints and compact the area to settle the sand grains into place.

Install Edge Restraints for the Outdoor Pavers

Edge restraints help maintain your paved surface and hold them in place. Note that the pavers without edge restraints are highly likely to shift and crack. No matter where you install the stone pavers, effective stones for edge restraints are a must. The changing weather, high temperature, and frequent traffic will wreck your paved surface. If you want to build a solid and durable driveway that last for the years to come, then secure these pavers with edge restraints made of concrete, metal, and wood.

Maintenance for your Outdoor Pavers and Tiles

Maintenance isn’t the tricky part. As long as the pavers are installed properly, they don’t require a lot of maintenance (especially, the natural stone pavers). An important part of paver maintenance is regular sealing. Depending on the area you have installed the stone pavers, you are going to need to seal the surface every 1-2 years to maintain the color and texture of the pavers.

Do not use the power washer for the first few weeks. It can dislodge the pavers and sand joints. You can use a garden hose and the basic cleaning detergent to wash the surface. You will find a broad range of cleaning detergents available for stones on the market. Stone pavers must be washed every once or twice a week.

What are Outdoor Pavers?

Outdoor pavers are great for any home. Whether you are designing or renovating the existing décor of the exteriors of your home, outdoor pavers can play a vital role in transforming the given area. If you wish to organize a small party or get-together, hold a barbecue, or simply wish to enjoy your leisure time outdoors, installing outdoor pavers for an impressive exterior area is an ideal choice. Outdoor pavers are known to go well with any outdoor décor. Be it your patio area, the pool deck, driveway, walkway, garden area, and so more –outdoor pavers can help in not only improving the overall aesthetics, but also improve the functionality of the given space. To top it all, when you go for the installation of natural stone outdoor pavers from the best suppliers in Australia, you can look forward to boosting the value of your home instantly.

Outdoor Pavers for an Impressive Outdoor Décor

With outdoor pavers, you can set up any exterior area with much ease and convenience. Moreover, the design options offered in case of outdoor pavers are simply endless. When you choose a top-grade material for outdoor pavers, minimal maintenance, and care are also needed. Additionally, the process of installing high-quality pavers for outdoor areas is also quite simple and hassle-free.

You can look forward to improving the overall look & feel of the patio or backyard naturally by installing top-grade outdoor pavers. Also referred to as ‘patio pavers,’ the outdoor pavers are available in a myriad of varieties based on several factors like color, texture, pattern, origin, and so more. If you wish to ensure the best results for your outdoor area, choose a high-quality outdoor paver or tile variant. The home styling experts and leading architects suggest that out of all the existing options, going for the installation of natural stone pavers is ideal.

How do I Choose the Right Outdoor Pavers?

Stone exterior pavers or tiles are available in a wide spectrum of patterns and colors to choose from. The ultimate choice of the color or texture of the outdoor pavers will have a major impact on the overall appearance, feel, and functionality of the outdoor space.

Some of the important factors that you need to consider while choosing the desired outdoor pavers for your landscaping project are:

#Color of the Stone or Pavers When it comes to selecting the right pavers or tiles for the outdoor spaces, the choice of color can either make or break your landscaping project. When you choose the right color for the outdoor pavers, it can help in enhancing the overall feel of the space. With the right paving color, you can look forward to unifying both soft as well as hard landscapes. Moreover, the color of the particular stone can also be utilized towards forming a connection between the interior spaces and the exterior spaces at the same time.

#Purpose of Outdoor Spaces While installing outdoor pavers for any exterior region like patios, swimming decks, driveways, and others, an important consideration is to look into how the particular space is being utilized. For instance, the most important decision you need to make here whether or not the particular surface receives traffic. Moreover, another thing to consider is the type of traffic the pavers will be exposed to –whether human traffic or vehicle traffic.

In case the project is for the heavy-traffic surface (like the driveway experiencing the inflow and outflow of heavy vehicles), then you should ensure the paving material to be at least 50mm in thickness. Moreover, it should feature the small format. In such a case, the installation of top-class natural stone pavers like travertine pavers, bluestone pavers, cobblestone pavers, and others are great choices.

