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Travertine Tiles Prices

Travertine is a natural stone that is quarried and trimmed into different shapes. An interesting characteristic of travertine is the color variations in its slabs. Two travertine slabs can never feature the same colours. The colour of the travertine tile depends largely on the minerals found in it. Travertine tiles are used for both interior and exterior paving applications. For example, travertine is an excellent choice for swimming pool pavers, pool coping, driveway pavers, pathway pavers, garden sitting areas and other other outdoor flooring applications.

silver travertine Tiles prices

Travertine is derived from limestone, but both these stones are not identical. They don’t’ share the same properties and appearance. Travertine has a rough surface that keeps it dry throughout the year. That’s one of the reasons why this natural stone is used for pool coping.

Travertine Tiles Prices:

Ivory Travertine Tiles - Prices varies from $42 to $79
Silver Travertine Tiles - Prices varies from $49 to $89
Rustica Travertine Tiles - Prices varies from $33 to $49
Noce Travertine Tiles - Prices varies from $55 to $85
White Travertine Tiles - Prices varies from $59 to $119
Silver Oyster Travertine Tiles - Prices varies from $49 to $79

Travertine Tile Paving and Pool Coping Cost

Travertine tiles are not costly, but they are slighty costlier than concrete, brick, and other artificial stones. The high price of this natural stone is justified by the natural characteristics they offer and natural benefits it provides in healing your body and soul upon walking. They carry an old-world charm that makes them stand out from the standard natural stones. The minimum price for the installation of the grey and silver travertine tiles per square meter is approximately $50 or more.The number of tiles consist in one square meter depends on the size you are purchasing.

However, there is no fixed cost when it comes to natural stones. It varies depending on the material’s finish and palettes. It is possible that some travertine tiles are more expensive than others. In fact, the maximum cost of the travertine tile per sqaure meter can go upto $99.

As mentioned before, the type of travertine tiles you purchase has a great impact on the cost and quality of the material. If you order the material by piece, then you will pay a high price for it. Square meters, on the other hand, are available at a reasonable price.

Factors that Affect Travertine Cost

Travertine tiles are available in a few different finishes, such as polished, tumbled, honed, natural, and brushed. Each finish features unique characteristics. For example, polished travertine tends to appear glossier than the natural stone. They also get a bit slippery. Tumbled, Honed, and polished travertine are non-slippers are perfect for outdoor paving areas.

After purchasing the travertine tiles and then there are landscapers installation cost involved. For example, if you plan on getting the travertine tiles sealed, then expect to pay a few extra bucks on the sealant. The cost of the project also depends on the size of the area that needs to be paved and sealed as well as the method you choose for installation. Let’s say you decide to DIY the bullnose travertine paving project. This can save you a few hundred dollars that you would otherwise spend on landscaper.

Our travertine prices are consistently lower than our competitors' sale prices and cheaper than bunnings pavers. This is because we deal directly with the travertine quarry owners at ITQ (Istanbul Travertine Quarries) and guarantee that we will purchase large amounts of travertine regularly. In return, we get heavy discounts on the prices that we pass on to our clients. ITQ are one of Turkey's leading travertine exporters and have been in the business for a quarter of a century. Our stonemasons travel the world to bring our customers the Best quality Travertine and the Best Price possible. Our Travertine is sourced from Istanbul Travertine Quarries, Turkey's Premier travertine exporter. We select our Travertine from the Turkish quarry considering their suitability for Australian conditions and standards. The travertine we select can be installed in both commercial and residential environments. We stock Ivory, Classic and Silver travertine in French pattern, tiles and pavers along with pool coping tiles. Our travertine prices start from only $49/m2 inc GST for French Pattern or a 610x406 mm tile. Whilst 30mm thick pavers start at $69/m2 inc GST. We stock travertine in the following colours: Ivory, Silver, Noce, White and Classic. Our travertine tiles are suited for use as floor and wall tiles for fireplace, TV Cabinet Cladding, Water feature cladding and other outdoor paving areas. Whilst our range of travertine pavers are suited to use as outdoor tiles and pavers around swimming pools, pergolas and pathways along with driveways.

Ivory Travertine Tiles French Pattern

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