#Frequency of Use You should also consider the location of the installation of pavers and the total frequency for which the given area is being used. In case you are going to use a particular area on a regular basis in a highly visible area of your home like the patio or garden area, then you should consider installing pavers that deliver great functionality. In such a case, natural stone paver options are the best.

Moreover, for the pool deck area, it is recommended to choose the pavers that are slip-resistant, water-resistant, and can last for several decades. Again, natural stone options for pavers like bluestone pavers, cobblestone pavers, travertine pavers, and so more are the best solutions out there.

#Size & Shape of the Area The size & shape of the area for paving is a vital consideration for several reasons. Firstly, specific pavers are best-suited to particular areas or space. For instance, large-sized format pavers can ensure that smaller spaces appear bigger. The shape of the given area is also an important consideration. For instance, you might be required to cut pavers in case the shape of the area. The choice of paver size might reduce the number of cuts that might be needed.

When you wish to ensure the best outcomes for your outdoor space, the installation of the right outdoor pavers is an important consideration.

How to Choose Between Pavers and Tiles for Outdoor Areas?
In most cases, the outdoor area is often the most overlooked part of the house. Sure, you may not spend as much time in your exteriors as your interiors, but that doesn’t mean you should not upgrade your outdoors. It is your exterior landscape that determines the value of your property and the curb appeal of your home, after all. Pavers and tiles are the best things you can do to make your exteriors a fun, serene, and attractive space. But, the question is “which among the pavers and tiles make a wise choice for your exterior landscape”? Renovating your landscape is not as simple and economical as it sounds. There is a good chance you will spend hundreds of thousands of bucks on renovation. So, it is important that you take the time to select the best quality materials for your landscape and transform your dull and boring exteriors into an entertaining and enjoyable space. In this post, we will show you a few crucial tips for designing your exteriors.

Outdoor Tiles
Tiles make an excellent choice for your exteriors. The surface is quite stable and looks attractive in all settings, especially your decks and patios. The best part is that tiles are designed to last for years without showing any sign of wear and tear. With the outdoor tiles installed in your exterior landscape, you can rest easy knowing that your space will look flawless and last for years to come. You could also lay these natural tiles on the driveway, pathway, and just about any exterior setting.

Tiles made from natural materials, such as granite, limestone, sandstone, bluestone, travertine, and slate fit into your exterior space seamlessly. They make the most robust option for your landscape. However, you must never install polished tiles near your pool area or on the driveway. It is extremely slippery when exposed to moisture.

● Permanent: Unlike pavers, natural tiles installed in your exteriors tend to be more permanent. They are laid on a concrete slab. That makes the outdoor tiles a perfect option for areas that remain exposed to high traffic, as well as, unstable grounds.

● Durability: Outdoor tiles, especially porcelain tiles are incredibly durable. They are designed to resist water and chemicals flawlessly. Plus, they are super durable in general and can last for several years.

● Easy Maintenance: You don’t need any special stone cleaning detergent or chemicals to wash the outdoor tiles. Just give your exteriors a nice wash once every few days and it will look as fresh and good as new. However, like other pavement materials, outdoor tiles need regular sealing.

● Variations: Porcelain tiles are available in many variations. From brownish and warm shades to cool tones, you will find outdoor tiles in different varieties.

● Economical: You only have to prepare the concrete slabs for laying the tiles. Once you are done laying the concrete, your ground is ready for the pavers and you can start installing the outdoor tiles. Tiles are much cheaper than other pavement materials. However, the total cost of installation depends on a few factors, such as the area of installation and the types of tiles you choose for your exteriors.

Outdoor Pavers
Pavers are the most aesthetically pleasing choice for your exterior landscape. Not only do they boost the curb appeal of your home, but pavers make an excellent option for your hardscapes that need sturdy materials. Pavers are designed to hold up to a heavy foot and vehicular traffic flawlessly. They can withstand fluctuations in weather and temperature.

● Easy to Install: Pavers are easier to lay on the ground than tiles. You don’t need to build a cement base to prepare the ground for pavement. In fact, the procedure for laying pavers is as simple as building the base of crushed stones and placing a layer of sand bed over the compacted base.

● Easy to Replace and Remove: Pavers are not installed with adhesive and are thus not permanent. It is possible to remove one slab of concrete or stone pavers from the ground and replace it with similar material. Replacing a paved surface is fairly easy. All you have to do is keep a few pavers from the lot aside during the installation and use them to replace the pavers that get damaged due to the traffic, weather, and environmental elements.

● Attractive: Natural stone pavers look incredibly attractive no matter where they are installed. They are mostly used in exteriors to enhance the curb appeal of your space and make it more entertaining and bright. Pavers are used to increase the value of your property. They give a special touch to your landscape and add a natural feel to your home.

Both pavers and tiles come with a set of pros and cons. While both materials make an excellent choice for your exteriors, pavers are comparatively better if you are looking for durable, attractive, and high-quality pavement. Outdoor tiles are best for patios and pathways that are not exposed to moisture.

What Pavers are Best for Outdoor Use?
The paving sets a unique tone for your landscape. It is the first thing your guests notice when they enter your home. Plus, it decides the curb appeal of your space and increases your property’s value. To build an outstanding patio that looks flawless in all settings and gives your landscape a natural and authentic feel, you need to choose pavers that go beyond looking good. Of course, the aesthetics matter! But, that alone shouldn’t be the only factor you must consider when choosing pavers for your exteriors. The patio should be made to last for years to come while offering a smooth and stunning feel.

Budget is mostly the first factor that homeowners consider when shopping for outdoor pavers. Sure, budget is important, but never let the budget be the only factor when choosing pavers for your exteriors. It’s better to pay a few extra bucks on better quality and sturdier material than settle for something that deteriorates in a few years or needs high maintenance. The pavers will pay for themselves over time if they are strong enough to withstand the weather and temperature fluctuations.

Now, pavers are available in different varieties and shapes. Let’s take a look at the most common and popular pavers for your outdoors.
Stone Pavers
First on the list is stone pavers! They must be the most expensive pavement option out there, but nothing beats the durability and aesthetics of stone pavers. They add a natural and organic feel to your exteriors. They have the power to transform any dull and boring space into an extraordinary entertainment area. The best part about stone pavers is that they are durable and versatile.

They can last for years without any sign of wear and tear. In fact, the centuries-old buildings and monuments built with limestone, travertine, granite, bluestone, marble, and other natural stone pavers are still standing intact after years of use. They never lose their shine and color - no matter the amount of traffic and weather elements they are exposed to. That’s the beauty of stone pavers. They can resist just about any weather and temperature flawlessly.

Stone pavers also offer a wonderful variety for you to choose from. Sold in different colors and textures, stone pavers make a great choice for the exterior landscape. You can choose travertine if you want to create a warm and inviting space or opt for something darker and vibrant - depending on your preference. Just remember that the pavers you select for your exteriors must match the rest of your landscape and fit into your exteriors beautifully.

Cobblestone is famous for its resilience, attractive surface, and durability. One of the oldest forms of stone pavers, cobblestone has been around for centuries. You can use them to jazz up your patio or create a sturdy driveway featuring irregular cobblestone pavers. Either way, the material gives your exteriors a wonderful finish.

You can keep your exteriors simple with the uniform-sized cobblestone pavers or give your space a retro feel and a dramatic touch with cobblestone pavers of varying colors, textures, and different shapes. The options are countless. It gives a retro feel to your space and looks wonderful in all settings. You should consider it for your exteriors.

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Our outdoor tiles are available in a range of finishes, sizes and colours, including popular choices such as bluestone, travertine and sandstone.

We also offer granite and limestone which are perfect for pool areas and cobblestones which are an excellent choice for driveway paving.

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Given their wide variety of applications, all of our stone pavers are the ideal choice for swimming pools, patios and forming pathways around your home without compromising on quality.

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